Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tired out today!

Well I Lady Lainey went to fat fighters last night and hadn't lost an ounce which should have been quite disheartening, but I look at it that I am having a little rest before losing again next week Now that  I have a 'Fat fighters' app on my phone there is no excuse not to lose weight. All this new technology, and 'tinterweb' is amazing,its not the old day when we all huddled 'roundt wireless'. Not that I young Lady Lainey remembers this, however Tzarina Katerina will!!

Well we still have snow and freezing fog and flipping freezing temperature. The duvet moved off the bed last night and I can tell you the blast of cold air up my Pj's was not pleasant! So tonight I am having 2 hot water bottles and putting the feather and down duvet on the bed ( its heavier and hopefully won't move as much). I know that readers in warmer climes will be wondering what all the fuss is about, but last night it was -8c and I can tell you I don't know where the draught was coming from in Tykes Towers, but I certainly know where it was going to!!!

 Oh dear over in Oz it seems  to be all going wrong for Shane Warne as he is looking at another ban after failing to name himself Captain in Melbourne Stars defeat against Perth in the  BBL. Also slow over rates have been brought up and in all it looks as if it has not been the best start to the New Year for Mr Hurley  Warne. I wonder how many swear words he muttered under his breath?

Alec Stewart has waded in to  praise Cook on his comments re England being 'outskilled and outplayed' in the ODI. Looking at the pictures of some of the England players, I began to wonder if they spent as much time in the nets as on the tattooists table maybe we could be more consistent!.#onlyathought

The Duke of Adelaide has landed in London and hopefully will enjoy freezing temperatures and snow. Having just been over in New York which he enjoyed. I wish both the Duke and Duchess a great holiday here in England.

There was a lot of rumpus yesterday about certain supermarkets in the UK selling burgers with horse meat in them. Well when they showed the percentage of horse meat in each burger I was amazed it was more meat than the burgers had ever seen before!  That must have been how they got rumbled!.

A list of gifts to the royal family has been published today, Her Majesty the Queen got ( amongst other things) a tea cosy  complete with corgi's knitted onto it. I  think I may knit her one of my world famous cricket jumper tea cosy's. Or maybe not!! The list was interesting reading. The Princess Royal received a horse blanket, very useful.

Well I am off to face the exciting drive to super swanky Lady Lainey office and I hope that the temperature does rise above 0c today, they keep telling me ' on't wireless' that it isn't.  I am packing my sleeping bag for extra warmth!

Oh yes,nearly forgot to say  a big 'hello' to new readers yesterday in Kenya and Congo.
Bon Journee

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