Thursday, 24 September 2020

Whats been going on?!

Its been a busy week so far and lots going on, firstly it was great to see Ben make his T20 debut on Sunday in what was to become Yorkshires last match of the season.
We won the game and Ben took a catch, perfect Sunday viewing on the laptop.
I was delighted for him..
Monday involved Mr Funky the Chauffeur taking me to look at a car,
'I'm not going to buy it, just look' I said and then signed on the dotted line 15 minutes later.
The garage had a beautiful Irish wolfhound called Bramble who I will say was the most beautiful dog and probably had a lot to do in swinging the deal in their favour.
The car was delivered to The Wickets on Tuesday evening.
The Lady Lainey limo went to Corsa heaven yesterday, a sad day for my little red peril.
the end of a long partnership. We went some miles, met great people and had lots of fun over the years.

Gorgeous Rhys has been  at The Wickets doing some more work, Its nice to get things done at the house and putting my stamp on it.

The rest of the working week seems to be much of a muchness, although yesterday the boys were already deciding what to  have from Big Als tomorrow!

The cricket  season is nearly over and we can but pray that we have some participation in games next year.
I have cancelled my hotels in Epernay and Reims in November  as I do not for one moment now imagine that this holiday  will take place.
I am however looking at Wetherby for my birthday bash!

well time to head out see what today has in store.
its hard to believe that this time next week it will be October. where has this year gone.
Have a great Thursday.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Well that was some week!

Its been some week in cricket terms.

Thursday the last Roses match of the season, which we lost, but got to see Ben on Sky as he was 12th man.

And then he was called into the team yesterday. I cannot even begin to say how delighted I was, T20 debut and a catch for him. Our season may be over, but the last few days have made it worthwhile for me.

There is still cricket to be seen but nothing that the Yorkshire lads are involved in.

We regroup for next season.

Here at The Wickets, things are still progressing, lovely Rhys will be back this week working his joinery magic, and hopefully there will be a new addition to my family, I hope!.

I am plodding on and trying not to let the buggers get me down, sometimes easier said than done.

As both of my jaunts {November and December} look as if they are now not happening, I am making alternative arrangements for Xmas, it could well be Wetherby!

Now I am off down the 167.

Have a great day.

Keep smiling.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Two Roses matches in a week

Well here we are at Thursday already and another week nearly over

The weather is turning slightly Autumnal, especially early morning when I am still trying to get in some walking before work.
The Wickets are still in transition and a new radiator cover arrived last night ready to be installed. This is purely for aesthetic reasons until I install new rads ( which could be anytime in the next 10 years).
The hydrangea nursery was added to at the  weekend as I try to get as many cuttings planted up as possible, so they can settle into their pots before colder weather and frosts arrive.

Strangely we are heading to IPL season, and the news is full of Dale Steyn and Faf du Plessis ( faints). I think that I might be keeping an eye on it all. Dale is sporting a longer hairstyle and I have to say I likey!!!

Monday saw the Roses match take place at Headingley, how strange it must have been for the players to not have a full house for the game. We were playing youngsters, due to a COVID 19 scare, which took out 4 players.
Sadly it has taken them out completely as David Willey has tested positive.
Here's wishing him and his wife a very speedy recovery.

Last night  we were taking on Durham not a good night, but we march on.

Tonight is the second Roses game of the week and that should be interesting after losing the first one.

The weeks are rolling on and it is only a couple of months until my birthday, my planned big birthday bash is on hold as quarantine is not an option for me. I am disappointed but I can do it next year hopefully.

Well as we head to the weekend I am hoping that we have dry weather so that the lawn can be cut and I can dig  out some borders at the front of The Wickets, I want to plant up some spring bulbs.
I really need to get some work done in the dining room.

At least when I get home tonight, all will be in order as Roxy will have performed her magic today whilst I am at work.

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

busy week

Its been a busy week with little time to do very much apart from trying to clear all the paperwork that had found its way onto my desk whilst I had my holidays in Wetherby!.
I am looking forward to the weekend  I can tell you.

Last night when I got home I found £25 had been posted through my letter box from my lovely friend Debbie and her sister Beth, or as they are known in some circles , 'To Love Again'. This is a  business  'rescuing' fabulous fabrics and turning them into some amazing items. If you are on Facebook check them out.
They had donated this money for my fundraiser for 'Refuge' which has brought my total to £225. How wonderful and exceptionally kind is that????
This money will, I know, be put to good use to help victims of domestic violence.

In cricket, Yorkshire failed to make the final of The Bob Willis trophy............well I doubt any of us will be surprised, silver ware is not something that we have seen in a few year and unless something dramitc happens at LS6, I doubt we will be adding anything to the cabinets in the new and updated Long Room ( which we have yet to get a peep at).
This aside, I will praise the youngsters who played absolutely brilliantly.
Jordan Thompson with a brilliant  62 with the bat in the first innings and 5-31  and Ben Coad back with 3-23.
Good to see my Tom in the runs too with 11 on the board in the first innings

I am also trying to  plan a jaunt at the end of the month if I have the new limo. If not I will be staying home and going out on my bike!!!!

Oh well time to hit the 167, time and work wait for no lady.
Have a great day, its so close to the weekend I can almost smell wine!

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Back again

well I am back after a lovely break in Yorkshire, yes after a 45 minute drive I arrived at my hotel and settled myself in, to be honest it may have been 45 minutes drive but I felt that I was a million miles away from everything.

I was able to travel from my base to various towns and catch up with lots of friends. On top of this I managed to have a lot of sleep, a heck of a lot of walking and some wonderful food.

It was just perfect and was much needed.

I got home in time to find a 'fly in the ointment' and firming put the lid on that. Another chapter finished.

Now I feel ready to face the world again.

I had some wonderful messages whilst I was away and to those lovely friends I was unable to see, this  was mainly down to still having the limo whilst waiting for a new car, and not trusting it to go too far.
I will be visiting as soon as I have new wheels.

Cricket wise, you will all know what has been happening on the international scene, on the domestic front Northants had a squad member test positive for Covid 19, which is pretty scary.

My lads are at home to Leicestershire, although yesterday was a wash out there have been  some outstanding performances from the young ones. Which shows the talent that we have ( and should be continuing to bring forward).
Sadly another player is leaving, as it was announced that Jared Warner will not be renewing his contract with them and will be joining Gloucestershire at the end of the season on a three year deal.
More to come I should imagine.!

Well Tuesday is about to start properly for me as I head  out of the door.Its a busy day  today {same as every day to be honest}.

And finally this is my 2700th blog! flipping heck, I really think that its time I got a life!
And if you have read all 2700, you need to too!

Happy Tuesday 

Friday, 28 August 2020

End of the working week

Its Friday and its also my last working day until 7th September.

To say that I am excited is an understatement. Who would have thought that 4 days in Wetherby and surrounding area would cause so much excitement. To be fair, I now get the chance to explore the areas that I normally just use as a pit stop and I am looking forward to it.

However I have to get through this half day, and organise the Big Als delivery first.

We had T20 cricket back last night or rather some of us didn't, rain at Headingley  meant that by 7pm it was all over without a ball being bowled, although judging by the puddles there should have been some ducks!

The rain here started at about 8pm and I don't think that it has stopped since, I am currently listening to rather heavy rain...…...I was hoping to get the lawn cut before heading off on jollies. Not happening without some serious sunshine.

Today we might be having bring your work day, as Mickey Dripping may bring Maxie Boy in , and Our Ian { or Speedy Gon Gibson a he is now known since his ticket!} might drop in with Little Alfie. Both these dogs are Spaniels so you can imagine it will be chaos.
To be honest the dogs can probably do a better job than some of those who have been 'working from home' since lockdown. Some seem to be on a one day week!

Well time to head out into the ran, looking out I think a boat might be the order of the day.

Have a great day and a great long weekend.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

50 miles completed

I'm back again after a break from writing due to too much work and not enough hours in the day to do it.

Its been a couple of weeks since I blogged and in that time lots has happened at The Wickets both personally and building wise. 
Some good and some not so good, but we carry on.

I am still managing to get my required 2 miles in daily in my challenge for Refuge, and usually manage to put in another 1 or 2, if not more on the bike ( usually at the weekend). The mornings are feeling more autumnal and a little on the darker side, so I may be finishing the challenge with evening walks.

I have managed to secure some time off from work,although that in itself nearly had to be written  in blood whilst unicycling and juggling.

As many of you will already know I am heading off to Wetherby, well its away and I don't have any risk of being quarantined when I get home ( I hope).

Cricket has continued and I won't rehash any of it, as those who follow the game know the goings on.

I was, I have to say delighted to see 'my' Tom in the Yorkshire squad and although not fairing too well, it was another first team outing for him.

And so I am trying to get this week out of the way so that I can have a bit of rest and relaxation.

Have a great week.