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Monday, 18 October 2021

Hello again

 Well a new week begins and I thought I would just pp up and say 'hi'.

Its been a while and  may be a bit longer until I feel as if I can blog every day.
Sometimes we just have to do what is right, and at the moment the right thing for me is to get myself back to some sort of normality.

Like most of us, I have found the last 19 or so months very hard, and it took a proper break away from home etc to realise how absolutely at rock bottom I am, so I continue to try to piece myself back together, rather than taping myself  up as I had been doing.

There is a lot going on for me at the moment and I need to focus on that.

The main reason that I popped up today though is to wish happy birthday to TLJL.
He is 28 today and I am so pleased to see him going from strength to strength at Kent.

From double centurion last season to numerous accolades this season, it has been just wonderful to seeing Jack thriving.

He will however  always be a white rose to me.

Happy Birthday Jack, here's to another fabulous season 2022.

I'll be back soon.

Friday, 1 October 2021

Season is over.


Another season is over

The covers have been rolled on

Kit has all been packed away

And for some its their swansong

Another season is over

A winning one for some

Silverware bringing smiles

Whilst others are looking glum

Another season is over 

time to reflect on what's been

Matches won and matches lost

some of us less keen

Another season is over 

How quickly the months did fly

And now until April creeps around

We bid the CC goodbye

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Lots to do.


So today I am making lists again of things to do, it seems to be the order of everyday for me.

Yesterday was a busy one with a very early start ( VERY EARLY) and the work day went downhill from there.
I am trying not to put too much about work on here, as its depressing enough working it let alone regurgitating it.
So lets move swiftly on.

There is the last of the cricket this week, as Warwickshire and Lancashire are playing for the Bob Willis Trophy at Lords, Warwickshire appear to be on top.

Weather here in the North East of Blighty is very Autumnal, not something that I like, however on my Instagram I saw that the North West of Iceland had their first snowfall yesterday, so lets be thankful for small mercies.

Over the whole of the pandemic, I have tried to send out 'little parcels of happiness', I have received many back which is wonderful, but one great thing is that I also received some peony seeds ( which are planted) and in return I sent a cutting from my hydrangea.  How wonderful to have a plant exchange going on.

If anyone who I know would like a hydrangea cutting and you are in the UK, just let me know and I will send on.

And so time to get moving.

Have a great day it is already Wednesday!!!

Monday, 27 September 2021

Some weekend


Well I was out of the office door on Friday like a rat out of a trap.

In the car, down to the garage, grab shopping, visit to see Micky, get home mow the lawn, tidy the garden,  get ready for cocktail hour, go to bed at 5.15pm!!!!

Yes, at 5pm I got very unwell very quickly and managed to crawl upstairs, get into bed and there I stayed until Saturday.

I went out to try to get thing done, but faded very quickly, lack of food, which was something that I could not face.

I managed to set up cocktail hour on Saturday, however I passed it onto my neighbour as I wouldn't have been able to eat it.

Sunday was a mad whirl, as I tried to play catch up, managed to get 2 coats of wax on the deck, washing done and sort out some things to go on eBay..

Not the weekend I had planned and serve me right or forgetting my lunch on Friday and eating from the local food van ( not Big Als)..

And this week, well lets play it a day at a time.

There is nothing in the cricket news that is jumping out at me so I will head off to start another working week.

These seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Have a great week,

Friday, 24 September 2021

Friday at last


Aha! Its Friday and we are so close to cocktail hour I can hardly contain myself.

Still half a day to get through.

Cricket news

Well, Yorkshire are not in a great place but with a last stand by Adam Lyth and some seriously good batting from Matty they need to take 9 wickets today to beat Notts.

Hampshire are no longer in the title race, after losing to Lancs.

And Kent are going for it in Div 3 title race.

Its going to be an interesting day.

I have a lot to do today both at work and at home, which will hopefully see the lawns cut, the deck cleared and cleaned down.

I have no exciting plans for the weekend, so I will crack on here and try to make  some headway.

One thing for sure, I am not off gallivanting for the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Here we go

 So best foot forward and all that, its Thursday and I am planning the weekend festivities..................car into garage to get a new exhaust! mow the lawn, wax the deck, washing, strip some wallpaper.............yep lets see what gets done, I suspect the garden stuff will if the weather is good,as it needs to be sorted before winter sets in.

Lets have some crickety news.

 TLJL was given his Kent cap, he has gone from strength to strength there and I wish him continued success.

Well its all going on in the title race although for Yorkshire this is long passed,  Today could see the crowning of Division 1 champions.

Essex wrapped up another great season becoming Div 2 champs. To say that Yorkshire missed a trick ever letting Anth McGrath go is an understatement of the greatest understatements.


I fear for us the day of silverware starvation will continue. 

As thunder rumbles high over Headingley I do think that it is time to make the dinosaurs extinct and shake up from the very top.

Wouldn't it be refreshing if we started 2022 with a brand new broom.

Having said that, not all new brooms are a good thing. We had a slap up pizza lunch yesterday to say goodbye to one of our Project managers who is going to pastures new, this is the South African who had worked at NASA a few years ago......................and then came to 'Tinpot Towers' , well at least he has got out before the big shut down because believe me this is on the cards.

And with that I am heading out, 'our Ian' is picking me up and I had better not be late.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021



well its midweek, it was also pitch black this morning at 5.15am! What the flipping heck is that all about, I hate dark mornings ( and dark nights). 

It was a cricket day yesterday, although not for me.

 James Bond was at BRISTOL!!! yes BRISTOL!!!, he did however see the Air ambulance land on the field which was very dramatic as well as scary, nearly as scary as him watching Durham and me not getting any 'Yupdates'.

Yorkshire are advertising that they have their memberships for sale for next season, judging by the comments on this. It seems that there is more dissatisfaction than normal.

I am still not sure what I will do, and the reason being that with 6 weeks in the summer being taken up by the made up game, I am stuck with the colder parts of the year to watch and to be bluntly truthful, I haven't really missed not going this year, I have enjoyed not racing all over the country, I actually got some time back for me.

I did enjoy my time with the 2nds and this could be my cricket viewing.

We will see what happens between now and the new season.

Talking Yorks they are down in Nottingham and will begin the day trying to take the last wicket of Notts first innings.

Lots going on at Maison des Guichets as I try to get Rhys to come and finish off the jobs he did last JULY! ( 2020). He's a naughty boy! I also need to think seriously about stripping the dining room and getting it finished. 

It could be done in a morning and the painting done by late evening...............its just the thought of it.

Ah well time to head to the office.

I really think that I had done something bad in a past life!!!!

Happy Wednesday