Saturday, 12 August 2017

The most wonderful evening

After a busy morning in the office, I jumped into the limo and headed on down the A1, the roadworks from Barton to Leeming, still causing problems, and with the ones at Thirks still there it was a longer than normal journey, I imagine it will be a joy on the return drive!

I arrived at my hotel, and had a quick change, before grabbing some samosas at the Arab/Indian shop near the hotel. The lovely people there even called a cab for me! that really is service.

I arrived at the ground and was whisked off to my ' home for the evening'.

Being  able to catch the end of the Ladies match, it was great to see Yorkshire Diamonds win, which for me was a good omen.

I got a message from John who had spotted me and I loved that he was sporting his 'fluffy' Yorkshire hat!

I managed to see Clare and Christine from my seat and we were waving like mad to each other.

My boys came out to warm up and Jonny B and Jack Brooks came to sit along side me. Once again Brooksy not in the bowling side.

As the boys came out to bat I settled down with my hosts.

What a knock from Adam Lyth ,50 from 29 balls! Well that was a relief to see.
 Tom K-C's 45 put is wel in the game.However the need for David Willey to have another great knock fell flat on 18, TLJL hit a respectable 24 and the  crowd were right behind the boys.
We were all loving the runs and the atmosphere.

Rain came and  and we headed indoors,I manged to chat to a few people that I had met when I was with former President of Middlesex, Harry.
We got back out to play and  finished on 182-7.

In the break, The Chairman presented  Geoff Boycott with a shirt to commemorate his 100th , 100 which was 40 years ago yesterday.
We were chatting about where we were when this happended.
Great memories.

Then it was time for my Vikings to get on with the  pillaging .

Livingstone  went first and then Brown, we were  in fine voice!!!

And then............................................

well firstly let me say that I thought AB's catch which dismissed Eoin Morgan in the England v SA T20  earlier this season was outstanding but....................


He was outstanding.

I hope TLML saw it!

Well by this point we were all getting a little bit hopeful.

The lads from Wensleydale Creamery sitting behind me were enhjoying the whole thing too.
David Willey took a fab catch on he boundary only to injure himself in the process, but he was smiling as he left the field.

And then Little Timmy, decided to take matters into  his own hands and  with 6-19  he certainly did that. 4 wickets in the last over,made sure that Sky had chosen  the right match to televise!

We were all on our feet along with the vast percentage of Headingley!!!

With a crowd of over 15,000 it was some night.

Back inside, a quick drink and then time for 'Cinders' to head back to her hotel.

It was some fairytale night, what with 'Captain Fantasic' 'Stretch Leaning' and 'Hop along' Willey, what a great team and a great win.

I would like to say thank you to our Chairman Steve, who made this all possible and  to the lovely Jemima for looking after me. 
Absolutely wonderful evening.

I even got a word with Geoff himself!only one mind, he has enough words for everyone.


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