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Friday, 1 July 2022

Last day of the week and new month

 Hello July! how did you creep up so quickly! 

We are now over halfway through 2022.

Busy weekend ahead for me, as I get home in time for cocktail hour and then quick change and out for dinner, its all go!

I have another joiner coming over in the morning to possibly do some joinery in the  garden and  sort out new kitchen worktops.  That's just the tip of the iceberg but lets see  if he shows up first.

I will be still painting and hope to have the hallway finished by Sunday.

Crickety news

England are playing India today, so I might pop the radio on to listen.

I can't wait for the SA boys to tip up!

As I am out tonight I will be missing out on T20 ( not that it worries me). Ill check up on the results when I get home.

Here's wishing you all a lovely weekend,

And finally, well done 

Finally Bean & Andrew Gale!

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Back again


Tuesday already and the big boss is up for the day from HQ 'darn sarf' first real meeting with him, and we are all out for dinner tonight.

Sorry if Fridays blog was a bit hard to read, it had been a wonderful and difficult week in equal measure. 

Its was a busy weekend, I was out with the 'water treatment' lads on Saturday afternoon and apologies to anyone who may have spotted us in Darlington!.

Sunday was cricket on the radio ( and TV) and busy busy, making chutney, bottling up the sloe gin and doing some painting. I am trying to get the hall finished after my DIY paneling last week. I feel that this might be the start of the final push to get things done in the house which would be great as  next week it will be 3 years since the big move.

crickety news, England won, 'Captain' Morgan is retiring from international cricket, TLJL 31 no overnight.

Yorks 2nds are in Nottingham this week  and  my Tom took 2 wickets. I'll be keeping an eye on this game.

As I cannot decide whether to go away for sunshine in September, I have booked a cottage in Yorkshire for a few nights and think that this might be just the job!

Well off to earn the pennies to go away.

Have a great Tuesday.

Friday, 24 June 2022

Thought for Friday

 After what I can only describe as a rollercoaster 6 months, I am pleased to be back on solid ground, upside I have realised  that life is too short to be unhappy with a situation, so just change it. I have put up with unhappy situations over the last 20 years ( marriage, job) and struggled on ( for the same amount of years it seems, 5 is obviously the number that finally makes me break free).  Now I am taking every chance/opportunity that comes my way and not looking back.

This week has been a a tough one,  40 years since an accident which changed my life forever. Also The day that Jon and I loved more than anything and had our own way of celebrating, well those are in the past and now firmly back there. The accident was life changing, and change my life it did, but I would never have met Jon if not for it and probably would not be writing a blog. So I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

Closing one door will always open another, I have only truly realised this recently, and I went through the newly opened door at a gallop.

This week, my friend lost her wonderful 14 year old grandson, so suddenly that  even writing this I am still unsure it really happened, she saw him before he went to school and shortly afterwards he collapsed and died. Life is too short and we never know what is around the corner. So take every chance that comes your way.

A touch of crickety news, The Vikings won against The Rapids. AND  Yorkshire 2nds beat Durham 2nds by 4 wickets. Well done teeny Tykes, very well played.

I am now off to enjoy the last day of the week.

Have a great weekend. Hug your loved ones tightly and  take a chance.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

wall to wall sunshine


Thursday already, and I woke up to sunshine again this morning.

Yesterday I was up and out the door ready for 2 days of training, however this had  been cancelled on Tuesday due to covid. I could have had seen the full game at Richmond if I'd known. My wonderful boss kindly gave me a flyer at 3pm with the choice of racing down to Richmond or going home early, much as I wanted to go to Richmond, I headed home, put washing on, cooked, bottled up Elderflower fizz  and made some chutney ( it was far to hot for any of that).

I sat in the garden taking in the evening sun, just mulling over things in general.

A quick check of the scores saw that Yorskhire 2nds  need to take the last wickets by lunch and wrap up the match before tea today.

Good to see 'my' Benji have a run out with Northants 2nds. That made my day.

And today international cricket is back at Headingley. Sad to see that the troubles of late make bigger headlines for journalists than the game.

And with that I am off to do my thing

Have a great day

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

back in the real world


Well back to work today after 2 days in the fresh air enjoying 2nd XI cricket,  great to see the lads playing well, all youngsters looking to the future of the club.

Durham were a mixed bag, an old timer and some up and coming youngsters.

I am puzzled how Durham use North Yorkshire  as 2nds grounds, I think I say this every year. Makes me a tad cross.

Yorkshire were in a strong position when I left at tea yesterday, and hopefully the next 2 days will go well.

It seems to be impossible to get any results  on line.

I really had forgotten how much I love 2nds cricket, I have over many many years, watched up and coming players, (I remember watching Matt Walker at Maidstone and he is now top dog at Kent).

Back home and last night was more work on the DIY paneling in the hallway. The weekend will include a look at paint colours for the walls as it is all completed now.

What will be the next job? 

I think removing the wallpaper in the dining room, it, like that which I removed from the salon is not to my taste and I have put up with it for  3 years. As I've said before  creosote brown and teal ( the colour of gangrene!!!!) are not my thing. 

And now time to get my act together and head off to the office.  2 days of intensive training, so need to be clear headed.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Two day treat


It's a long weekend for me and so I decided to make the most of it. I was up and about as normal yesterday  and then set off down the A1.

A slow and steady journey and off at Scotch Corner, slight delay on, what is the worst 'roundabout' as a coach had broken down on the last set of traffic lights, (I'd been through three and was approaching the fourth). Finally back on track it was a straightforward journey to Richmond, parked up and shopping in no time.

J headed off to the cricket ground, for it was indeed going to be 2  days of cricket.

Had a long chat with everyones (who knows  him) favourite umpire, quick chat with 'my Tom' and then came on.

Durham were batting and continued into the afternoon, 4 Wickets by Tom saw much clapping from the corner as they dismissed Durham.

Coach arrived before lunch and stayed most of the afternoon, good to see him out watching the 2nds. 

Overnight Yorkshire 2nds were 115-1.

Looking to be a good day today too

And it was scorching yesterday I got tanned and also extra blonded!!

Here's to another lovely day.

This will be my last cricket of 2022, sad, but I have lots of other things to do.

Hope you all have a good day

*apologies for any typos I'm doing this on my mobile*

Friday, 17 June 2022

Friday again!

 Here we are inn the middle of June and another week over

Its been a busy and interesting week  and the weekend is looking the same.

I was going to to go the Durham v Yorkshire T20 game tonight at CLS, a match I haven't missed in donkeys years,  however this year I am going to miss it. Firstly Mr Funky is at work on night shift and as anyone who has been to this match will know, you virtually do a nightshift trying to get out the car park after the game! so it would have been an early exit for us, so that he can get home for work.

Secondly I have an early start tomorrow as I am off to see  TLML for a GDMA breakfast meeting, ( and then shopping and lunch), so its  probably for the best.

Thirdly for all the lovely mechanics best efforts the warning light returned on the limo last night.

As for crickety news, well TLJL added another century this week to his averages and  Kent looked very happy with their win. Over the moon for Jack.

England won against New Zealia, with Jonny Bairstow being the man of the hour.

Next week sees me off to watch cricket at what could potentially be my last of the season,  I have lots of things that I want to do this summer and cricket has taken a bit of a back seat.

And with that I am off to do the day job.

ooh and forgot to say, after joiner woes, I did one part of my paneling myself last night, well done me! the rest will probably be done before I retire.

Bon weekend tout le monde.

Bon chance les hommes ce soir.