Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Where's my ark?

Well after driving home in  non stop rain yesterday and listening to it all evening and well to the early hours, I awake to a  heavy grey sky which does not fill me with confidence that the day is going to be sunny.

I think that like Yorkshire's title chances we should write off summer and hope for better next year.

I read with interest tweets and comments  regarding state of the team and coach.

Are the members putting too much pressure on the players?

Surely no more pressure than in past seasons and most of the team are seasoned players!

What ever the answer to the current problem is, I hope that it is solved soon.

Everyone is entitled to a opinion, and the right to say what they feel.

Lots of members are angry, but it will be old news next week.

Lets leave the lads to get on with preparations for their T20 match on Friday and see how we get on.

Preparations are under way in France for 'Le Grand Furniture delivery'.

Yes the road is being closed, the Chief of Police is coming out to see it all happen and the Dame is getting her own bed finally!

She should sleep well tonight!

As I drove home yesterday I popped in to see the Dames old next door neighbour, the lovely Lisa,, it was great to have a catch up with her.
I have promised to drop in again soon.

I however am now about  to head out of the door and off to work, it is a 2.5 day week for me this week and I will have to squeeze a lot of work into those days too.

So best go and get started.

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