Sunday, 16 July 2017

What a day

Well  now,  what a day we had yesterday.

And despite grey skies we got through without rain!

So let's start at the beginning.
Up,showered, food packed. Out the door, on the bus, Trent Bridge!

We found our seats and game began.
England took an early wicket and it spurred them all on.

Clare and Christine arrived and were sitting opposite us. Much waving went on.

Meanwhile England went into bat and were 3-2  in the blink of an eye , then 'Gaz' and  Joe were at the crease.
They needed to get us out of the mire we seemed to in.
Joe hit  50 and was on his way to 3 figures...........not to be, he was on his way to the pavilion and that set the tone.
Even my lad Jonny B couldn't rustle up a ton.

Very poor batting!

All out 205!

South Africa back in lost early wicket and then motored on until close.
In between this we met up with Clare and Christine  (twice).  Had our own private drinks waiter (Terry) and got spotted from the press box!!. (Hilarious messages going back and forth and much waving)

Yes my friend Will was reporting on the test and saw us so we met him after the game for a quick catch up.
Then back to Sophie and Terry's where we spent the rest of the evening in  fits of laughter.
Ah it's a great tonic!!! And just what Sophie and I both needed I think.
What a day!

And now I need to haul my bulk out of bed get showered give Jess another tennis ball and  and get on the road back home.
Don't want to as I've had so much fun.

Have a great Sunday.

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