Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday 26th November


Today on 26th November 2003 G-BOAF, Alpha Foxtrot flew into Filton to see its days out at the place of its creation. Alpha Foxtrot ( Concorde 216) was the last Concorde to fly. However sadly now this Concorde is no longer available for the public to see or to tour due to an on going dispute. Please sort this out soon.

So the latest from the Test, England have demolished India with a 10 wicket victory and well done to the boys. Praise goes to all the boys and to Monty Panesar who bowled well. However it is a team effort and after the battering that they took in the first test, they had to do something pretty spectacular. So the score is 1-1 and we should be going into the 3rd Test on our guard as the one thing that the Indians do not do ( which is what England have done of late) is lie down and allow themselves to be walked all over.

Certain sports hacks are making statement regarding David Gowers wonder boys in India sealing triumph in 1985. Flipping heck, I know that was the last time that England won out there but I think that we are a little bit off sealing victory just yet!

Man of the match was..........
KP 'Thanks to the guys in the dressing room and the management for sorting everything out. To wear an England jersey is so special'

Lady Lainey ' Yep but to wear an IPL jersey is  more profitable!

Over in Chelsea yesterday, Rafa got a very hostile reception from the fans at his first match as temp manager after the disgraceful sacking of Roberto Di Matteo. There is a large weight on Rafa's shoulders regarding getting the best from Nando. Wonder how long he will reign?

However I was saving the besty sporty news for last!!! Whoop di flipping doooo I was fair jumping about like a mad thing yesterday evening, my tiara was falling off, ( due to me having a 'skinhead' haircut now!) and there you have it Baron Button won!!! What a super blinking fabby flipping driver he is. All this was slightly ( only slightly) overshadowed by  Vettel taking the F1 title for the 3rdyear straight, so well done to him. It was a dramatic race that saw Jenson's( not for much longer ) team mate crash out. Martin Whitmarsh, praised Jenson saying that he drove one of the best races of his life. Well done to you all!

Well apparently rain is moving North from the overly wet South, actually the rain has been here in the north for the last 36 hours, so don't be bothering to send any more. I am wearing a hat today not just because it is wet but because the hairdresser chopped all my hair off and if I didn't put the hat on I wouldn't be venturing out for the next 3 months!!!
Some idiot expert was on the news saying that you should only be driving if it is really necessary, I can visualise the phone call now.

Lady Lainey  Hello Job the Jolly

Job the Jolly Hello Lady Lainey why aren't you sat at your desk in super swanky Lady Lainey office

Lady Lainey  Well some expert guy said you were only to drive in the rain if your journey was truly necessary and as there were no handbags, shoes, leather gloves or tiara at the end of my journey I deemed it not necessary.

Job the Jolly  Try the journey to pick up your P45, that makes it very necessary!!!

So I guess I will get in the Lady Lainey limo and zoom off to work!

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