Thursday, 22 November 2012

Silk purse, sows ear!!!!

 I Lady Lainey am  in total flipping shock, the wonderful Roberto Di Matteo was sacked by Chelsea yesterday!!! Well I think the old adage 'You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear' comes to mind regarding the team. It goes to prove tht no matter how much blinking cash you splash it does not make the team a good one, so sadly Roberto gets the chop.
 Now as you know I am not a super footy fan, I will follow the Tykes teams and also teams where cousin Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo plays but I 'lurvvve' Roberto and he and Hooligan where at West Brom together. So to Mr A, boss man at Chelsea, Roberto got you out of the poo last season, you put Raffa  in charge until the end of the season #dejavu
And so I put my thoughts on the debacle that is Chelsea to bed.

Over in India things are not much better, Finn is still not fit to play in the second test, so pack him off home now, not fit, not play at all in my books. Wonder what the 'show pony' will be doing in the next two innings?
Ian Bell is a proud father to Joseph William Bell whose arrival he missed after all the fuss about him going home. He had seemed to be distracted in the first test, being out with an awful shot in the first innings. I truly cannot get my head around the fact that if you are selected to play for your country you go to give it your all, not give it 10% and 90% at getting your  E ticket home printed out!

At former besty home county of Durham Chris Rushworth has been given a new contract. Chris is from Sunderland and came up through the Academy. he is super brill bowler and has  a very nice dad, who always stops to have a natter with Lady Lainey along with his lovely dog, Pasha.


Apparently today temperatures here in the icy wastes are going to 'soar' to 12c, wooo flipping dooo its a blinking heatwave..........however by this afternoon we will be experiencing gale force winds ( again) and torrential rain ( again) so any chance that the 'heat' would be felt have disappeared in the wind chill factor!
I am now 'swathed' in layers of thermals and wool, with hat scarf and gloves on( and that's to sit in super swanky Lady Lainey office!!).


yes they are back!! ( not sure where the slimy little beggars went to) last night as I was trying to get the front door open there was a 'massive' BROWN slug crawling up the wall, and it really was massive it was about 4in long. Just when I thought that it was safe to venture out of Tyke Towers!!!!!

Oh well I must now poke one toe out of the front door, keeping eyes peeled for the offending slug and freeze my wotnots off going to work.

have a great day where ever you are.

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