Sunday, 13 August 2017

Out and about

well it was an early start as I headed out the door at 6.30am for a walk,  good to get out and clear my head, lots going on in the coming week, lots to do.

After chatting to a few dog walkers and having some doggy hugs from a very friendly border collie, I filled a bag with blackberries and am now getting ready to make breakfast.

beds are stripped and in the washing machine, so Sunday is heading in the normal direction.

Yesterday however took a step back as the lads on a high from Friday night, lost to Leicester by 4 wickets.
They are going to make us sweat   to see if we get to finals day!

No action for the lads until Thursday.

Today there is a lot of T20 action so I had best get a wriggle on ready to watch this afternoon.

I am gearing myself up for my trip to see The West Indies in action in a couple of weeks, I am really looking forward to that match. a cracking day out.

I am undecided about whether to get on with the decorating, yes its still waiting to be completed and if I want to get the house on the market then I need to get going pretty sharpish.

Lots to do and need to magic up some enthusiasm to do it.

On my walk I was checking out the elderberries ( another couple of weeks for them to be ripe) and the sloes ( probably mid September for them), I am mentally preparing myself for chutney making and sloe gin preparing.
All ready for December ( I won't use the 'C' word).

Well not much to report today, so best to get on with the jobs in hand. and if it stays dry I may also tackle the lawns......................oh joy!

Have a super Sunday

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