Thursday, 31 August 2017

Early start this morning

Another dark morning, but I suppose waking up at 4am didn't help!

However dark it is outside there is lots of crickety news to bring some light to Thursday morning.

Firstly, after an outstanding win by The West Indies, Chris Gayle has announced that he wants to play Test cricket again. Due to  the W I cricket board policy that players could not play in International  matches if they have not featured in the domestic format, Gayle has not been in the side since 2014.
He has however been given a temporary amnesty and may feature in the T20 matches next month.
Do they need him in the Test squad?

Well I'm not sure as there are new stars in the making within the team.

Gayle has been travelling the world as a T20 'gun for hire' in the last few years.

After much rumour it was announced that Otis Gibson would join South Africa as Head Coach, which leaves the England bowling coach job up for grabs. As I said a couple of weeks ago, Jason Gillespie is again tipped for the roll.

To be honest he is rumoured to be in for any job at the moment.

Will he come?

My gut feeling is no, but you never know what will happen.

He could be in for a bigger job with Australia after they lost their first test to Bangladesh.
I am sure that rumours will be starting soon.

Rain frustrated those teams in the London area as Surrey and Middx  spent the morning playing Buckeroo in the dressing room before the days play  being called off without a ball being bowled.

Essex managed 55 mins of play before they were in the dressing room playing  Kerplunk and then heading home.

Here in the North East of Blighty we appear to have had the best weather.

now there's a pleasant change

Although saying that we have grey skies here this morning.

I am leaving early as I am going to try to beat the temporary traffic lights at  Harrogate Village....................


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Wednesday already

Here we are mid week already and that means that it is only 2.5 days to the weekend!

However lets not dwell on what's to come, lets look at yesterday!

and what a day it was.

With England going into the final day in a strong position, it was looking like a great days cricket, and it was!

With a record breaking two centuries in two innings  at Headingley by Shai Hope, the tables turned in the favour of The West Indies, who were looking like a very different team from last week.
an unfortunate near miss by Kraiff Brathewaite (95), saw runs racking up as the Caribbean crew  raced towards the winning line.

And they did, with 5 wickets in hand!.

Five days of play at Headingley, a win by  The Windies, setting this series up nicely.

Who would have thought this, yesterday morning, I bet the rum was flowing last night!

In the county championship, Middlesex made a recovery to take a bit of the shine off Surrey.

Notts continued to dominate in their chase to win everything that they can this season!

Will they be successful on Saturday?
well taking my Hampshire head off for a moment, I would say yes!

And I know someone who will be there, cheering them on like a mad thing!

I am hoping to get to the West Indies T20 match in the middles of next month, which should be interesting to see, if the 'big guns' arrive for the match.

However today it is back to the grindstone.

Ah to be in France where your choice is go to sit by the river and read or go to the bar!

Well hopefully it won't be long until I am doing that too.

have a brilliant day.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Back to work

Well its back to work today and no more Bank Holidays until Christmas, well that's enough to put a dampener on your week!

I am feeling considerable better than I did yesterday morning!!

Yesterday also saw the return of County championship matches.
Surrey and Middlesex are playing their derby match and Surrey look to be doing OK.
It is however early days.

Worcestershire played a great first day, as did Notts who on day one were into their second innings, 20 wickets falling yesterday.

Over at HQ the fourth day of the test saw sunshine and England  pushing for a win.
This has been a great test match and brilliant to see both teams playing so well.

I have a lot of work to do this week, and I have to try to get things moving here at the chateau.

There are lots of things in the pipeline and I want to get myself sorted out.

Over in France, the Dame is settling into a routine and generally relaxing and enjoying retirement. There is a lot of book reading going on until she is sorted out with her WiFi etc.

I am now about to head out the door.

I know this is short, but so is time this morning.

I have to say the the mornings are getting darker and I feel that Autumnal nip in the air.

Until tomorrow

Monday, 28 August 2017

Never again!

oh well better late than never as the saying goes.

and here's why.

1. Drove home from Headingley yesterday  morning, all good no real hold ups at Scotch Corner

2. sorted out the paint, did a bit of painting, made a late lunch settled down  to watch the cricket.

3. Spoke to my friends in Pinner as they prepare to move to France on Wednesday

4. Mr Funky the chauffeur popped in with huge bag of crab apples picked on golf course.

5. he dropped me at the shops to buy wine

6. Besty friend Chris called me and said 'come round'

7 walked round to her house, drank wine then brandy, couldn't walk home so managed to get upstairs   to her spare room.

8. Woke up this morning with a 9 stone doberman on me and a 3 legged lurcher  next to me.

9. walked home feeling awful.

10. made some breakfast and pickled the crab apples.

11. Put on cricket  and slobbed out on the sofa.

12. Continually muttering the immortal words 'never again'

13 Will now return to the cricket and no doubt fall asleep.

14. Am going to do a 'Sophie' and go dry for the foreseeable  future

15 Should know better and never learn!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

What a day!

well now, I am lying in bed in my hotel thinking about getting up and heading off home, which will coincide with everyone arriving at Headingley for the 3 rd day of the test.

It's going to be some day!!

Yesterday started off well as I headed down the A1 arrived at my hotel and parked up  getting into the ground by 9.30am

No queueing  at The St Micheals Lane end and I sailed through the bag check, so I headed up to the Long Room, had a chat with the lovely Geoff Cope and was given a lovely amount of licks from Lester the dog..

Found my seat and was settled with a pint by 9.50am!

Christine arrived and was on her own as Clare was ill, quick catch up and then Susan made it in time for the start of the game.

Now then, to say that the West Indies made England suffer is an understatement, to say the West Indies chipped away is very true,

Appeal after appeal went by, the runs were racking up, Kraig Brathwaite hit a century with an amazing six and the stadium stood to applaud it.

Shai Hope hit a century, this looked like a very different team from last week.
When Brathwaite was bowled by Stuart Broad, I don't think that there was one person at Headingley not on their feet, and he left the field with great dignity, acknowledging the whole ground. What a great player.

England were being thwarted  though and although they dismissed Chase, Shai Hope will be back at the crease this morning on 147.

The weather also did not let us down, with the exception of a slight shower early on, the sun came out in the afternoon and resulted in many of us getting a little tan!

I headed back to the hotel and had a bath!!
Yes the first bath since March!

I think I fell asleep earlier than expected but that is what a good days cricket and 9 hours of fresh air do for you.

Well best get up, have a cuppa and then head home for the joys of decorating, yes I really do have to do it this weekend, also need to get the masonry paint on the way home!

I will however be  TMS'd throughout the house and have the TV on downstairs  just to keep up with whats happening.

For those of you going today, have a brilliant time.

Ah well best get on my way

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Day out

well I am up, the food is packed and I am about to hit the shower and then get on my way to HQ for a day watching England take on the West Indies.

However before that, I am reeling to see that Hampshire have loaned out the lovely Michael Carberry to Leicestershire for the last 4 county championship games. He will return to the Hampshire squad for finals day next weekend.

So back to the test yesterday. if  Twittter was to be believed at 10am yesterday we were all looking for England to walk over the Windies.

England went into bat and before I even had time to think about my lunch, Cook , Westley and Stoneman were gone!
The Windies looked like a much improved team from last week.
Jonny B could not perform on home turf and went for 2.
Stokes got a century and England were all out for 258.

The Windies were 19-1 at stumps.

Last night saw the QF of T20 with Surrey playing Birmingham Bears.

Ah yes 'HWMNBNITB' was crowing that it would be 'walk in the park' for Surrey.

not so and Surrey ended up walking the plank as the Bears made it to finals day.

For the second night running their was controversy over a catch, similar to the one taken the night before by Peter Trego, this time a 'not out' decision was given and boos were heard ringing out around  the ground.

So we know the line up for Finals Day.

Its a tough one for me as I am backing two of the teams and obviously they are playing each other in the Semi finals!!!!!!!

Well hopefully I will get a winner.

Right off to start up the limo and head off.
have a great day!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Nearly there!

Nearly there, to the end of the week, its half day today so there will be double the work to get out of the way before I leave.

Nearly there, its a long weekend as we have the last Bank Holiday until Christmas. Lots to do and places to go, and thinking that the weather may be typically Bank Holiday!

Nearly there, with the full line up for T20 finals day.
Notts secured their place but not before nearly giving me ( and all the Notts fans ) a  heart attack, and not without controversy.
Yes old Peter Trego was again in the centre of it all.

I am not one for booing at cricket but the Notts fans let him know at every opportunity that  they thought he did not take a clean catch which dismissed Alex Hales.
In his usual style, he 'shussed' the crowd, which in turn backfired when Somerset lost.

Nearly there, with the preparation to paint the front of the house, since Wilko's have masonry paint on special this weekend, a trip to town will be in order on Sunday.

Nearly there, on my way to Headingley for the test, its tomorrow but I'm certainly excited!

Nearly there, just have to get in the car and head off to work, I am hoping the temporary traffic lights at Burtree are out of the way today, its a chuffing nightmare at the moment

And I'm off, have a great Friday.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

lots of cricket stuff!

well now, its Thursday and there is lots of cricket news.

Firstly, I did not jinx @GlamCricket and the wearing of the lurex and platforms paid off as they romped to finals days.

They had Leicestershire all out for 123 and  scored 126 with the loss of only one wicket.

Well done those Glam boys.

The lovely Abraham Benjamin announced that he was stepping down as ODI captain, but making himself available for all international formats. Well that's great!! I missed him this season!!!

England were in training at HQ yesterday ahead of their second test against 'The Windies'. who were being hosted at an official dinner in Leeds.

If the rumour mill is to be believed, Jason Gillespie will be heading to India next year to coach The Delhi Daredevils in the IPL.
Jason had a stint as bowling coach in 2011 with Kings XI Punjab.

Will this happen? well anything could happen!

Are Middlesex about to announce the biggest coup ever?????
Well if the rumours are true I would say yes.

And Notts have 'Steve' Pujara  for the last four County Championship matches of this season. 'Steve' did a spell at Yorkshire a couple of seasons ago. ( how he got to be called Steve!).

Over in France the Dame has been at the doctors and is about to have every type of injection under the sun, everything but a rabies jab apparently.
We have now altered the Xmas plans and I will be having my 'Noel' dans le Champagne region!

Wooooohooooo the local champagne house will be doing a roaring trade.

However before that there is a lot of things to do, of which work is one of them, so I am now off to do my thing!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Crickety evening

I set off from work  last night,to get home, dinner prepared and settled ready for the T20, and ended up having to take a very large detour due to various incidents on two of my potential routes home, so I made it through the door with minutes to spare.

Hampshire were in batting and I was keeping everything crossed
Afridi and Dickinson were in................................ and Afridi set about having  an absolutely brilliant innings.

100 from 42 balls before falling on 101, Vince hit 55 , and the lovely George Bailey  hitting 27, the boys from the south coast were looking good.

Saying that Afridi hit 100 off 42 balls does not really come close to what an amazing knock it was, his smile though said it all.

Hampshire closed on  249-8.

Derbyshire need 250 to win.

Having lost the top 3 batsmen before the 3rd over it was not looking good for them.

All out for 148 and Hampshire through to finals day.

Well if Yorkshire can't be there I have to back my second best team.

many happy memories of days at Northlands Road and Bournemouth and the United Services Ground at Portsmouth.

yes indeed happy days with great friends.

So tonight I will be heading home quick smart to  don my sparkles and platforms to cheer on @GlamCricket.

Now I have to head off to work as most of the 'boys' are at various sites and I am  virtually 'home' alone ( well apart boys in the workshop).

So happy Wednesday

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

autumn is approaching.....

.....and we have yet to really have a sniff of summer!

This morning I went out at 5.30am for my walk and it was dark and damp and had that 'autumnal' smell in the air.
Darker days are on their way!

However sunnier days may be happening for The West Indies as they call in the 'big guns' for the T20 series. Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels, have been named in the squad after a 'temporary amnesty' between the union  and the cricket board.
its a shame that this could not have been sorted for the test team.
Things do not seem to rosy in the Caribbean cricket sector

In this country, great to see that Billy Root and 'Big' Luke Fletcher have signed new contracts with Nottinghamshire. Both of then agreeing to stay with the club for a further two years.
Fletch is on the mend now from the horrific accident which ended his season, but by all reports he is keeping his mate Dave Bracegirdle company in the comms box.

Brilliant news for both lads! ( Billy and Luke I mean not Luke and Dave!)

The next 4 nights are full on cricket nights as the QF's start.

Tonight I am donning my Hampshire shirt ( so to  my mates in that region, don't bother buying a Finals day ticket it will be kiss of death) and cheering my former besty team in the South.

Tomorrow I will be cheering Glamorgan, only because they have the best Twitter handle ever @GlamCricket, I tend to think of them in flares and platforms and wearing a mirrored top hat a la Dave Hill from Slade.
yes strange things  go on in my head sometimes!

Thursday, Pink Hippo and I will be cheering on Notts and on Friday we will just watch.

Ah well that is all to come, now I am heading off to do my thing.

2 months in and it seems to be falling into place.

Until tomorrow

Monday, 21 August 2017

Another week begins

Yes its Monday and I am preparing for a busy week in the office and also in the chateau.

Lots to do, lots to sort out.

So yesterday was a 'free day' due to the cricket being over on Saturday and I headed off to see Kiki. Lots of stories about the cruise and more info on upcoming travels, I got home early afternoon and set about cooking.
I made roasted veg lasagne and then baked some chilli bread and  knocked up butternut squash and coconut soup. So that's lunch and dinner sorted for tonight!

news came through on the cricket front that the man with no lips has stepped down as Captain in all formats of the game! With only weeks left of the season it seems an odd time to step down.
The team are bottom of Division one , so even more turmoil in the ranks.

An absolutely hilarious video was doing the rounds on Twitter form the test, where a steward confiscated an inflatable ball. All the 'fancy dressers' got together to ask for the ball back.

Seeing a group of Hulk Hogans  and a pig racing to urge the steward to return the ball is hilarious.

If you can catch it, its worth a view, especially as Joe Root cannot help but laugh!

I had read about the 'plague' of moths  that was due to hit our homes. I am finding a lot of them around at the moment,  so I have orders cedar balls and am making up lavender sachets to try to keep them at bay. Little blighters seem to be popping up everywhere!

A good long walk is in order tonight as I am heading off to meet The Dames old school pal, Valerie for an hours catch up.
I have decided to walk which will help to clock up my miles this week.

well time to go, and the skies do not look too promising.

Have a great day.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


I'm running very late this morning with the blog. I managed a 1.5mile walk/jog ( with the aid of appropriate corsetry), I have finally put the veggies in to roast for lasagne, and now need to get showered and ready to head to Kiki's house, as I have been summoned.

And its not even 9am!

I am however feeling a little 'rough' due to a few 'sherry shandies' last night and a hazardous walk home ( round the corner really) which may have involved falling into the bushes near my house!

Oh dear!

I never learn!

luckily we don't have CCTV in my area!

I have the washing in and some on the line, although I have yet to strip the beds, this may happen after my trip to Kikis!

I had to turn the test match off yesterday as it was very sad to watch a once great team disintegrate.

I always have loved to watch the WI's  they always put showmanship into cricket, big names, big personalities.
To be bowled out for  168 &137 is awful to see.

well played England  but it is a sad time for Caribbean cricket.

I hope they last  longer next week!

Troubles with cricket authorities have blighted the team.

Is money the root of all evil?

Ah well no cricket today so best get on with things that have to be done...............  off to see Kiki.

have a peaceful Sunday

Saturday, 19 August 2017

We have sunshine!

I am up and been out for a 2.5 walk, I am now  looking at the lawns, and by looking I mean thinking 'maybe tomorrow I will give you a cut!'

There are however lots of other things to do and I will be making a start as soon as I find the will to do it.
at the moment I am watching 'the Worm that turned' on 'You Tube' !!!!! you can't beat a bit of The two Ronnies!!

So back to yesterday.
The test was ongoing and with former captain Cook having a splendid knock of 243 England declared on 518-4.
West Indies went in and lost Brathwaite before 'tea'.
Close of play saw the score  at 44-1.

well it should be an interesting day today.

Yorkshire were watching the T20 action  closely, but sadly for my boys it was not to be and they failed to make it to the QF.
So now time to concentrate on on the CC and get back into the form that we know and love.

Come on lads, its time to step up and show your worth.

Nottinghamshire are through and I am backing them all the way, I am also hoping that this isn't kiss of death!
they will be without 'Big' Luke Fletcher but I think that he is doing commentary so he will be involved all the way.

well this won't get the washing done! and as the wind is blowing too I see a good drying day.

Oh how rock and roll!!!

Well lots to do today and  I intend to get at least one thing ticked off my list

 have a brilliant Saturday where ever you are and I hope that the sun is shining.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday is here!

And so Friday begins a little bit brighter than yesterday morning, however yesterday was a day of two halves. Cold dark and rainy in the morning and brilliant sunshine and warm in the afternoon and evening.

how strange a thing is weather???

The Day/night started and  what a start. the much feted Stoneman  who had been brought into the team and replaced Jennings, fell just in the second over and was followed soon after by Westley, 8 not being their magic number.
Cook and Captain Root took over and with Cook on 153 not out and Root scoring 136, it was some first day!.

Jack Russell was at Edgbaston capturing this match on canvas, and by the look of his tweets this painting is going to be outstanding.

Over at HQ, The Vikings were in T20 action and 100+ seemed to be the number of the day for some players as Adam Lyth hit and broke the domestic T20 record of 161, falling 14 short of Chris Gayles world  record T20 score of  175.

Well done Lythy!!!

Yorkshire  finished on 260, which was the highest domestic T20 scored to date.

The current trophy holders Northants looked as if they would fight back but amazing bowling from Rafiq, Rashid and Patterson  saw them finish on 136 all out.

Great going by the lads and we are all holding our breath now to see if  they make it to QF.

Things are quiet on the France front as the wait for broadband/Wifi/telephone/TV continues and the data usage is nearly used up, it seems that the local bar does not have  free WiFi, although it does seem to have nice wine.
Joking aside it is wonderful to hear the news of life across La Manche.
I am ready to pack my bags and go!

However the handbag is all I am packing today as I head off to work.

Have a fabulous Friday, the weekend is just round the corner.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Raining again!

well it's back!!
and with gusto, or gusts as the wind was howling all night here in the North East of Blighty.
The scene outside the château is not a pretty one!

However it is August 17th and one of the most important days in my calendar, so today I am thankful. rain or not!

Today sees the start of the first test against the West Indies, starting at 2pm and ending at 9pm(ish).
Good to see but not so good on your waistline, as meal times are all over the show!.
If I had my breakfast at 6am ( as normal) then lunch at 12 ( as normal)  I will be having an extra lunch around 4pm and dinner at nearly 7pm  with snacks in between!
I will have consumed my weeks calories in one day.

Oh well no change there!!!!

T20 saw Lancashire fighting to keep their hopes alight.
Worcestershire though are now out of contention

My boys are in action tonight and this is a must win game. will we get to QF?

well we have to hope and prayer that they will.

The team looks good although there are doubt about the wicket keeper, so lets see how we get on.

And back to the rain!!!
Will we see wall to wall sunshine before the end of the season?
Will we get to bask in the rays or be drowning in the rain?

 who knows and to be honest one hours play is better than none, no matter how cold you are.

Finally get well wishes to Jane who suffered  some horrific injuries yesterday trying to help an injured cat.

hope you are feeling better and on the mend soon.

I am out the door, have a good day.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Middle of the week again

Well its Wednesday and half way through the week already.

I have counted up the number of cricket days I have left  and wondered where the season has gone.

It seems only a few weeks ago that I boarded the plane and headed down to Southampton, when in reality it was April!

It has been a season of firsts too, first day/night County championship match, and tomorrow will see the start of the first day/night test.
Is this the way forward?
Well it will be interesting to see.

Last night whilst I was packing boxes of 'stuff' T20 was taking place and  poor old Durham suffered another loss at the hands of Derbyshire who are trying their hardest to qualify for quarter finals.

Middlesex also won at Uxbridge ( a lovely ground) and the south table is looking a little bit busy with 12 being the magic number at the moment.( Kent being the only ones not with 12). This is going to be some qualifying race. It'll be the F1 of cricket, who will get pole position????

Life in France is settling into a routine, going to be the bar seems to be the order of most days!
Although a trip to the cinema resulted not so much in seeing the film but having a nap.
The Dame has acquired a 'friend', a cat who has taken to sitting on her window cill and staring in at her.
I love all the updates, its great to see my sister settling in.

On this side of the channel, I am busy sorting things out (again) and the charity shop will be having a delivery at some point this weekend.

I am sue that when I go to work, imps come and deposit 'stuff' in my house!

Well talking work, I am out the door and off  to do some.

have a great Wednesday.

And the sun is shining here in the North East of Blighty

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The days

The days start to get shorter
The seasons end is nearing
Trophies still to find a home
Amid tumultuous cheering.

The sound of leather on willow
The heat of sun on skin
Players in their cricket whites
Ever hopeful of a win.

The colder winds are blowing
The disappointment of rain delay
Crowding into the  Long Room
Praying for some play

The days are getting cooler
The truth?, they've not been too hot
But I'd still make my way to cricket
Sun, rain, snow, the lot!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Hard hitting

The T20 battle is hotting up and yesterday saw a lot of action.

Aaron Finch hit his 3rd T20 century, his first in County cricket and did it with style.

114 not out from 64 balls. he just never seemed to perform when he was at Yorkshire. His heroics keep hopes alive for Surrey in this format.

Birmingham Bears are so close to qualifying they must be smelling  the homefires.
After walloping Durham  ( how much more can this club take?) they are on the homestretch.

Young  bowler Alex Hepburn produced the best bowling figures by a Worcester bowler in T20 blast but the Notts lads held on and walked away with a win. They are top of the table and looking good for finals day.

The West Indies  played their final warm up game against Derbyshire and now look to be ready  for their series against England.

Over in France, the order of the day was box emptying and it seems that these have mysteriously multiplied in storage!!! The Dame is working her way through them as we speak.

I am just fastening up another bag to drop off at the charity shop and then off to work..

No peace for the wicked!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Out and about

well it was an early start as I headed out the door at 6.30am for a walk,  good to get out and clear my head, lots going on in the coming week, lots to do.

After chatting to a few dog walkers and having some doggy hugs from a very friendly border collie, I filled a bag with blackberries and am now getting ready to make breakfast.

beds are stripped and in the washing machine, so Sunday is heading in the normal direction.

Yesterday however took a step back as the lads on a high from Friday night, lost to Leicester by 4 wickets.
They are going to make us sweat   to see if we get to finals day!

No action for the lads until Thursday.

Today there is a lot of T20 action so I had best get a wriggle on ready to watch this afternoon.

I am gearing myself up for my trip to see The West Indies in action in a couple of weeks, I am really looking forward to that match. a cracking day out.

I am undecided about whether to get on with the decorating, yes its still waiting to be completed and if I want to get the house on the market then I need to get going pretty sharpish.

Lots to do and need to magic up some enthusiasm to do it.

On my walk I was checking out the elderberries ( another couple of weeks for them to be ripe) and the sloes ( probably mid September for them), I am mentally preparing myself for chutney making and sloe gin preparing.
All ready for December ( I won't use the 'C' word).

Well not much to report today, so best to get on with the jobs in hand. and if it stays dry I may also tackle the lawns......................oh joy!

Have a super Sunday

Saturday, 12 August 2017

The most wonderful evening

After a busy morning in the office, I jumped into the limo and headed on down the A1, the roadworks from Barton to Leeming, still causing problems, and with the ones at Thirks still there it was a longer than normal journey, I imagine it will be a joy on the return drive!

I arrived at my hotel, and had a quick change, before grabbing some samosas at the Arab/Indian shop near the hotel. The lovely people there even called a cab for me! that really is service.

I arrived at the ground and was whisked off to my ' home for the evening'.

Being  able to catch the end of the Ladies match, it was great to see Yorkshire Diamonds win, which for me was a good omen.

I got a message from John who had spotted me and I loved that he was sporting his 'fluffy' Yorkshire hat!

I managed to see Clare and Christine from my seat and we were waving like mad to each other.

My boys came out to warm up and Jonny B and Jack Brooks came to sit along side me. Once again Brooksy not in the bowling side.

As the boys came out to bat I settled down with my hosts.

What a knock from Adam Lyth ,50 from 29 balls! Well that was a relief to see.
 Tom K-C's 45 put is wel in the game.However the need for David Willey to have another great knock fell flat on 18, TLJL hit a respectable 24 and the  crowd were right behind the boys.
We were all loving the runs and the atmosphere.

Rain came and  and we headed indoors,I manged to chat to a few people that I had met when I was with former President of Middlesex, Harry.
We got back out to play and  finished on 182-7.

In the break, The Chairman presented  Geoff Boycott with a shirt to commemorate his 100th , 100 which was 40 years ago yesterday.
We were chatting about where we were when this happended.
Great memories.

Then it was time for my Vikings to get on with the  pillaging .

Livingstone  went first and then Brown, we were  in fine voice!!!

And then............................................

well firstly let me say that I thought AB's catch which dismissed Eoin Morgan in the England v SA T20  earlier this season was outstanding but....................


He was outstanding.

I hope TLML saw it!

Well by this point we were all getting a little bit hopeful.

The lads from Wensleydale Creamery sitting behind me were enhjoying the whole thing too.
David Willey took a fab catch on he boundary only to injure himself in the process, but he was smiling as he left the field.

And then Little Timmy, decided to take matters into  his own hands and  with 6-19  he certainly did that. 4 wickets in the last over,made sure that Sky had chosen  the right match to televise!

We were all on our feet along with the vast percentage of Headingley!!!

With a crowd of over 15,000 it was some night.

Back inside, a quick drink and then time for 'Cinders' to head back to her hotel.

It was some fairytale night, what with 'Captain Fantasic' 'Stretch Leaning' and 'Hop along' Willey, what a great team and a great win.

I would like to say thank you to our Chairman Steve, who made this all possible and  to the lovely Jemima for looking after me. 
Absolutely wonderful evening.

I even got a word with Geoff himself!only one mind, he has enough words for everyone.


Friday, 11 August 2017

its the battle!

well its Friday, it's half day working and I am off to Headingley tonight to see the 'War of the Roses' take place.

I had not applied for my ticket  for this match due to being in 'other job' and not being able to get there in time.
However thanks to my move to new job and  a gesture of unbelievable kindness, I will be able to see the match and cheer my boys on.

I will be hotfooting it through the roadworks as soon as 'schools out' at 2pm.

I have checked the forecast.................... and I am not thinking about the weather!

In last nights T20  Hampshire had a storming win over Glamorgan  and  there were some great views of my 2nd favourite ground.

Middlesex  just managed to beat Sussex and the South group table is hotting up.

Up here in the  North, we need a win tonight, and that's all I am saying.

The England camp is having a reshuffle as Jennings is dropped and Stoneman is brought in. Mason crane is also called up.

I should have been decorating at the Chateau this afternoon and the rest of the weekend, well I will still have tomorrow and Sunday to crack on.

I am also getting a 'new' TV, Kiki, fresh back from her cruise, has been on a spending spree and bought herself a new one , so she is passing her old ( not old) one to me.
Obviously being from Yorkshire, I am not saying no, I had been debating buying a new one.................but don't have to now.

well time to get a wriggle on and head off for half day at the coal face.

have a great Friday, its nearly the weekend!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Marching on!

Its time to put the weekend behind us (and in my case book into rehab!) and  focus on the upcoming matches.

Tomorrow night is the biggest clash of the T20 season with the home 'War of the Roses'

We need a focussed and strong team to go out and do their job.

I know that they will do this, I have a feeling that they are probably feeling as disappointed about Scarborough as we were, but what's done is done and time to look forward.

I'm keeping an eye on the weather forecast as rain  has been blighting the cricket  this week, although there seems to be no stopping Notts in their efforts to get back into Div 1.

They are focussed and determined and that is the key.

There are injuries a plenty across the Divisions and that's not good this late in the season when there is still lots to play for.

Also if rumours are to be believed I may never see my beloved Abraham Benjamin in the test arena again.

Over in France the furniture arrived and is in situ, although my guessing is there are plenty of boxes to be opened. Its all settling down for the Dame as she finally has her things around her and can focus on living the French life.

t'other sister is back from her cruise and moaning about how hot it was, she should have stayed here and developed webbed feet like the rest of us!

Its a very quick one today as I sort of slept in ( 5.40am instead of 5.15am) and I still have lots to do to get out the door.

have a great Thursday,

The sun is shining so every thing looks so much better.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Where's my ark?

Well after driving home in  non stop rain yesterday and listening to it all evening and well to the early hours, I awake to a  heavy grey sky which does not fill me with confidence that the day is going to be sunny.

I think that like Yorkshire's title chances we should write off summer and hope for better next year.

I read with interest tweets and comments  regarding state of the team and coach.

Are the members putting too much pressure on the players?

Surely no more pressure than in past seasons and most of the team are seasoned players!

What ever the answer to the current problem is, I hope that it is solved soon.

Everyone is entitled to a opinion, and the right to say what they feel.

Lots of members are angry, but it will be old news next week.

Lets leave the lads to get on with preparations for their T20 match on Friday and see how we get on.

Preparations are under way in France for 'Le Grand Furniture delivery'.

Yes the road is being closed, the Chief of Police is coming out to see it all happen and the Dame is getting her own bed finally!

She should sleep well tonight!

As I drove home yesterday I popped in to see the Dames old next door neighbour, the lovely Lisa,, it was great to have a catch up with her.
I have promised to drop in again soon.

I however am now about  to head out of the door and off to work, it is a 2.5 day week for me this week and I will have to squeeze a lot of work into those days too.

So best go and get started.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cocktails, cake and cricket

Well,after a peaceful walk through the park,I got settled in the ground and waited for Jim, Clare and Christine.
My thoughts on the cricket were that we needed to take the 2 Essex wickets within the first over.

Everyone turned up and cards and pressies were given to the Birthday Girl.
I said I would make the cocktails when the last wicket fell and Essex were back in the hutch.
Hmm best laid plans.....

Here is the watered down version.

Essex hung on and put on runs.
Yorkshire came in to bat and Lyth and Lees  were gone without a run on the board.

Quick glance at the balcony.  Coach sunning himself and chatting to members.

Captain in and out again without making an impression.

Coach now smiling and laughing with other coaching staff!!!!
Maybe he should have been sitting where we were. The view was dire!!!!

It fell to TLJL to try to get some runs on the board.
Ben Coad helped out as did Jack Brooks and HRR

All out.    TLJL making 70!

Essex needed just over 30

And they did!
I very much doubt that an inquest took place in the dressing room.
And now with 2 days off what will the team get up to?
Not practice I bet!
Here's an interesting fact about winners at Scarborough Festival

2013   Durham

2014   Yorkshire

2015   Yorkshire

2016   Middlesex

2017   Essex

Notice anything about first 4 winners?

Yes they all went on to win the Championship!!!

I was angry last night.
This morning I'm more of the mind that we need to look at what is going wrong with opening batsmen.
Who will replace HRR?
Do we need to have coaches who have not been part of the team?

We need to win our next CC matches or all the work that Dizzy did will be undone and we'll be back in Div 2.

Much as I like Canterbury and Chesterfield I'm not wanting to visit  next season.

Oh well onward and hopefully upward.
At least England won.

I'm off home now with a very heavy heart

Monday, 7 August 2017

Oh dear!

When you wake up with a storming hangover, a purse bursting with 10p's and a pooh Bear in your means a night out in Scarbados  with Jim.

Yes indeedy!

However let's start at the beginning.

Left home at 7am (late)
Arrived at hotel at 9am  checked in, case dumped 9.15am
Walk through Peasholm Park , video call to sis in France and arrive  at North Marine Road.

11am cricket begins.
11.30am 5 wickets down I have a pint!
12.30pm go to meet eldest monster child nephew which was obviously going to be more exciting than the  shabby show of Yorkshire cricket.

1.45pm return to cricket. See Jim outside pub,chat with Christine.
Jim arrives and Essex in but some wickets fall.
 Close of play. Back to hotel get changed and head out .

Hence feeling slightly under the weather

Plus no WiFi so doing this on my phone.
So sorry for typos etc.
Plus I need another hours sleep.
And we have a birthday luncheon today as it is Clares  birthday.

Oh it's all going on.
Right time for a nap.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Early morning drive

I'd like to say that I am ready for the off, but of course I am doing a last minute check of ........THE CASE!!!, yes the bag has turned into a case, and three days worth of clothes, shoes and handbags could probably be a years capsule wardrobe for those wonder woman on Pinterest!

I also have the food to sort out and  things for the luncheon drinks party tomorrow, for those coming, I won't have sandwiches as I cannot prepare in advance but there will be lots of nibbly bits! And Martinis!!! ( which is the most important thing!)

Anyhooo, back to the Test yesterday, a great but disappointing innings for Jonny B, as he hit 99 and was then out, however look at the fact that he is playing after being left on the bench during the early part of the season.

I remembered a comment by my friend Christine about Jonny being the 'water boy' and she would forever now know him as 'Aquarius', this then brought on a fit of scribbling at Headingley  one afternoon  for us to to find a Yorkshire zodiac team.

So after searching for the note book that we had scribbled in here it is.

Aries    Hoddy,  ( has been  'rammed' into the team at the last minute)

Taurus  Bressy ( raging bull sometimes going into bowl)

Gemini  Matthew Waite & Ben Coad

Cancer  Galey ( well you have to have a hard shell to be coach!)

Leo  HRR, come on!!! no one else has a 'mane' like that! ( except me)

Virgo  TLJL ( of course)

Libra  Gary Ballance ( obviously!)

Scorpio   Lythy  ( can have a sting in his tail with his spin!)

Sagittarius  Brooksy ( as elusive as the mythical centaur, which can depict this sign)

Capricorn  Patto  ( think about it!)

Aquarius  Jonny B ( had been the water carrier more times than I care to think about)

Pisces  Matthew Fisher .......of course!

Well I got completely sidetracked there

and time is running away and I need to be on the road.

hopefully ( WiFi permitting) I will be back tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Let the holibobs commence

So after finishing work yesterday I hotfooted it back to the château  and did a spot of 'packing' ( more like unpacking) and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Mr Funky the Chauffeur........................yes I was picking up Mr Funky the Chauffeur and I was driving.
This was because he had only gone and done his back in!

We headed off to Chester le Street to cheer on my boys ( well I was).

We arrived, got parked and headed in.

Durham won the toss and decided to bat. after hitting 157 it looked positive for the Tykes.

Meanwhile James Bond had arrived, he was back from covert operations, but was being debriefed by 'M' over a few 'martinis'. They had  spotted me in my seat. I however was having trouble spotting them as they were 'incognito'. I finally saw them ( right behind me).

Yorkshire went into bat and after Lyth nearly going 2nd ball it seemed to settle down................wrong, Lyth gone, KC gone!

Lees was run out and I was thinking to  myself 'what the Donald Duck is going on here?'

Willey hit 40, TLJL and Little Timmy Bresnan managed to steady the ship a bit with 19 and 10 respectively..... I the only person who thinks  from a distance ( and without my specs on ) TLJL looks like a younger slimmer Timmy?


And sorry to TLML it was just something that I spotted last night I think it is the facial hair.

However when we needed 20 off 10 balls I did think we would do it

Well we didn't we lost by one run.

Well played Durham with some brilliant bowling  McCarthy and Coughlin.

I then fought my way through the hoards to catch up with James Bond.
Hopfully he may make it to Scarborough after  going on manoeuvres today.

Then onto the A1 and  dropping Mr Funky at the cricket club in Ladylaineyville so that he could calm himself down with a few pints.

I tell you bad back or not you should have seen him dancing in the car to 'Single ladies' by Beyonce.

Who would have thought that he knew all the moves as well as the words*

*some of this is untrue!

Right I am off to shout at workmen who have just parked a lorry over the bottom of my drive meaning that I cannot take the car to the car wash and to be hoovered!

Have a great Saturday I will be preparing for Scarbados

Friday, 4 August 2017

The weekend is in sight

well its Friday and I am looking at the sky and wondering what the dress code is?

Not so much 'dress down Friday' as 'dress for every eventuality' Friday

When are we going to have some sunshine for longer then 20 minutes?

On the agenda today is the test match at Old Trafford and also T20 action tonight, which sees my boys in action at Chester le Street.
After losing last night to Derbyshire ( who have now gone top of the North group) they need to win this match.

I was listening in on't wireless and also had my 'other' spy in the ground sending me updates as I was also trying to sort out 'the bag'.
A concerning message can through from 'JB2' that  Sean March had a 'bit of a turn' prior to Yorkshire taking the field which may have bee the result of being struck on the helmet by a ball in his innings. no further info is available.

Middlesex were beaten by Hampshire but not before a 13th 'man' took to the field.
A crafty fox ( was this a Leicestershire plot to disrupt the game) decided to get involved in the game. He got a good run on the outfield.
Not something that you see everyday at cricket.

More news from 'Downunder' as it does look as if the pay talks with the Australian players has been agreed in principal.

The eldest monster child nephew messaged last night and invited me out to lunch on Sunday when I am in Scarbados, he now lives there so it is a good chance to have a catch up with all things 'architectural'.
 I think he also wants his birthday pressies!
I hope he likes his 'Tinkywinky' pyjama case!!!!

well I see sunshine!
Will it last?

I doubt it.

I am off to the sorting office to pick up my lovely new handmade handbag which for once the postman did not decide to stuff through the letterbox.

have a wonderful Friday, its nearly the weekend!

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Early start

I was out of bed, showered and hair washed by 5am this morning as its an early start today, lots to do before I head to work.

Last night involved putting things in my bag for next week, and settling down to watch some cricket, which true to form was rain affected.
The T20 Blast this year seems to be suffering from non summery weather!
Will Yorkshire get a full match tonight?
I have everything crossed that we will get a game and a win, we need it.

Rain affected the West Indies match against Essex, but not before Kemar Roach  took 3-17. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action  later this month.

I read the article on the BBC website about Dermot Reeve and how drugs ruined his life.
Of the same club and era, is the book 'Wasted' by the Paul Smith.
This was a book that I read in nearly one sitting, it was a very sad tale, from Championship winning player to sleeping rough America, the downward spiral that was his life.
well worth a read.

Current books on the beside table are  'Pommies' by William Buckland, 'The D'Oliveira Affair' by Basil D'Oliveira and ' The Magicians Nephew' by C S Lewis!!!

This week has been full on for foreign phone chats, a one hour time difference phone chat to my sister back in the Champagne region, to keep up on the details of the move into the new abode, it will be great once the furniture finally arrives from storage.
She is settling into French life brilliantly and loving it, which is the main thing.

A couple of calls with 6 & 10 hour time differences to catch up with friends and I am fully up to date with all the gossip.

Nothing better than a good old catch up.

Well I am  now about to  finish off here at home and then head off to the office.

have a great Thursday

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Mid week!!!

It's Wednesday already so that means it is time to open the bag and start frantically throwing clothes in for next you know too well, I will be removing some of them every night and replacing with others.
Its a little game I like to play called 'guess the weather forecast'.
I come home from work full of  ideas of housework, then I check the weather for next week, and out of the bag comes the bikini and in goes the thermal longjohns.

You get the idea.

 have to say that the last few years at Scarbados have been warm and sunny with the occasional torrential downpour  thrown in for good measure, so I have to be prepared for anything.

last night saw T20 action between Birmingham Bears and Nothants Steelbacks, the current champions.
Birmingham won which took them to the top of the table, which means that my boys need to get a wriggle on this week and have a win  tomorrow and Friday.

The West Indies are here and in action at Essex in their first matches.
The carnival has begun.
I will be keeping my eyes on this match, as Essex are the possible county champions this season, and yes I know we still have nearly 2 months to go but they are looking in great form in the 4 day matches.

they sort of crept up out of nowhere!!

There is news that the Australia pay dispute may be nearing an end, which means that  the Ashes will go ahead. the deal is not yet done but it is inching closer.

Over in France Dame Didi is on the final leg of her drive across France. after picking up her new car she is currently half way form La Rochelle to the champagne region, where she will go into full house mode as she settles into her new digs.

i am about to head out of the door, as lots to do.

Happy hump Day

and I am one day closer to Scarbados

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Happy Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire day to all my 'Yorkie' family and friends!

Today I will be wearing my white rose with pride!

I'm proud to be from Yorkshire.

It was a proud day for some Yorkshire men yesterday as England ( unsurprising ) won, but not before a fabulous innings by Dean Elgar ( 136).
The Test train now moves onto Old Trafford.

Trevor Bayliss has hinted that Keaton Jennings place is not yet secure in the Winters Ashes tour.

I am rather shocked that he is still in contention!.

Maybe Trev needs to have a little look out around the Counties over the remaining games of the season and see what is out there.

We need strong and consistent openers.

My family cricket club, do not appear to be having a good season and seem to be fighting being relegated to  a lower league. I will have to give my cuz 'El Presidenti' a call and see what is going on. I am hoping that at 70 years of age he is not still going out to have a bowl!
He is probably still 'the water boy' though. President or not!

There is cricket tonight in T20 format and  I will be interested to see if August is better weather wise than July.

So far in the North East of Blighty it is sunny with a chill in the air, there are some grey clouds swirling around, but at least it is bright.

I am still waiting for the amazing heat wave that the weather forecasters keep threatening us with, it is usually the day before they threaten us with more rain in a day than Noah saw in 40!

Yesterday was so full on busy that by home time I was just ready to head to my bed, I am still trying to shake off the effects of last week, but I am getting there. I made it to 9.30pm before I totally crashed out.

so I am heading off into the (sort) of sunshine and wish you all a Happy Tuesday.
and if you are in 'Gods own Country', Happy Yorkshire Day to  you all.