Monday, 7 August 2017

Oh dear!

When you wake up with a storming hangover, a purse bursting with 10p's and a pooh Bear in your means a night out in Scarbados  with Jim.

Yes indeedy!

However let's start at the beginning.

Left home at 7am (late)
Arrived at hotel at 9am  checked in, case dumped 9.15am
Walk through Peasholm Park , video call to sis in France and arrive  at North Marine Road.

11am cricket begins.
11.30am 5 wickets down I have a pint!
12.30pm go to meet eldest monster child nephew which was obviously going to be more exciting than the  shabby show of Yorkshire cricket.

1.45pm return to cricket. See Jim outside pub,chat with Christine.
Jim arrives and Essex in but some wickets fall.
 Close of play. Back to hotel get changed and head out .

Hence feeling slightly under the weather

Plus no WiFi so doing this on my phone.
So sorry for typos etc.
Plus I need another hours sleep.
And we have a birthday luncheon today as it is Clares  birthday.

Oh it's all going on.
Right time for a nap.

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