Saturday, 5 August 2017

Let the holibobs commence

So after finishing work yesterday I hotfooted it back to the ch√Ęteau  and did a spot of 'packing' ( more like unpacking) and before I knew it, it was time to pick up Mr Funky the Chauffeur........................yes I was picking up Mr Funky the Chauffeur and I was driving.
This was because he had only gone and done his back in!

We headed off to Chester le Street to cheer on my boys ( well I was).

We arrived, got parked and headed in.

Durham won the toss and decided to bat. after hitting 157 it looked positive for the Tykes.

Meanwhile James Bond had arrived, he was back from covert operations, but was being debriefed by 'M' over a few 'martinis'. They had  spotted me in my seat. I however was having trouble spotting them as they were 'incognito'. I finally saw them ( right behind me).

Yorkshire went into bat and after Lyth nearly going 2nd ball it seemed to settle down................wrong, Lyth gone, KC gone!

Lees was run out and I was thinking to  myself 'what the Donald Duck is going on here?'

Willey hit 40, TLJL and Little Timmy Bresnan managed to steady the ship a bit with 19 and 10 respectively..... I the only person who thinks  from a distance ( and without my specs on ) TLJL looks like a younger slimmer Timmy?


And sorry to TLML it was just something that I spotted last night I think it is the facial hair.

However when we needed 20 off 10 balls I did think we would do it

Well we didn't we lost by one run.

Well played Durham with some brilliant bowling  McCarthy and Coughlin.

I then fought my way through the hoards to catch up with James Bond.
Hopfully he may make it to Scarborough after  going on manoeuvres today.

Then onto the A1 and  dropping Mr Funky at the cricket club in Ladylaineyville so that he could calm himself down with a few pints.

I tell you bad back or not you should have seen him dancing in the car to 'Single ladies' by Beyonce.

Who would have thought that he knew all the moves as well as the words*

*some of this is untrue!

Right I am off to shout at workmen who have just parked a lorry over the bottom of my drive meaning that I cannot take the car to the car wash and to be hoovered!

Have a great Saturday I will be preparing for Scarbados

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