Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years resolution

Never doing that again!! 

Happy New Year and welcome to Tales from the Boundary 2013. Not long now until the start of the cricket season and I am super bouncy excited about that! So flipping excited that New Year hangover or not I am jumping about like a mad thing.

2013 is a very important year in the life of I, Lady Lainey, after the worst deccenial of my life , I am making a fresh start.

Low points of the last 10 Years

2002 Got married  ( lot of fuss and expense)

2007-2012  3 house moves ( lots of packing and unpacking and fuss and expense)

2010 Got divorced ( lot of fuss and expense)

2009-2011 Her Serene Highness ( lot of heartache)

High points of the last 10 years

2008 Sir Samuel arrives  ( a little early but soon made up for it)

2010 Finally free from Former Lord Lainey

2012 Yorkshire are promoted  and are super besty team in the whole world

Dame Didi besty sister, friend, business partner  in the whole world

Coutness Culshaw besty friend in the whole world and like Lady Lainey, and  Dame Didi a true survivor!.

Things I am looking forward to in 2013

Seeing Glenn McGrath inducted into the International Cricket Councils Hall of Fame.

Cricket, cricket and more cricket

Not having to deal with 'toxic' relationships

Having as much fun as I can squeeze in

Going to the wedding of cousin the Great Gibson ( new hat ahoy!)

And I am now looking forward to the new cricket season, to the doors of  'Platinum Duck' reopening, to seeing Yorkshire play ( and Durham since Mr Funky the chauffeur bought us a flipping 5 year membership) .

Most of all I am looking forward to writing my blog.

so now off to see if I can manage to swallow some headache tablets and face a bacon sarnie.

Happy New Year

Probably be doing that again!!!

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