Thursday, 29 November 2012


It s F(ryan)day

Wooooohoooo its Friday and I for one am so blinking happy that I am nearly bouncing off the walls and its only 6.00am UK time. Its been a strange week here at Tykes Towers what with more things coming to light regarding my former tenant and been given a skinhead haircut as well as everyone in the office feeling 'out of sorts', I am super glad the week is over.

And so  this evening I will be putting the final touches to the Christmas lights  ready for the big switch on  tomorrow and I am doing it  myself  that way I can eat all the food and quaff a bottle of Merlot ( red wine is good for you) to celebrate  the big event. 

Yesterday at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office  Job the Jolly was not very well, as he now has the 'lurgy' that Pony Paul and I have had, except that Job the Jolly was bally well barfing too. We spent most of the morning discussing food and then realise that Jobbers was very very white ( which is unusual for him). He probably would have been OK if I hadn't asked him if he was having a 'Pot Noodle' for lunch! Oh dear!

Also His Royal Ryanness was at the fizzio's ( OK that's not how its spelt but its makes me laugh) yesterday, so I sent him a tweet and he only blinking well tweeted me back!!! that has really made my weekend and I love Friday pics of Ryan they always make me smile! So get well soon Ryan and get super fit ready for end of April when I Lady Lainey will be inspecting your form ( lucky boy!).

In sporty land it looks like David Beckham is in talks with Monaco, its to be hoped that living there might put a smile on the Pouty ones cakehole ( or grapehole, as I doubt a cake has ever passed her lips). If he does join he will be playing where the greats, Thierry Henri and Emmanuel Petit played.

In India the decision has been taken to rest KP for the T20 matches!!! Flipping heck he has worked sooooo hard in the last 2 tests .......................................gosh I was talking about Cook there! So back to KP, if he is not able to play 2 tests and a few T20's bring in the young guns. Well those are my thoughts.

Further report on the F1, is that the FIA do not believe that Vettel committed an offence  lets see how long this story runs.

Oh yes and Andrew Flintoff is boxing tonight (WTF), I am surprised that KP didn't get a special dispensation to fly home for that event #turnupattheopeningofanenvelope

So off to finish the week.Bon journee

What a way to start the weekend!

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