Friday, 18 January 2013

Freakin',freezing F(ryan)day

Where the flipping heck has the week gone (under a blanket of snow, ice and freezing fog!). I cannot believe that it is F(ryan)day again. Another weekend is looming with nothing to do  but peep out from under the duvet to see if the snow has gone, or in the case of the blizzardy north East of Blighty, how many more inches have been dropped off during the night! 

I am heartily sick of it, and it is beyond a blinking joke! Much a I loves me Hunters, I do not want to wear them everyday as I do not have a matching tiara!  I tend to sweep into Super swanky Lady Lainey office hoping that the 'boys do not notice my fashion faux pas.( only thing that they notice about me is whether I have carrier bags of food for them!). I have struggled this week to be my usual 'chichi' self, and cannot wait to get back to some sort of clothing normality.( any kind of normality would be good). Jimmy Choo's ahoy!!!

Well the super bouncy, happy,jumpy up and downy twirl around like a mad twirly thing, about today ( apart from being F(ryan)day)  is that it is only 78 days until the start of the cricket season. With both besty Home county of Yorkshire and former besty home counrty of Durham in action at their repective HQ's. Oh I can hardly wait and I am madly ticking the days off my 365 Hats calendar.

However sad news  ( except for  the the caterers) is that Ian Blackwell  34 year old all rounder for  former besty home county of Durham may be forced to retire due to on going shoulder problems. He had  a third shoulder operation two months ago and the prognosis does not look good. he may never play professional cricket again. Geoff Cook had made some statement but as with all things that come out of Geoff Cooks mouth ( apart from the words 'I resign')  I switched off. Here at Tykes Towers we wish Ian all the best what ever happens.

Wooohooo yesterday Elizabeth Hurley let rip with swear words at Perth airport and is reported to have pushed the reporter who  was trying to get the low down on Shane's antics ( and his beauty secrets?). Oh deary me, it seems that either she has learnt the word from her latest squeeze or has kept her language in check until now. Well at least she will have sworn with perfect articulation and diction. #showingtheirtruecolours

It is now official and Lance Armstrong is the biggest blinking cheat in the world. Yes he took performance enhancing drugs to win all seven Tour de France titles.  to make an 'even field' he stated. Well I Lady Lainey cannot understand how the same person winning seven  times makes an even field??????? Big fat lying cheat, and not a nice boy either!.( you would never catch my Tykes cheating)

Mr Funky the chauffeur asked me to go into town and get hime some tickets for a football match( TICKETS FOR  A FOOTBALL MATCH, I ,LADY LAINEY!). Now this asking me to go and get things for him is becoming a habit and I am going to stamp it out right now. Luckily with the weather conditions I assume that the match will be called off.

And so I am rushing around here at the Towers at 6.24am  getting ready to make the crawl to work, today with new route, A167, A1, A68 straight to super swanky Lady Lainey office

Happy F(ryan)day to you all

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