Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Mid week!!!

It's Wednesday already so that means it is time to open the bag and start frantically throwing clothes in for next you know too well, I will be removing some of them every night and replacing with others.
Its a little game I like to play called 'guess the weather forecast'.
I come home from work full of  ideas of housework, then I check the weather for next week, and out of the bag comes the bikini and in goes the thermal longjohns.

You get the idea.

 have to say that the last few years at Scarbados have been warm and sunny with the occasional torrential downpour  thrown in for good measure, so I have to be prepared for anything.

last night saw T20 action between Birmingham Bears and Nothants Steelbacks, the current champions.
Birmingham won which took them to the top of the table, which means that my boys need to get a wriggle on this week and have a win  tomorrow and Friday.

The West Indies are here and in action at Essex in their first matches.
The carnival has begun.
I will be keeping my eyes on this match, as Essex are the possible county champions this season, and yes I know we still have nearly 2 months to go but they are looking in great form in the 4 day matches.

they sort of crept up out of nowhere!!

There is news that the Australia pay dispute may be nearing an end, which means that  the Ashes will go ahead. the deal is not yet done but it is inching closer.

Over in France Dame Didi is on the final leg of her drive across France. after picking up her new car she is currently half way form La Rochelle to the champagne region, where she will go into full house mode as she settles into her new digs.

i am about to head out of the door, as lots to do.

Happy hump Day

and I am one day closer to Scarbados

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