Friday, 4 August 2017

The weekend is in sight

well its Friday and I am looking at the sky and wondering what the dress code is?

Not so much 'dress down Friday' as 'dress for every eventuality' Friday

When are we going to have some sunshine for longer then 20 minutes?

On the agenda today is the test match at Old Trafford and also T20 action tonight, which sees my boys in action at Chester le Street.
After losing last night to Derbyshire ( who have now gone top of the North group) they need to win this match.

I was listening in on't wireless and also had my 'other' spy in the ground sending me updates as I was also trying to sort out 'the bag'.
A concerning message can through from 'JB2' that  Sean March had a 'bit of a turn' prior to Yorkshire taking the field which may have bee the result of being struck on the helmet by a ball in his innings. no further info is available.

Middlesex were beaten by Hampshire but not before a 13th 'man' took to the field.
A crafty fox ( was this a Leicestershire plot to disrupt the game) decided to get involved in the game. He got a good run on the outfield.
Not something that you see everyday at cricket.

More news from 'Downunder' as it does look as if the pay talks with the Australian players has been agreed in principal.

The eldest monster child nephew messaged last night and invited me out to lunch on Sunday when I am in Scarbados, he now lives there so it is a good chance to have a catch up with all things 'architectural'.
 I think he also wants his birthday pressies!
I hope he likes his 'Tinkywinky' pyjama case!!!!

well I see sunshine!
Will it last?

I doubt it.

I am off to the sorting office to pick up my lovely new handmade handbag which for once the postman did not decide to stuff through the letterbox.

have a wonderful Friday, its nearly the weekend!

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