Thursday, 10 August 2017

Marching on!

Its time to put the weekend behind us (and in my case book into rehab!) and  focus on the upcoming matches.

Tomorrow night is the biggest clash of the T20 season with the home 'War of the Roses'

We need a focussed and strong team to go out and do their job.

I know that they will do this, I have a feeling that they are probably feeling as disappointed about Scarborough as we were, but what's done is done and time to look forward.

I'm keeping an eye on the weather forecast as rain  has been blighting the cricket  this week, although there seems to be no stopping Notts in their efforts to get back into Div 1.

They are focussed and determined and that is the key.

There are injuries a plenty across the Divisions and that's not good this late in the season when there is still lots to play for.

Also if rumours are to be believed I may never see my beloved Abraham Benjamin in the test arena again.

Over in France the furniture arrived and is in situ, although my guessing is there are plenty of boxes to be opened. Its all settling down for the Dame as she finally has her things around her and can focus on living the French life.

t'other sister is back from her cruise and moaning about how hot it was, she should have stayed here and developed webbed feet like the rest of us!

Its a very quick one today as I sort of slept in ( 5.40am instead of 5.15am) and I still have lots to do to get out the door.

have a great Thursday,

The sun is shining so every thing looks so much better.

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