Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Not looking forward to today

 And as Tuesday begins, I've been awake most of the night as we are being audited today by the new company. I can only hope that everything is OK on my side of things. 
I am then being audited by one of the countries water companies next week. 

Things have not progressed well with the former home shirker, who does not want to be in the office. Yesterday was one long complaint after another. Needless to say I closed the office door and put my headset on. 

He apparently was having panic attacks on Sunday  at the thought of coming back to work yesterday, and in the next breath was saying that he had been at the pub all of Saturday afternoon with all his mates that he hasn't seen for months! 

In cricket it was great to see both Matty and Ben in the 2nds away at Gloucester.

Will Fraine on 184 over night.

I will check in at lunchtime ( if I get lunch that is).

A little bit more normality with 2nds matches.

Wonderful word of the day


This words describes what some people would like and what some people who have would prefer not to, |( I was one of these until recently).

Ulotrichous  refers to people with curly hair

and with that I am off to be audited.

Have a great day 

Monday, 19 April 2021

Back to it

 So the weekend is over and its back to the salt mines for me.

This was the weekend that I went out out, for the first time since last September, on Saturday I was up and in the car and off to the coast of North Yorkshire to visit my friends Jacqui, Tony and Spike. What an absolutely wonder time. I had cuddles and kisses galore from Spike which was guaranteed to make everything right in the world.

A wonderful walk along the headland and then some charity shop shopping, followed by  wonderful cakes, what a great day.

Yesterday was busy as washing, shopping and gardening had to be done, I was up and out litter picking in the square at 7am, something that  I want to do every week, just a little pride in my area.

Cricket was thrilling in all areas, Yorkshire pulled off a win against Kent, and David Willey showed his total class with a 5fer.

Tom scoring in the 20's in both innings, and Adam Lyth getting another century,as well as Joe Root. great games.

Lots to do this week and there will be no evenings in front of the TV this week, as I try to finish guest room 1 off completely. Its been in limbo for too long.

The dressing room is  going to have an overhaul, I still haven't painted the  wardrobe doors  but that can wait now for autumn as they don't look too out of place, which reminds me I need to pop to get more paint at lunchtime.

All in all a relaxing weekend with the joy of seeing friends.

Now to get my belated birthday party sorted and jobs a good 'un.

So best go and scrape the car as we are still having thick frosts which I fear may have a devastating effect on my hydrangeas.

Well lets get Monday started.

Wonderful word back tomorrow

Friday, 16 April 2021

Welcome to the start of the weekend


Finally I have woken up and it is Friday!!! 
Its going to be a good day, I am getting the barnet chopped at 3pm.

And then  it will be home for cocktail hour. I was trying out the potential cocktail for tonight and still cannot get it right so it will be worked on for another Friday and I will be preparing my plan B option.

I was reading some cocktail related sites and had to laugh, as people that prepare cocktails now refer to themselves as 'Mixologists' shades of Maureen Lipman and 'an ology' . I wonder what Harry Craddock  who was one of the most famous BARTENDERS of the 1920/30's would make of it. His time at The Savoy, behind the bar, resulted in one of the best cocktail books.

With what has to have been one of the most testing weeks at work in a while ( and next week looks to be able to top it), yesterday was another day another bombshell. New owners have decided that we all have to take 8 days holiday out of our entitlement at Christmas, with us finishing on 17th. This would be OK for most of us ( although we don't want to ) but the workshop gang only get 20 days holiday a year and so they are now about to mutiny. 

I'm too old and tired  for all this s*&t .

I suppose it not as a bad as having all our Christmas holidays cancelled 2 years ago.


Tom was  selected to play and hit a respectable 27.  Lythy seems to be on form  and was just short of another ton.
Come on lads.

I spoke to James Bond who is currently on manoeuvres in another part of the county. Plans afoot to meet up when we can. 

So now I am off to start Friday and see what joys are waiting for me when I get in.

Have a great Friday and if you are on instagram pop over to cocktailsandchina to join in with cocktail hour later.

have a great weekend

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Hello Thursday

 I'm struggling this week, words I never thought I'd be saying this early in the year.

I'm totally worn out and the last couple of mornings have been an epic battle just  to get one leg out from under the duvet. Mind you  the weather has a lot to do with this. I really don't do cold.

Well now yesterday  I had a bit of an issue with Amazon. I had ordered something that I needed for today. I ordered it last Friday with Prime so it should have arrived on Monday. 
Monday came and the item was in Leeds at the depot. 
It was now due Tuesday, Tuesday came and the item was now in the depot at Carlisle.
Yesterday morning the item was in Edinburgh. Seriously its had more of a look a out in 3 days than I have in 4 months!!!!
I contacted  Amazon, they couldn't guarantee it would arrive tomorrow and to expect it on Saturday. ( by which point it will have circumnavigated the UK ). 
I explained that this was not acceptable I pay for Prime and expected that it was delivered when they said.
I cancelled the order and got a refund ( 5-7 working days as that money will have to circumnavigate the UK too obviously). They then gave me a £5 voucher.
So I ordered the same item from another seller with Prime.......................
Yes it isn't going to arrive tomorrow. ( I ordered at 9.30am and they let me know at 3.30pm it wouldn't be coming Thursday). Not a happy lapin. Not the best week to mess with a redhead.

Work is continuing to be a battle with the last year homeworker. The 'own loo roll' yesterday very nearly pushed me over the temper precipice, I managed to restrain myself gave him his own 4 pack of loo roll and them made a cup of coffee for everyone, he doesn't have a drink with us as he has his flask.
He is disturbing the office with his constant demands and its not good, having brought this up with a Director yesterday and getting nowhere, I will just concentrate on not losing my temper ( as this is what he is aiming for).

So lets have a wonderful word of the day

Awk is related to the old Northumbrian word 'afug' which gradually changed its sound and spelling to become the Middle English word awk.
Both words meant 'directed the other way in the wrong direction'. They also carry the meaning 'from the left hand, which links awk with the familiar word ;awkward'

Happy Thursday, make it a good one.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Easing out of lockdown


 We're easing out of lockdown

Though we aren't in the clear

Pubs are open and hairdressers cutting

Something to bring a bit of cheer

We are easing out of lockdown

And looking for more freedom

Holidays in this country

Im sure that we all need 'em

We're easing out of lockdown

Lets walk out of it, not run

I know some feel restricted

But lets spoil the fun

We're easing out of lockdown

Is this  for the last time?

Take care, stay safe

And we'll hopefully  be fine

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Strange days


What on earth is going on with the weather, when I got out to the limo yesterday morning it was thick with ice and the temperature was -3!!!  I think that I had a bit of frost bite by the time the windscreen was cleared.

Got to the office and by 9am, the sky was blue without a cloud.

In the office we have had everything set up with hand sanitiser, thermometers etc since last year, all desks are cleaned twice daily and the office is cleaned every day too ( by yours truly),first day back in for one of the homeworkers, he was stood at the back door as I pulled up, I asked him why he hadn't gone in, his reply  was that he wasn't touching the door so someone would have to open it for him.
He then refused to touch anything on his desk, saying it had to be cleaned and sanitised in front of him.
He wanted a new keyboard and mouse, he wanted  his telephone cleaned thoroughly.......

Cue a loss of temper from moi, a quick count to five and then me handing him all the sanitising equipment.

He did his own cleaning and then sat in the corner sulking.
He wants to 'work from home permanently', he doesn't 'like mixing with people', he isn't happy about 'being made to come back to the office'

 I know too well the stress of going to work through first lock down was very frightening, all unknown, he was lucky to be sable to work form home and feel safe,  however he has had both of his injections and is in a better position than the rest of us.
It does seem to highlight that some homeworkers are struggling to go out into the big world.
However not him, he has not adhered to lockdown regulation ( by his own admission) and I am at a bit of a loss.

He has been referring to the powers that be in the company as 'his bullying employers'
oh and he brought a flask of coffee so that he didn't have to touch anything in the kitchen.

Ah well lets see what today holds.

I am working on Friday nights cocktail already, one  takes a bit of making and I have thrown in an alternative just in case , which I sort of made up and it has history behind it.
So that's all to look forward to on Friday.

word of the day 


When open fires were in every home Shruff was an important domestic commodity, The word referred to refuse used for burning especially pieces of light wood and cinders used for fuel.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, 12 April 2021

And just like that the weekend is over


Where the flipping heck did the weekend go?

I was enjoying cocktail hour on Friday and the next thing I know its Monday morning, not literally, my cocktails were not that strong, its just that I, like many of us, never seem to have enough downtime.

I'm not worried as I know that better times will be coming soon, I truly believe that things will all fall into place for me very soon.

So back to the weekend, and I think that a lot of us in the UK have experienced every season over the last 48 hours, we had snow at 7pm last night not at all what I wanted to see

Cricket was affected by it too and that is quite rare ( except if you live in the North East of Blighty ) Last time I remember this happening was either 2015 or 2016 when Middx were playing Durham at Chester le Street.

Anyhoo, Yorkshire  managed a draw, and there was some outstanding batting from Adam Lyth. 

And today we are going to have a bit more freedom, I hear that some pubs opened in the early hours of the morning for those 'dying' for a drink. As I had work today this would not have been an option for me and I also have no desire to go to the pub ( or on a plane for that matter). It really makes me wonder what the priorities are in some peoples lives.

Each to their own I guess.

I'm thinking that by July we may be back in some sort of lockdown.

Wonderful word of the day


This word was  from the  German  word 'Knospe' (a bud) and was used in English as an Architectural term for an ornament in the form of a bud or forming a bunch-like or rounded protuberance.

 And with that I am off for the first day of the return of  a couple of 'home workers'.

Oh joy!

Have a great week