Thursday, 9 April 2020

Maundy Thursday

So today is my last working day this week, and is, in the Christian calendar, Maundy Thursday, which is the day of the Last supper.

I would normally try to go to Church over the Easter period however no churches are open  some online services will be taking place, I may try to join in on one of these.

Luckily bunnies are not subject to the same rules as us humans so I will be expecting a delivery from the Easter bunny over the weekend!
If they are subject to the supermarket rules of only three items the same  I am prepared to forgo  3 Easter eggs and take champagne and gin and vermouth in place...……………..just saying.

It was reported that Daniel Levy  was considering  putting Tottenham ground staff to work at his  private estate. I mentioned that if Yorkshire wanted, I was prepared to take a player or two to help out at The Wickets, I was duly reminded that maybe I should have been asking Kent!

Ahhhhh TLJL, I doubt I will get to see him play in a different  shirt this season .

It has been great to see Essex CCC getting players ringing up members and also cooking meals to be delivered to NHS staff, as well as elderly and vulnerable people in the community.
How brilliant is this?
Firstly its helping the wider community and its also keeping the team busy.

Well played Essex.

Just to say I am still waiting for my call from Martyn Moxon who has been ringing around members over 70. {I 'm about  70 in ex chairman years}

As I have a 4 day break from the strain of  going out into the wider world, I will also be taking a break from the blog. I'm very tired, anxious and ready for a bit of peace and quiet.
I wish you all a peaceful Easter time.

Miracles once happened over this weekend, I pray for one for us all.

Stay safe and keep well.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Well its midweek, although in real terms its not, as tomorrow is the last day of the working week and then four days off...…………………….not that we can go anywhere, although I can make the most of being at home, which I do enjoy.

I do have a lot of things planned to do and  intend to get them done. If the weather is fine you will find me on my Yorkshire chair in the garden, if its not then I will be inside, measuring and drawing up the plans for the hallway renovation.

I've ordered   radiator cover from lovely Rhys the joiner, he will make it to my exacting demands ( me a diva!!!) and this has come at a good time for him as work has dried up for him at the moment . I won't get it fitted for a while yet though.

Still nothing on the crickety  side of things, sorry but I fear that you may be putting up with my ramblings for most of the season. I think that there is only so much chutney chat that you can put up with.

Although...…………………..Surrey have cancelled Michael Nesers contract , he was due to play until July, shame about that as he is always  worth a watch.
How many more before this is over???

I have been dropping notes through for friends in the last couple of weeks and had a through the window chat with one friend yesterday, she hasn't been out for 28 days { she has a back problem from a break about 7 years ago and M E}. She was very worried that she may be ill and so had taken to self isolation.
It made me realise the impact that this is having all around. 

I've tried to send messages to cheer friends up { hopefully}.
I'm lucky{?} I have to go out every day to work  so seem to have more freedom than most people. I try to post or drop a note every day,  its a little thing but hopefully brings a smile.

How will a lot of people be feeling when we finally come out of this?

Only time will tell

Well time to head off  and another day in paradise.

Stay safe, try to keep cheerful, we will get through this.

Monday, 6 April 2020

Pull together

Isn't it funny ( well not really) a couple of months ago we were being urged  to 'Be Kind' after the suicide of Caroline Flack and then yesterday I saw some absolutely vile things being said about the Prime Minister, who had been hospitalised and later admitted to ICU..

I don't care what your political persuasion is, saying hideous things about someone who is ill with what has been seen globally as a deadly infection, is really bad form. Imagine if someone made those comments about one of your loved ones who was ill, I'm sure you would be appalled.

 As said earlier, a couple of months ago 'Be Kind,'  was being screamed from every form of social media and red top rags.

In fairness though if you have to be told to be kind...……………...well there is little hope is there.

Kindness should be something that comes naturally.

And so ends the rant for the day.

Very sad news came through that the absolutely beautiful Honor Blackman had passed away aged 94.
As an 'Avenger' and a Bond girl she was incredibly sassy as well as being very well spoken { elocution lessons}
She was throughout her life  a true beauty and head turner.
RIP Honor, you were the best Bond girl ever in my opinion.

In other news, I managed to get some sewing done last night in between watching 'return to the Chateau DIY', I have lots of plans for my hallway and watching this has made me determined to do it, mine is a little job and watching some of these total novices, mend roofs, replace windows, I feel full of  DIY  bravado.

Seriously if Fiona can rip out the plumbing  and put in a new bathroom suite, I'm sure I can do my hallway improvements!

If Stephanie can renovate an old horse drawn carriage, I can sort out my stair carpet and door trims.

I am online eyeing up power tools!!!

And talking about The Wickets, it is 9 months since I moved in! can you believe it!!!!????

With 7 months taken up by being unable to walk and 3 of these being without the  use of my arm, its great to be able to plan to do things.

A little bit of crickety news.
In line with a lot of companies, Yorkshire have now furloughed the players and coaches to go along with the other staff at HQ.
More of us will find this happening shortly I think. I also know that many will lose their jobs as a result of the lockdown and the financial implications this brought about.
We must all hope that they can find other employment.
A time when kindness will be needed in abundance is not too far away.

Stay safe one and all.

Week 3 begins

Here we go with the start of week 3 of lockdown, and still some people don't understand what it actually means.
There are still house parties going on, people are still congregating in parks and taking long drives.

Figures for deaths yesterday were at there highest and I would say that we will be looking at lockdown until the end of April.
this could result in many of us being furloughed as companies try to keep themselves going.
Many may face redundancy, its a very unsure time for everyone.

And the Prime Minister is in hospital.

Not looking good, its hoped that the figures start to go down this week, which in light of the lock down in Spain, may not happen.
Scary times.

However lockdown weekend for me this weekend was as follows, Friday go to work, finish early, head to do essential shopping, stand socially distant outside supermarket for 45 minutes before my turn to  enter. shop.
Car, home unpack shopping, watch TV and bed.
Saturday, up and out for exercise at 5.30am and then home to do housework and washing and make chutney. do some sewing and watch TV then early night.
Sunday, exercise  at 5,30am  and then drew up plans for the hallway, work to commence as soon as I can get what I need from Wickes or B & Q.
Potted on my peas and checked on the pots in the garden,where I found that my Boule de Neige cuttings from The Chateau had buds on them.
My tomatoes are coming through and I fear that I am beginning to sound like Percy Thrower!!!!

And now here we are at Monday , I  am showered, facial yoga done and dressed ready to head out of the door to work ,via the Post Office.

What will this week have in store?

Hopefully some cricket news.

Keep safe and well,

Friday, 3 April 2020

Last working day

Its Friday...………………………..thank goodness.

Isn't it funny how a crisis brings out the best in some people and the worst in others.
Yesterday was one of those days and I am so glad its Friday.
We are all in a strange situation, one that we have never encountered before. Suck it up, do as you are told and hopefully we will all come out of this unscathed.
I for one want to.

I know one thing, running the office on a skeleton staff does not make it any easier especially with the rest working from home and moaning about it!
I know where I would prefer to be working and it goes to show that those who thought it would be 'brill to work from home' have found its not all its cracked up to be.
I did it for a number of years with my company in London and as I'm used to the solitude of living alone, I found it quite easy to do.

Not so though for everyone.

That aside , I am planning a very nice jolly for my birthday if we are in a position to travel.
I have spent the last couple of nights planning it. I just hope that I can do it.Its also a good way to switch off from everything in the evening, checking flights, cars, hotels and putting together an itinery.

I have everything crossed.

As there are rumours that there might be no county cricket this season ( but of course they will fight tooth and nail to get the made up game played), I am thinking that a great birthday bash will be very much in order.
Sad news that the man who made a lot of scratch our heads during rain breaks has passed away. Tony Lewis , one half of the most talked about stats in cricket, was out for 78.
RIP Tony.

The weekend is nearly upon us and we are about to enter into week 2 of lockdown, this could be the most telling week with figures  for coronavirus. 

I hope that you are all safe and well, and  I wish you a very good weekend.

Please don't think that you are stuck at home............think that you are safe at home.
Be thoughtful to those around you and in these trying times don't forget to smile, it may brighten someone's day.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Trying to keep positive

Another day and moving closer to the weekend, its a bit of a relief as I am ready for some rest and peace and quiet.
Its been remarkably busy with extra work coming in yesterday as an emergency.
Which is good for the company and also keeping my troops busy.

There is a lot of  chat going around about when and if we will get to see any cricket  this summer.

Also a lot about the 100.


I can see that this is going to be pushed and pushed to be played as the ECB will not do an about turn.

If lockdown is extended It may be that overseas players cant come, or do they want to? {$$$$}

However as there is no solid information and its all whispers and hearsay, then I think we will just have to wait.

I 'm looking to have  a quieter and much more relaxed summer than I had even been preparing myself for.

I may actually have to buy a sun lounger for the garden.

However some sun would help and with Easter just over a week away, it looks like we may be having some of the white stuff....................... weather just been on the news and I think I may be wrapping up the hydrangeas earlier than expected!!!!

please no!!!!!

well back to it all

have a safe and peaceful day.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

keeping my chins up

a couple of positives to come out of the lockdown for me,

I am not eating any  chocolate  or crisps and for some reason not snacking between meals.

We are having a communal breakfast in the office , which although we all keep social distancing in place, makes for a  nice start to the day.

we are also doing lunches to share too.

It has brought about a great cameraderie  and the 3 of us, get on and do our daily work, whilst looking out for each other.

Always a positive.

I am sleeping so well and am so less stressed, this all goes against how I think I should feel, but it goes to show how much I carry around with a full office etc.

Further to last weeks consumer guide to hand creams I have added another to the list.

Creightons Raspberry and Pomegranate Revive hand Cream 99p in Home Bargains.

this is working well at the moment against the  drying effects of the anti bac products I have to use.

I will keep you up to date on any further consumer trials.

 However if anyone wants me to do a consumer test on vodka, gin, Amber rum or champagne, DM me for information of where to send it.!
( well you never know)

In cricket I wonder why Mr Vaughan is not wanting the made up game played behind closed doors...…………… couldn't be because of his stable of players on his books could it?
Maybe  he should be as loyal to County cricket where he was able to hone his skill to get him where he is today.


 Rumours that the ECB are looking to pledge £60m  to help out grassroots cricket and counties in the current climate will be great …..if it happens.

And it is one year since Jon passed away.
 I am wearing my hedgehog earrings and my ring and I am smiling.
Too many wonderful memories to be sad.
Life is too short and too precious to let it slip by in  tearful recollection

to love and to have been loved are great achievements in life.

Never miss an opportunity to grab a little bit of happiness.

Be safe and be happy.


Tuesday, 31 March 2020

One week into lockdown

Life goes on as we enter the second week of lockdown, its strange that this time last week we had  listened to the PM and were  trying to understand what was going to happen...……………….some people it appears still don't have a grip of what lockdown, essential travel and once daily exercise means.

The strain on all the key services is immense, we are lucky we still have gas, electric and water, the NHS is being inundated with volunteers of which  a number of cricketers are getting involved. Its good to see Coach Gale and his wife Kate stepping up and helping out.
A great contribution and  well played.

Very sad though to hear that the Lancashire Chairman has passed away after contracting Covid19. Thoughts are with his family at this very difficult time and to Lancashire CCC  too.

It really is  a very different world to this time last year, and I think that this time next year we will be still trying to get ourselves into some sort of order.

I do hope that where there has been an increase of kindness and help for the vulnerable and elderly that this will continue when we eventually get to the end of the coronavirus tunnel.

It takes very little to give a helping hand, a kind word or a kind turn, remember one day we will be those elderly people,

I had lots that I wanted to do when I got home last evening, but I was actually very tired, and so I watched a little bit of TV and then headed off to bed.

It is also back to dark in the morning { well it is at  5am} and much lighter in the evening.

Spring and summer are on their way...………………...and not the summer that I was hoping for

Well time to head out.

Be safe, stay home if you can, don't forget to give someone a call, it might be just what they need.

Everyone is dealing with this current situation in different way, but we are all in it together.

Have a good day where ever you are and whatever you are doing.