Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Happy Yorkshire Day

Happy Yorkshire day to all my 'Yorkie' family and friends!

Today I will be wearing my white rose with pride!

I'm proud to be from Yorkshire.

It was a proud day for some Yorkshire men yesterday as England ( unsurprising ) won, but not before a fabulous innings by Dean Elgar ( 136).
The Test train now moves onto Old Trafford.

Trevor Bayliss has hinted that Keaton Jennings place is not yet secure in the Winters Ashes tour.

I am rather shocked that he is still in contention!.

Maybe Trev needs to have a little look out around the Counties over the remaining games of the season and see what is out there.

We need strong and consistent openers.

My family cricket club, do not appear to be having a good season and seem to be fighting being relegated to  a lower league. I will have to give my cuz 'El Presidenti' a call and see what is going on. I am hoping that at 70 years of age he is not still going out to have a bowl!
He is probably still 'the water boy' though. President or not!

There is cricket tonight in T20 format and  I will be interested to see if August is better weather wise than July.

So far in the North East of Blighty it is sunny with a chill in the air, there are some grey clouds swirling around, but at least it is bright.

I am still waiting for the amazing heat wave that the weather forecasters keep threatening us with, it is usually the day before they threaten us with more rain in a day than Noah saw in 40!

Yesterday was so full on busy that by home time I was just ready to head to my bed, I am still trying to shake off the effects of last week, but I am getting there. I made it to 9.30pm before I totally crashed out.

so I am heading off into the (sort) of sunshine and wish you all a Happy Tuesday.
and if you are in 'Gods own Country', Happy Yorkshire Day to  you all.

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