Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Well it's Wednesday

and I am feeling slightly less ropey than ;last night when I went to get checked out due to the signs that the temperature spiking , heart palpitating lurgy was on its way back.

Its been nearly two years since I last was troubled with this. However I was seen very quickly, and allowed to come home.
there isn't much that I can do to avoid being around people with colds and chest infections. it is sadly part of modern day working that we all try to go to work no matter how ill we are.
I am taking it easy and will be right as rain in a few days. ( well about a week) so lots of snoozing may be the order of the next few days.

I am thinking that  Durham have been snoozing through the last 5 T20 matches as they were beaten again last night, this time by Notts
The man who is rumoured to be getting a 5 year contract ( what is with this club and stupid contracts) went for a duck and to be honest do Durham think that they will get more out of him when he is 47? or is he going to use up the years on the supposed contract to take over as coach?

Sometimes you can understand how they got into their financial predicament , over the years money has been wasted at OAP   ( over age player) level. It makes no sense what so ever.

Tonight they are in action against my boys at HQ.

Yorkshire are currently top of the T20 north table ( although anything could happen), does this mean that I break my word and consider a T20 finals day? well the way I feel at the moment I would say its a no and we do have a way to go before we get to that stage.

I am keeping this short as I need to get something to eat so that I can down some tablets.

I hope that you all have a great Wednesday.

Come on you Vikings!!!

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