Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cocktails, cake and cricket

Well,after a peaceful walk through the park,I got settled in the ground and waited for Jim, Clare and Christine.
My thoughts on the cricket were that we needed to take the 2 Essex wickets within the first over.

Everyone turned up and cards and pressies were given to the Birthday Girl.
I said I would make the cocktails when the last wicket fell and Essex were back in the hutch.
Hmm best laid plans.....

Here is the watered down version.

Essex hung on and put on runs.
Yorkshire came in to bat and Lyth and Lees  were gone without a run on the board.

Quick glance at the balcony.  Coach sunning himself and chatting to members.

Captain in and out again without making an impression.

Coach now smiling and laughing with other coaching staff!!!!
Maybe he should have been sitting where we were. The view was dire!!!!

It fell to TLJL to try to get some runs on the board.
Ben Coad helped out as did Jack Brooks and HRR

All out.    TLJL making 70!

Essex needed just over 30

And they did!
I very much doubt that an inquest took place in the dressing room.
And now with 2 days off what will the team get up to?
Not practice I bet!
Here's an interesting fact about winners at Scarborough Festival

2013   Durham

2014   Yorkshire

2015   Yorkshire

2016   Middlesex

2017   Essex

Notice anything about first 4 winners?

Yes they all went on to win the Championship!!!

I was angry last night.
This morning I'm more of the mind that we need to look at what is going wrong with opening batsmen.
Who will replace HRR?
Do we need to have coaches who have not been part of the team?

We need to win our next CC matches or all the work that Dizzy did will be undone and we'll be back in Div 2.

Much as I like Canterbury and Chesterfield I'm not wanting to visit  next season.

Oh well onward and hopefully upward.
At least England won.

I'm off home now with a very heavy heart

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