Friday, 15 November 2019

Last sick day

Well it's Friday, no running to order breakfast this morning.
It is however my last sick day as I prepare to go back to work next week

Give me in until Monday afternoon  before I am wanting to be on the sick again.

So what to do today.

Well probably sleeping a lot as I take the last of the codeine tablets

I'm also taking myself out for lunch and then tonight will settle down with a bottle of diet  coke.
No alcohol allowed still so this will be the first birthday in a while that I haven't had at least a glass of wine.

Might be the start of something new....
.maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Thursday already

Goodness it's Thursday already, I seem to have slept the week away.
Today will have the excitement of going to the doctors for blood and D Dimer  test.
I know how to live it up.

Strangely 2 months ago I went to get the mop  chopped and Jackie my hair doer commented on my lack of curls and how my hair felt 'off'
This happened a few years ago and it turned out I had mumps.
My hair is now more straight than curly and has no body or uumph.
I should take notice of the mop as it obviously tries to tell me something.

Well I've no idea what's happening in the cricket world except that Notts have taken on Kevin Shine as Assistant coach.
He  started his life at Hants before travelling around the counties, left for England set up was scape goat in pedalogate and then headed off to Loughborough.
Now on his way to Nots it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Well time to take some painkillers and then head off to the docs.

Happy Thursday.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Hello from recovery road

Well it's Monday and I'm still in bed.
No work until next week and  lots of rest for me.
So last Wednesday,after struggling to get up it went from bad to worse until I was eventually hospitalised with suspected DVT  or worse.
D Dimer levels very high so I spent Thursday might in terrified tears ( I've been here before and it's not nice) and taking  anti coagulants

Lots of blood tests, xrays, scans, and finally a CT scan.

Very luckily for me no DVT but unluckily a series of quite painful other probs.

I'm a bit of a wreck really.

So now I'm actually taking advice and finally getting myself fit again. It will be a long  road but I'm on it.

I've not seen anything cricket.

I've realised that I'm actually more important to me than cricket at the moment (words I never thought I'd say).

No cakes or chutney made.
No knitting done.
But thanks to codeine I have 3 naps a day and sleep through the night.

I'll be back at some point this week.

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Midweek and moving on?

Well over the last few weeks we have had Bella the bin inspector in the office, she was in for a brief spell yesterday and managed her inspections which came up with a couple of yogurt pots ( quickly  removed) and a bit of cake ( that was gone in one gulp).

She is an absolute joy to have in the office and makes everyone smile.
Its surprising the effect of a dog in the workplace.
It should be compulsory.

What is compulsory is my 2,15 minute walks a day and my exercises, which were really paying off.

And then there was.....

...Physio  dear God!   Less than 3 hours sleep the feeling of red hot poker's in my knees and shoulder and exhausted.
If I can get out of bed I will attempt to get to the office but at this moment it's debatable.

There is not much in cricket but I am sure that Yorkshire will be dropping a couple more bombshells in the near future.

However in football Farsley were on West Riding Cup action.
They scored 7 goals, 2 of which were put in the net by my very own Akeen Francis the young player I have sponsored.
Well that's fabulous news.

And now I'm about to  try  to get up showered and dressed.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Good start to the week

Well here we are at Tuesday and, my week started off really well, yesterday was the first day since 12th July that  I haven't been in pain, and most especially the pain that took over 3 weeks ago. I am hoping that I have now turned a corner and may get a full nights sleep as well as being able to walk  for longer than 15 minute stretches.
Its been a long and painful few months, which was mainly my own making due to always thinking that it would be better tomorrow ( which it never was)

Time to take more care of me, and not before time.

I am at physio this evening so we will see how I am getting on.

I'm still only managing to drive for about 30 minutes at a time but that will change soon I'm sure.

In other news the worst kept  secret was finally  out of the bag, as Yorkshire announced that they have signed Dawid Malan on a four year deal.
Malan had 2 years left on his Middlesex contract but asked to be released from it.
Hopefully he will be an asset to Yorkshire.
He has already been earmarked for the other format of the game over the summer.

Had a quick chat with Tom in Australia and his matches were rained off at the weekend, this aside he is having a great time, which is the main thing.

I'm waiting for the fixtures to come out so that I can factor in a trip to Holland for a spot of cricket watching. I am also, for the first time in many years, booking a holiday during the cricket season and have a couple of places in mind. I see my season next year being a busy ones for reason not cricket related.

This is all down to taking more care of me.

Overnight news England got thrashed by New Zealand. That's 2 out of 3.
Oh dear.

My birthday celebrations are taking shape although I have decided not to head to Barca. Won't really be up to much walking, so will save that little jaunt for another time.

Well time to head off and do some work,It's cold dark and wet , three things I don't like.

have a super Tuesday

Friday, 1 November 2019

Thank goodness its Friday

Well its Friday and I am preparing for a visit to Big Al to put in the breakfast order, and then half a day to the weekend.
I will be going home to a freshly cleaned house as it is the first day that the cleaner will be coming, this in itself fills me with joy, at the moment walking upstairs is a major effort let alone lugging the hoover up and down.

So lots to look forward to, I will also be making more green tomato chutney as I have been given another bag full of the things!!!

The weekend will be made up of some studying, some DIY ( if I can get  up a step ladder) and some sewing.
I am fully taking time to get the little jobs that I have put on a back burner, finally finished.
I hope to get the roman blind up in the bathroom, this will make a massive difference to the room.
This blind was a fabulous charity shop find and has saved me a fortune!

 I will also be having lots of  me time, something that I am badly in need of.

In the world of cricket,

Oman and Scotland were in action yesterday in the playoffs of the T20 World Cup qualifiers.

Scotland won with 6 balls remaining, kind of a close one that!

Whilst today sees my boys in Orange take on the boys in green.
I'm totally backing Orange.

I was saddened to see that Glenn Maxwell is taking a short break from cricket to deal with some mental health issues,  however,its good that he is getting himself sorted out, because better to deal with it  head on than leave  it to get worse.

Come back soon Maxi.

And that's about it for the Friday round up.

So if you have tracked down the blog then I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

See you next week.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

New week beckoning

Welcome to Monday, and after a sort of relaxing weekend its back to the full on frenzy in the land of waste water.

I have been studying for a lot of the weekend which was good and I'm onto my first exam later this month.

It was great to watch the T20 World cup qualifiers final

Netherlands v Papua New Guinea, what a joy to watch. Cricket played in the right spirit.
Netherlands won which made my day (And I'm sure all cricket fans in Holland).
Also set me thinking of travelling over next year to watch some cricket. Beats a canal trip in Amsterdam.

England lost to New Zealand in the latest T20  and also lost Joe Denly to ankle ligament damage.
Injuries already.

Well with that it's off to start another week.
O &Ms to finish, more studying (which I am enjoying immensely). 2 physio sessions  and some chutney making.

Have a great week.

new beginnings

So today is the first day that the blog is not going out on Twitter as I am taking an extended break  from this form of social media for the time being.

I am concentrating on me for a change, something that I have found that I have been doing less and less over the last few years.

I have a lot of work still to do with the physio to get myself back to some sort of normality and I am also starting my course to train as a facial yoga teacher.
This is something that I have wanted to do for quite a while but never seemed to have the time.

Well now is the time.

I have been still been following the T20 World Cup qualifiers and was delighted to see The Netherlands go through.
The absolute joy on their faces was priceless.

Its been refreshing to see cricket played in the true spirit.

Life in The Wickets continues at a much more relaxed pace ( manly as I cannot dash around due to injury).

after illness and injury I have not really had a chance to really enjoy my new home and this is something that I intend to start doing, ( more so now that I have sorted out a cleaner)

I am continuing to get the house how I want it. I've done it much slower than normal for once, and still have colour/wallpaper choices to decide on.

As you will know I spend a lot of time Charity shopping and bargain hunting.
this is for various reasons.

1. I'm from Yorkshire

2. I prefer to rehome something than see it go to landfill

3. I'm a dab hand at upcycling

4. I love a bargain

The other rule that I now have is that for every one thing that comes into The Wickets, something must go to the charity shop.
So there is always a good deal of swapping around going on.

And with that I will end today.

I am keeping cricket news to a minimum for the time being, as I am struggling with all things English/Yorkshire cricket.

Have a great Thursday if you have found me.