Saturday, 29 November 2014

Wooooo I 'm going to Scarbados!!!!!

Yes the fixtures came out yesterday and I am already booked for Headingley in July and Scarbados too I am super bouncy excited, cricket is getting closer!!!
I have already notified Harry ( Tapas) Latchman about the Durham v Middx match in late August and we are making a plan for him and the lovely Blossom to come up to the icy  wastes of the North for that one.

It's beginning to look a lot like cricket and I am a happy bunny!!

I am sitting here listening to the rain which is not making me happy as I have to trek to Lady Laineyville shops to get some 'bits and bobs' for tonights big event. yes tonight is the 'Baby Shower' I am heading over to Billingham ( well someone has to go there!) to stay at 'mad' Nikki Thurstons house  whilst celebrating the imminent arrival of Lauren Thurstons second baby. We all know that the baby is a girl, and that Lauren wants to call her, Milly-Rose. However Laurens 4 year old daughter Olivia insists that the baby is called 'Milly- Ribbon'!!!!

As the whole 'cricket family' have come out in mourning for Phil Hughes, it has been announced in Australia that Hughes ODI shirt no 64  has been retired. Yesterday saw a social media meltdown with everyone putting their bats out for Phil. there were tears aplenty from I Lady lainey I can tell you. True heartfelt sentiments from across the globe.

Lancashire have ordered new helmets for their squad ahead of the new season and in the wake of the tragedy this week.

 England are in action as I type ( and yes bats are out there too ). Both teams are wearing black armbands  and  England are currently 163-6. I am recording it and will watch it later, well will fast forward to any good bits.

hark I hear the washing machine on spin cycle so it is time to hurriedly put an end to my waffling and go and  sort out my smalls ( and my larges).

Then it is full speed ahead for a  busy day and evening.

Have a super saturday.

Dame Didi I will chat to you tomorrow.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Finally it's F(ryan)day

And so it is finally F(ryan)day! And after the saddest Thursday in a while, I am glad that it is now the end of the week.

Yesterday Counties decided not to release the fixtures for next season, out of respect for Phil Hughes.
Today they are going to release the dates and I for one as super excited and am getting ready to book the time off and book the hotels ( I have made my list of suitable abodes).

The whole 'cricket family' came together yesterday to pay respects to a young man who lost his life doing his job and also to offer support for Sean Abbott, another very young man who walked out onto the field to do his job never imaging how the day would end.

cricket is a game that is really a battle with usually one side being victorious. No one would ever foresee a battle ending so sadly.

In the Wilkinson/Walker/Robinson households, day to day life is a battle and usually  it is 2 against 1. However one of the family thinks they have the upper hand over the post Xmas free time, I am thinking that it may not develop how she is imagining. And if it does , bad luck Dame Didi.

My thoughts are turning to the imminent publishing of the County fixture list and also the 'baby shower' tomorrow night. They have said that there is wine, which is the main reason I am going ( not really), however for the mum to be, sitting in a house full of drunken woman is not going to be a great time I imagine. I have made my  party food as requested and now just have to wrap the babies pressies.

Tonight will be a quiet one in Chateau du Champions as  I am  flipping 'cream crackered' and ready for a lie in, I nearly had that this morning, I woke up at 5am, put the radio on and then fell asleep until 6.15am. Not like me at all but as I had been chattering on the phone until very late ( 10.15pm) to my besty ex hants friend I  should have expected it.

Oh well time is moving swiftly on so I have best straighten my fringe, twirl my curls and get myself into the Dame Didi Daimler and drive off into the sunrise to Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Thursday


I  woke up this morning extra early (4.45am) and put the radio on, at 5.00am the news came through that Phil Hughes had passed away. Shocked does not even come close to how I feel. cricket is a great game, a fantastic team sport and loved by millions. For a young man to lose his life playing the game and pursuing  the career that he loved is the saddest news that you can hear.

Phil had been in a medically induced coma since being hit by a ball two days ago. The whole of the cricket world is mourning the loss of a 'little star' .
Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

My thoughts had been turning to another sad sporting loss today. It is 3 years today  since football lost one of it's stars and a great person. it is hard to believe that it is indeed 3 years since we lost the wonderful Gary Speed.

It really is a very sad and reflective day for two families today as well as for the extended cricket and football family.

I was very excited last night about the upcoming news ( 7am ) of contract renewals at Yorkshire and the fixture lists being released at 10.30am. yes I am still excited but at this moment the shine has been taken off it all very slightly.

As it is only 5.34am as I am typing I have a while to wait yet.

7.01am the news is in and NO!!! His Royal Ryanness has not extended his contract!!! 

however the following have

Joe Root
Andrew Hodd
Adil Rashid
Moin Ashraf
Josh Shaw
Karl Carver
Matthew Fisher
James Wainman
Eliot Callis  ( Academy contract)
Ryan  Gibson ( Academy Contract0

Other news is that Michael Carberry is heading out to Australia to play in the BBL.

So Thursday starts on a very sad note. RIP  Phil and Gary too great sportsmen!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Yeayyy!!!! half way through the week

It's pouring with rain here in the North of Blighty and my nose is pouring too ( way too much information). Mr Funky the chauffeur messaged me yesterday to tell me that he didn't have 'Lurgy' but had 'mange', well Funky Doodle, you had best stay on your side of the village as I do not want to be 'mangey' as well as lurgyfied!!!

The shocking news of the horrendous accident that happened yesterday to Phil Hughes  has sent shock waves round the cricket world. He is still in a critical condition and will be having further scans. He has been placed into a medically induced coma. The hospital issued information yesterday  and have said that a further update will be given after the results of the scan.

Our thoughts are with his family who sadly were at the game and witnessed the accident.

Well!, Well!, Well!, who would have thought it, hands up? ( I did!!) Steve Finn is on the injury list!! Groin strain(!!!!). He is in doubt for today's ODI!!!!!!! OMG not another few weeks holiday courtesy of the ECB!!! Wow that boy knows how to get a freebie!. Apparently he pulled up with a 'little niggle', What the room service was slow?, not getting 'Star TV in his room?'.

Please note that I did say this would happen, and I am proven right again. Heres hoping that they pass him fit to play but I very much doubt it!

Oh yes and it is raining again in Sri Lanka so we may not even get any cricket, however I have set to record and will home and tucked up watching tonight.

I went out for a walk yesterday lunchtime, to see how things were progressing at Darlington cricket club. After selling off the old Feethams Football ground for housing, they made a mint and are having a grand reopening on Friday evening. The Pavilion has been repainted, the bar is being given an overhaul and the ground is now smaller with huge fences around it.
No longer will I be able to sit on the benches by the river, chatting to everyone and totally oblivious to a flipping filthy big rat next to my feet. Ah yes the looks of mirth on the faces of Alan Walker and Daddy Rushworth at my total oblivion to it!!! the delight of Pasha as she tried to get the pesky blighter. yes all gone now!!!! I will have to find a new seat.

Oh well, time to fire up the Dame Didi Daimler, which I am using this week to give it a bit of a run, as it had been sitting patiently on her drive waiting to go out for a motor. As The Dame has not yet got her 'driving legs' back I am making use of it.

And we are booked for Christmas Eve lunch at Smoke Barbecue in Sheffield, I am super excited, this is the second year running and I am hoping it is even better than last year. yes 1pm on the dot we will be heading through the doors!!

So until tomorrow............

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Oh my sparkly tiara, either this Lady is getting soft in her old age or it is flipping freezing outside! I know which one it is too, it is flipping freezing! As I slowly inched one foot out of bed this morning, I genuinely felt like throwing in a 'duvet'day and pulling the feather and down back over my head!. We know that when the stork dropped me off in North Yorkshire , that he had lost his compass. I am sure the delivery tag on my toe read 'Somewhere hot and sunny!!!'.

Oh well lets make the best of it and do my best Michelin Man impersonations.

Well there is quite a lot going on in the world of cricket and starting with the terrible news that Australian Philip Hughes is in intensive care and is critically ill after being hit by a bouncer, he was wearing a helmet, but fell to the ground and at one point looked as if he was going to be airlifted to hospital. the match was abandoned.

after being struck by the ball, Hughes had put his hands on his knees before falling to the ground. he was treated immediately by a doctor before being rushed to hospital.

no further news is available at this time.

This is shocking, as I can remember seeing Jonty Rhodes hit by a Devon Malcolm ball at The Oval in 1993. You could have heard a pin drop in the ground that day.

Other news is that Michael Vaughan is to take his 'FA Cup, T20' idea to the ECB. Hmmmmm what about taking to the ECB the idea of getting more school involved with cricket again. With the development of roll out artificial wickets schools would not have to employ a groundsman to keep things in  shape.  Yes it would be a couple of thousand pound outlay for a school, but children need to be involved in team sports, and learning that there are winners and losers, none of this ' everyone is a winner' nonsense.

I appreciate that Vaughan is trying to get more people to watch cricket by making it more exciting, but by having cricket as part of a child's yearly curriculum, this would develop  more players and more spectators.
The other point in question would be to reduce the ticket prices and hence get more bums on seats.

Lets see how far this idea goes, and if it;'s a winner with the cricket pro's themselves!

Daniel  Vitorri has been called up again by the New Zealand team after a two year absence. I know someone who will be jolly glad about this

Well it is time to tame the orange curls and put on some slap before I face the freezing world outside.

Is it nearly summer yet?????

Monday, 24 November 2014

It's cold. it's frosty and it's Monday!!,

Yes it's a cold frosty day here in the icy wastes of the north and I am freezing my little fingers off trying to get this types up before I leave for Super swanky Lady Lainey office, which will no doubt be at least 10 degrees colder than the outside temperature.Thermals today I think and lots of layers too.

Plan for this week is to get all my work out of the way before Thursday when the fixture list comes out and I plan my summer 2015.

Yesterday besty friend Francesca and I went off to the viewing for the auction in lady laineyville................oh dear, I spotted a FANTASTIC ring and tried it on.............big mistake. The ring was HUGE but looked amazing and caused quite a stir with the ladies present. I ended up modelling the said ring, but with a burly man standing by my side to make sure that I didn't 'do one' with it on! and what was the ring like, well not my usual choice but it was stunning.
 Sadly the guide price was stunning too £1400-£1800 but I was  reliable informed that it would probably go for twice that amount. Hmmmmmmm  came home emptied the piggy bank and at £3.47 I am thinking that I may not be in the running for it!

I have until tomorrow to raise a lot of pennies or find Mr Right to buy it for me #tallorder

Cricket is being frustrated by rain in Sri Lanka and the boys seem to be going stir crazy ( well according to Joe Roots facebook offerings).

Michael Clarke has been named in the Australian squad after doubts due to a hamstring injury, he looks to be fit to play, which is great news for Australia as they have topped the rankings in the ODI 's.

Well I am hoping to top the rankings in clearing my desk in the fastest time today and then be able to have a nap at lunchtime.

Here's hoping!

now it's time to set off for the office and hopefully some peace and quiet.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Grey Sunday but a busy one!

So I am back at the Chateau after a jaunt over the North Yorkshire Moors. I am also running very late with the blog this morning due to have a 'lie in'. Well I woke up at 5am ( as normal) then turned over and went back to sleep until 6am and then fell asleep again and woke up at 8am( not normal at all). I know that  I am tired as I have been running round like a headless chicken for the last couple of months without giving myself any rest. So the thought for today is, 'make more rest time for Lainey'.

Having said that I have washing to do, house to tidy ( and boy does it need it) and am going to the viewing morning at the auction house with besty friend Francesca. I still have to find homes for my birthday pressies and  I am also having ( another) massive clear out.

Today I am also getting the Christmas decorations out of  the garage!!!! Not sure if I am putting them up yet but I am making a start by moving them into the house! And I am making my list too of all the things that I would like 'Pere Noel' to bring. More on that at a later date.

So England should have been in action today in Sri Lanka but sadly rain put a halt to that match. Oh yes it's not only England that gets the downpours!

1st ODI is on Wednesday and I will be recording that!.

News that Stuart Broad is now fit will have lots of fans excited...........I personally am just waiting for the nest 'breakdown' because you know it's going to happen.

Steve Finn ( he of the super Australian holiday last winter)  is in Sri Lanka and determined to prove that he is not 'unselectable'.....................I personally think he will be having another lovely holiday!

Good to see that Brimingham City managed to climb out of the bottom three yesterday after a 1-0 win over Rotherham.
Rt Hon Hooligan Robbo is getting the boys back in winning shape.

It is another super shorty blog today, but I have lots to do and must get dressed and pick up Francesca.

have a super Sunday .

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rainy old Saturday

Well I have woken up to rain and more rain, however I am in in my wonderful B & B in Helmsley in the warm and dry,.

I came to north yorkshire to host a wine tasting for the local hospice, and the turn out was amazing.

I had booked to stay overnight, however when I arrrived at the 'B & B, I was completely amazed by the fact that my room was actually an annexe, with lounge and bedroom as well facing onto a wonderful garden and wow what a great nights sleep I had last night
so that aside  cricket news is low on the
 ground, and still no news on extension of His Royal Ryanness' extended contract.

Australia cleaned up in the one day series with a game  in hand against South Africa.

Moeen Ali is proving himself invaluable with England as he hit a 21 ball 50 against the Sri Lanka A side in a warm up match.

This is a super short blog today as I am struggling to write it on my tablet and phone  Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!

So now off to pick up my car and eat a hearty breakfast!!

Friday, 21 November 2014

It's F(ryan)day and I'm off to Yorkshire!

After a week being in my 'bubble of calm ' in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office , I am relieved that it is finally F(ryan)day, which is the signal that it is nearly the weekend. Wooooohooooo.

However it is going to be another mad old weekend which kicks off tonight in Helmsley , North Yorkshire where I am hosting a wine tasting for the local WI, as you will remember  I did this in the summer just up the road from Helmsley and boy did those WI ladies like wine!!!.

I am staying overnight at the fabby  'boutique' B & B just off the high street  and then tomorrow I am going to wend my way home via former home of Stokesley where I might just have a little wander around. Then back to the Chateau to the more mundane things like housework and washing and.........................oh no!!! I can't even bear to think about it.

So is there any cricket news of interest to us? Well to be honest not  much, Aaron Finch hit a ton which is great news from the former 'Yorkie', and it helped Australia to a 73 run win against South Africa.

I have just read that Ian Cockbain has signed until 2017 with Gloucestershire, so today has to be the day when Yorkshire announce  the same deal with his Royal Ryanness. 'COME ON' we all want him there for another couple of seasons ( well I do and I am the one that counts in this blog!!!).

Yesterday saw the release of the 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau, now I love a bit of nouveau mainly due to the fact that it is released around the time of my birthday. so I toddled into the local Co op and asked if they had any.  'Oh I think it's up that aisle' she said pointing to the furthest area from the wine. I wandered over and found myself in with 'paper products'.
I wandered back to the check out and said, 'Beaujolais Nouveau is wine, do you have any'

She looked at me and laughed ' I though it was new type of toilet roll'

I live in culturally bypassed town!!!

'I'm a lady get me out of here!!!!'

And so I have to leave you with that as I have lots of 'stuff' to load into the car, and then spend the morning with the 'moaners'.

Never mind at midday I am on my way to Yorkshire, what better way to start the weekend?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The roadshow trundles on

The Patron

After the huge success of the Melanoma UK evening at the end of last season in Headingley, I hear on the grapevine that they are organising another evening at Southgate CC. Southgate is in the heady hotty climes of the south of blighty ( rather than the icy wastes of the north of England) and a great evening they have planned there.

If any of you read the blog from  27/09/14 ( 3 gingers and a brunette PS to Thursday), you will know what a top evening it was ( I think it was! they had a free bar and I did partake a little too much of the chenin blanc!).

I was lucky enough to see His Royal Ryanness ( actually I was seeing two of him by the end of the evening) as well as Jack Brookes, Jonny Bairstow and Steve Kirby. Well 'Kirbs' is tipping up again for the Southgate event along with a few others from the area. ( can't reveal yet).

it's great to see so many 'pro's' putting their weight behind a very worthy cause.

If I lived closer I would be there like a shot ( it's close to my old stomping ground).

Talk is turning to putting this event on in Durham next season, and even if I turn my orange curls grey doing it ( they were close with the big birthday bash 'do'), it will happen. I already have promises from a couple of 'Yorkshiremen' that they will come and do a 'turn'.  Super excited by this!

More information regarding Melanoma UK can be found at

As soon as I get dates for the Southgate event I will let you know.

And the birthday pressies keep arriving, last night I was given a 'Perrier Jouet' ice bucket and matching glasses, sadly no Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque but at £150 a bottle I can see why. A beautiful gift from my friends the McNally's. Very me I would say!

Well time is moving swiftly on and I have to race off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to spend a full 7 hours, drinking copious amounts of coffee, croaking at boys and looking pretty. Seriously its a hard life!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mid week and feeling better

Yes after the fallout of the big birthday bash, I am starting to feel much better, well I doubt I could have felt any worse!!!

I am trying to sort out the photos to send onto everyone and also get chateau de champions back to some sort of living order, there are cards and gift bags everywhere!!!

In the crazy world of cricket I am now about to take employment working for a company that do online coaching, Yes it is going to be a hard slog but what else do I have to do with my time over the winter.

Somerset have signed Jim Allenby who was released by Glamorgan, and so the County hopping still continues

The west Indies still seem to be in a bit of a tizzy as 14 of the 15 players chosen to go to South Africa sign contracts but Darren (Jonny) Bravo asked not to be considered for personal reasons. A replacement for him is being sorted as we speak.

News from former cricket tea central, Shildon BR where cousin, Eldest Robbo who is 'El Presidente' had a cracking season. Yes the 68 year old was called up to play in a match over last season. He asked to bat at 11 and made a very respectable 20. Me thinks he could be called on next season too!!!

I am thinking that he may benefit from some online training!! Best get over to see him pretty quick.

I am building up to a flipping massive weekend when I am off to the wilds of North Yorkshire to do a wine tasting on Friday evening and then stay over for a bit of R& R and some jolly flipping lovely home sourced grub!

You will notice from the picture today that eldest monster child nephew was having a ball at his besty most beautiful Auntie in the whole world's party. I have a very similar picture from my birthday party  14 years ago in Le Touquet Paris Plage!!! Some things never change..........

.......and with that I am off to my 'little bubble of calm' in Super swanky Lady Lainey office where I can switch off for 7 hours whilst looking very pretty too!!!

Until tomorrow bon journee.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It's going to be a long week!!!

This morning I am not feeling my usual glamorous and full of fun self, I have no voice,  ache all over and have a cough that would suggest I have been smoking 40 Woodbines a day for the last 20 years! So I am heading off to see the Doc so that I do not end up in hospital with the temperature spiking heart palpitating lurgy!!! I should be fine but need to be really sure!.

So yesterday, I was in super swanky Lady Lainey office , however due to feeling under the weather I was kind of napping for segments of the day. I did however chat to besty friends Francesca and 'mad' Nikki Thurston.
I came home and went straight to bed!!!, no faffing around, just off to bed and fell asleep straight away.
I woke up just after 7pm so made a few phone calls and then  was back in the land of nod before I knew it.

Do I feel any better this morning? I my Aunt Nellie!!

I did however feel better when I saw the confirmed dates for the England Tour to South Africa, starting on Boxing day. Wooohooo lots of cricket to watch whilst I am on my Christmas jollies.

Loved reading that Steve Harmison thinks that Ben Stokes could be the new Freddie Flintoff if he is given some 'freedom'. Hahahahahaha give him some freedom and a pedalo and there you go. I think a tight reign is what is needed with Stokes if they are to get the best out of him. I still have my doubts about whether he will make it through the whole tour without letting himself down!.

Andrew Strauss has also been having his say about 'that' book which was published a couple of months back and the fact that  he was caught on air calling the author of 'that' book a 'name'!!!

He feels that one of the greatest times in English cricket has been diminished by the author and that he now hopes that the cloud has lifted and England can move forward.

Funny thing is, the author of the book is still convinced that England  will  come a knocking on his door!

So now it is time to head out he door and get myself on the A1, another fun packed day in the office.Oh yes and before I forget it is only another 362 days until my birthday, if I wasn't so tired I might be getting a little excited!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Want to stay in bed!!

OMG!!!! It is now 6.17am and I want to go back to bed and stay there. I am very very tired after the birthday bash weekend.

So yesterday Mad Nikki Thurston and Dave and I were up with the larks and went out to have a big fat breakfast. We actually couldn't believe when we went into the pub at 10.15am that people were actually drinking!!!!At that time!!!To be honest non of us were interested in booze we just wanted the food.

After an hour of eating, drinking gallons of coffee and laughing our heads off, we headed back to the Chateau where I was dropped off. I then had time to get changed, get the dishwasher going and then Harry Latchman and Blossom arrived.

I had a full afternoon and evening which involved eating and drinking and laughing so much that this morning my sides are very sore.

Good news though is that Harry and Blossom are coming back North next season when Middlesex are playing Durham ( well Harry has to come and support his former team). So we can have a full 4-5 days of fun.

When I got home I phoned   Dame Didi and was chatting to her  for about 10 hours at one point I  was actually falling asleep when I was talking to her.

I wanted to give you some cricket news today but to be honest I am soooo tired that I am now about to throw myself in the shower and then head off to work.

Tomorrow will be more flipping exciting with lots of cricket news and gossip and if I can't find any to share with you i will just make it up!!!!!

Until tomorrow

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The aftermath!

How well my friends and family know me!!!

Well I think that you are all expecting me to be hungover and feeling pretty rough this morning. well surprisingly I am not, I am actually bright eyed and bushy haired this morning, and although I didn't make it too my bed until after 2.30am I was still up at 7.30.

I did however not drink anywhere near as much as anyone was expecting me too and I feel much better for it!

So sadly my birthday is over for another year and what a fantastic evening was had by all.

All the Robbo's and the Wilko's got together as well as  friends  and my oldest school friends, I have known two of them since my first day at school.
A huge mix of family and friends who had travelled from all over the blinking globe to be with me on my birthday.

How more lucky can a Lady be........................................... well she can be very very lucky, and get masses of pressies including  ( obviously) diamonds, and aromatherapy  sessions, and  champers and Chateauneouf de Pape ( LOVELY!!!) and lots of wine and fabulous crystal glasses and a fig tree and a 'boule de neige' plant for the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions and .......................well the list goes on, but I have to say that I was very very spoilt!!!

I did also receive the most apt pressie for me,

This will be hung in the hall way very very soon. Thank you Joe it was the most wonderful surprise and I love it.

A little bit of crickety news for this Sunday morning is that  Australian captain Michael Clarke has been ruled out of the rest of  ODI series due to a hamstring injury. It is n fact the 3rd time he has had this injury in the last 6 weeks, and now Clarke is returning to Australia for treatment.

And now I am going to wake up my house guests and make some breakfast for us all, and then I am being taken out for lunch by Harry Latchman and Blossom after which I think that I will just chill out tonight!!.

What an evening!!!!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Joyeux anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire Lady Lainey
With the bright orange hair ( hopefully after lunch)

OMG!!!!! it is my birthday and better still it is my party ce soir. Jut alors!!!! je suis tres excite, so 'excite' that I am even typing in my native tongue,'franglais'

I have not opened all cards or pressies yet.......................but I am itching to do it. I am going to have a substantial breakfast and then crack on with last minute 'things' for the party tonight, before settling down with a Sean Bean film and start ripping the paper of the pressies!!!!

'Mad' Nikki Thurston and Dave are staying tonight so gave their boudoir a quick once over last night, as well as sorting out the food bits and pieces. And organising the birthday cake which is actually lots of cakes!

Mr Funky 'popped' round with my card and pressie last night,and is going to be the 'bouncer' at my party. well bouncing is something he is good at I have seen him after a couple of sherries. Actually I have usually seen two of him as I have normally been partaking  of sherries too!!!!

There is crickety news today but to be honest WHO CARES!!!!! Just for one day I am not reporting on any, except for the fact that is exactly 3 years since Gillespie the Gallant took hold of the reigns at Yorkshire, and just look what has happened since then!!!



My phone is 'beeping' like a mad thing and I am overwhelmed by the texts and emails for my birthday Who knew being 21 would make you so popular????!!!

Dame Didi and the monster children nephews plus Daddy Walker are all tipping up at about 3pm, hope I am still awake by then!! Although as they are bringing presents I will make myself stay awake.

Former Middx and Notts bowler ( and besty friend)Harry Latchman and the lovely Blossom are arriving about 2pm, I cannot believe that I will have seen them twice in one year!They sent a text to say to expect their arrival.

OK I have to go and sit by the door now to wait for the Yorkshire team arriving with my 2015 calendar. Because it is REALLY going to happen!!!!

Here is my Birthday present, just waiting for them to arrive!!!

It's going to be a grand old day!

Hope you all have a great time,I know I am going to!!!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Pre birthday F(ryan)day

Wooohooo it is not only F(ryan)day it is also my birthday eve and I am now super excited, so excited that I feel super sick!!! or that might be all the spinning around on my office chair that I have been doing!!!! is it too early to be sooooo flipping excited????/  I think not!

I am twirling my curls and putting on my slap in between typing this, see I can multi task too!!! I have my besty tiara on and a frock to make sure that I get into the birthday spirit. Although in truth I would rather stay at home and open a bottle of 'Mount Gay' rum and get really into the spirit!!!.

Instead I will head of to Super Swanky ( boys are frankly.....horrid) Lady Lainey office and spend a day enjoying the peace and serenity that I now surround myself in. I may even plug myself into my MP3 player and cut myself off from the coarseness completely. A Lady does not have to endure anything like that I am sure!

so we have a it of cricket news today too, but not about his Royal Ryanness contract,sadly, Mat Spriegel, Ex Northants and Surrey player has retired at the age of 27. he was released by Northants at the end of the season despite making numerous first class appearances. Spriegel hit the winning runs for Northants in the  2012 CB40 final and was part of the team that won the 2013 T20 Trophy. Good luck to him in whatever he moves onto.

James Tredwell has signed a new contract with Kent prior to him leaving for the one day series in Sri Lanka.

Rohit Sharma yesterday became the first man to amke 250 runs in a one day match, his 264 saw him well and truly over take Virender Sehwag, whose 219 was the previous record.
Sharma was caught on the final ball of the match.

Finally Happy Birthday to Daddy Rushworth, who is 21 today ( wow all the best people are 21 this week). I hope that you have a great day, what ever you do. I am sure that Pasha will not let you have a break from her walks though! See you tomorrow.

Now time to head off and get through F(ryan)day and then it is the flipping big birthday bash weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOP DI FLIPPING DOOOOODDDYYYY

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Birthday wish list part three

Birthday wish part three is for a membership of Scarbella Cricket Club ( Scarborough to the uninitiated). I seemed to have spent quite a few weekends there last season and the season before, so a membership would come in jolly flipping handy. it also means that I will be within touching distance of the Yorkshire dressing room, although that would  probably  mean I am in serious touching distance of a restraining order!!!!!!!!!!

Today I should have been  're oranged' after having the barnet coloured last night, but I just could not be bothered when I left the office, so I am guessing that I will be having it done tonight or tomorrow!!!

Yeahhh!!! some crickety news.....of a sort. Umpires discussions are going to be broadcast during the upcoming  ODI's between Australia and South Africa. it is apparently to make viewers have  a clearer understanding of umpiring. Well I think I have  a pretty good handle on it.


Umpire    Errrr ( glancing away from nubile young woman in skimpy top in the crowd) Not out,err hang on *draws a square to make umpire sat in Pavilion earn his crust*

Long wait while they wake up said umpire and make him watch a TV replay. He then throws a coin, says 'heads or tails' and  Hey Presto result!!!!

I am hoping that if they do 'mic' them up it will be pretty interesting.
As I know a couple of ex International Umpires, I also know that the talk around the dinner table is often re a decision that they made. Which made for a pretty boring evening I can tell you. Much as I love cricket reliving 'outs' was not my idea of a fun filled Test match evening!!!

Kind of think if they mic up umpires at Chester le Street in April, all you will hear are teeth chattering!!!!!

Well time for the 'orrff' to super Swanky Lady Lainey office, to my little haven of tranquillity. I am now in my own little bubble of peace and harmony whilst mangy boys are running amok.

However before I go......................................

Also a very big birthday wish to Jane who is having her 21st birthday today. I hope that you have a wonderful day and get your flowers from Interflora ( less 10%).
Have a super flipping fabulous day.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Birthday wish list part two

Birthday wish part two is a membership for Besty home county in the whole flipping world..............YORKSHIRE!!!!!

or  four nights stay at The Headingley Lodge, not bothered which it is  I get to see my boys either way. And I would prefer a room on the second floor too just to be really picky.

Heard yesterday that Yorkshire have a 'drone camera' and they tweeted some pictures from over the ground. Note to self, remember to close the curtains when I stay at the lodge!!!!!

The Yorkshire boys were back in pre season training yesterday which left some of them a little sore and obvious that they had been living it up the last few weeks.
Also note to self, if the boys are back in training time to get Lady Lainey back in training, however at the moment with the elbow its a bit difficult, excuses aside though, it really is time to get back to some kind of fitness. So time to don my headband ( a la Jack Brooks)and sports tiara and get to it.

I had a visit yesterday from my work counterpart in the South, who has recently retired and been travelling around England. She and her husband are now off to spend the season at their home in Andorra, skiing all winter. She told me to get a flight booked and get myself out there to stay with them.
Now anyone who knows me, knows that when I do winter holidays , I do hot, if I wanted to freeze my 'wotnots' off I would stay at home without the heating on.
However, having been to Andorra before, the thought is very appealing and as she said,'You don't have to ski, you can just 'apres ski' all the time.

That sounds much more like it!!!

So in between, organising the party stuff, I am making a list of things that I could take to Andorra!!!

Well pals crickety news is a little sparse on the ground and as you know if I don't get any soon I will start making it up, so for goodness sake Yorkshire, get that contract renewed for another two years with his Royal Ryanness. Or better still announce it on Saturday, my birthday and also the third anniversary of Gillespie the Gallant becoming coach.

See all good things happen on November 15th!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Birthday wish list part one

So I am hoping that Saturday morning sees the above gentlemen banging on my door with the most giiiiigaaannttiiccc bouquet of white flowers ever seen. This is part one of my birthday wish list.............................................

....................and back in the real world, I  am off to super swanky Lady Lainey office to suffer another day with hideous uncouth boys, who have of late, forgotten any manners that they were taught and turned into horrible juveniles, which is sad a they are all knocking 40 and should know better!!!

After attending a 'Melanoma UK ' event at the end of last season where cricketers ( including the Patron, His Royal Ryanness) talked about the danger of being out in the sun all day, it was sad to hear yesterday that Ritchie Benaud is suffering from skin cancer. With his usual no nonsense Aussie attitude, the 84 year old talked about his cancer and the fact that he is having radiation treatment.
Skin cancer is a silent killer which can affect anyone and which is on the rise due to the frequent use of sunbeds.
I wish Ritchie a speedy recovery.

Best to steer clear of the roads around Sunderland as Daddy Rushworth has just purchased a new car, All the extras, and no doubt he will be meeting 'der boys' in the local Tesco car park to walk round kicking each others tyres and doing 'donuts'!!!!
More likely he will be strapping Pasha and the little Rushworths in and heading off to the seaside for ice cream.

Room for a big one?????

Monday evening saw peace and tranquility restored to Chateau de Champions as I Lady Lainey  had an early night and a hot water bottle. The elbow is still giving me some trouble but nothing like last week. I tried on a few of my 'frocks' in an attempt to see what I would be wearing for my birthday bash. I am still undecided.

Well time and tide wait for no lady so I am of to the office to listen to more uncouth mutterings and drink gallons of gin coffee whilst looking very demure and pretty for 7 hours.

The interesting thing about listening to them is that they are not as smart as they think they are.

have you ever heard someone sing 'acapulco'????!!!! and tha'ts not the name of a song either.

Bon journee

Monday, 10 November 2014

Back to firing on all cylinders

Yes I am back in the land of the sober and hangover free!!!! After a wild weekend, South African style, I am back down to 'Durham style' with a bump, because today it is back to super swanky ( boys are manky) Lady Lainey office.

Oh well all good things must come to an end!!!

Joe Root has been saying to the press that England can 'spring a surprise' and  win the World Cup. Now I am as patriotic as the next Englishwoman, and I love little Joey Root to bits, but I am thinking that he is not seeing things very straight. Much as I would love to see England in full cricket mode, I think that the last few months have not been kind to the team. I hope that I am wrong and Joe is right!

I watched  quite a bit of cricket over the weekend ( when I wasn't cross eyed) and am amazed by Australia as they continue to show form, lose it, show form, lose it. South Africa have been much the same. Meanwhile India won the series against Sri lanka . It looks as if all teams are trying to get their acts together.

We will see England in action soon, and I have everything crossed for them.

There is still lots of tooing and froing in the Counties here in England as players continue to sign new contracts or move on to other counties.
 Ajmal Shahzad has signed to Sussex after leaving Nottinghamshire a year early. I saw him play at Chester le street last season and he has a very strange bowling run up which ends in him looking as if he is about to break his ankle!!!!
Shahzad had played at Yorkshire where he became the first Yorkshire born player of Asian extraction, he did not however really make his mark there and moved on to Lancashire on loan.

Oh well another short one today but time is running away and I need to be on my way to work........................................OMG!!!! what a hideous word that is!!!!

However only 5 days and then the weekend again and

This is going to be the longest week on record!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

So it's Sunday

So it's Sunday and it is at least not raining, so the Hunters can go back into the boot room.

Yesterday was as you will have read, not a good day, having had too many sherry shandies of Friday night. We were supposed to be going to Durham, but the arrival of Lord Christophe, eldest monster child nephew,meant that we changed our plans. he had taken Dame Didis car to Tim'll Fix it.

So Christophe, Philip and I headed to the Lady Laineyville shops, and Christophe and I played on the musical pavement, whilst Philip just looked on in horror!!!!!

We then delivered Chris to the 'train station' at Lady Laineyville  ( actually two plastic huts on either side of the tracks). We only to get 50 yards down the road when my phone rang and we had to collect Christophe and deliver him to the 'Big' train station at Lady laineyworkville, as there were no trains running from Aycliffe!!

By this time I was not feeling any better and whilst Philip watched rugby (AARRGGGHHHH!!!!!! ) I had a nap!!

I still didn't feel much better so I decided 'hair of the dog' would be the best thing, or just go to bed at 5pm!!!

Yeah!!! by 6pm and two glasses of Pinot later I was feeling on top of the world!!!

Today I feel OK except that it is time to day goodbye to Philip as he heads back to London for the week, taking in Twickenham next Saturday and then flying back to South Africa on Sunday.
Its been great fun and we have relived many hysterical moments from the last 30 years.
Where has all the time gone!

Sad news filtered through yesterday, I had mentioned that the Ireland coach Phil Simmons had returned home as his mum was ill, sadly she passed away.
Thoughts are with Phil and his family.

I am about to rustle up a fry up now, so best to go and get busy!

Have a super Sunday.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

So is it a Durham Day?

The plan is to go to Durham today, but we are forgoing this. Much as we love Durham, We are going to rescue  Dame Didi and eldest monster child nephew Lord Christophe and take them to the train station.  And also although the sun is shining it is still too cold for a south African who spends much of his time in Brazil!!!!! Confused???? Yep me too!!!!!

OMG super Tyke T20 player Arron Finch was very nearly seriously hurt in an incident with pyrotechnics at the T20 against South Africa. He went to retrieve a ball form the boundary when a 'flame thrower' went off vry close to him

Now to be honest when they have these at Durham the scary thing is the heat that you can feel coming off them, and we are sitting a good way from them.
To be honest they do not add anything to the game, so do they really need to be there at all??

I am feeling a little delicate and not because of the elbow, my head feels like it is going to fall off, way too much vino last night!!!

So what will we do when we have been to Darlington, well Philip wants to watch rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UUGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! I think I will be poking sticks in my eyes much more fun!!!!

Sorry this is late and short, I feel pretty poorly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 7 November 2014

It's F(ryan)day!

Hurray it is F(ryan)day and I for one am glad that it's nearly the weekend, its been a rough and tough old week!

Not such a rough old week in cricket for Ramps, as noted earlier in the week, he was tipped for the job of England batting coach, and yesterday he was formally appointed. Good luck to him and lets see if he brings a new spin ( and waltz and quickstep) to the England team!!!!

The West Indies ( yes that old chestnut) have asked the BCCI for a  'mutually agreeable solution' to the £26m law suit that is being filed against them by India.
The West Indian players went on strike for more pay and if India do not bend  on the demands then it looks as if the W I players will never earn another penny for their countries. I am all for being paid a fair wage, but think that the long term implications of this are still to be seen.

Yeay!!!!! Calum MacLeod ( there can be only one!!) has signed a new two year deal with former besty home county of Durham. Calum played some blinding innings for the club last season and hopefully will do the same in 2015.

As champions of the world and besty home county of Yorkshire announce that they have nigh on sold out of all their new T20 replica shirts, I Lady lainey am glad that I am waiting until next season to get mine. However lots of little boys and girls will be mightily chuffed when Pere Noel has been and they open them on Xmas morning. What ever happened to a satsuma, some nuts and a penny toy in your stocking????

Talking about festive things I am starting to think about decorating Chateau de Champions this year, I am looking for some new decorations. more about that later.

Will I have a giant inflatable Santa on the roof and 3million lights twinkling in the extensive grounds.
Will I my Aunt Nellie!!!!! Here at the chateau we go for elegant and the 'less is more' ethos. usually the less!!!

Not that I do not like Xmas but hey as you know we are just one week away from the big birthday bash and that is the most important day of the year in my book!!!!!

OK got to dash I have to try to wash the orange afro with one hand as I cant lift the other arm up. Should be interesting!!!!

See y'all

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Flipping frosty out there!!

 OMG it was freezing last night even though there were a million bonfires burning, not to mention the fireworks that were going off. I am hoping that is the end of the fireworks but I know that they will carry on until Xmas now!

I was tucked up in bed with my hot water bottle before the fireworks ended and I  am very glad that it is over for another year. the only good thing about Guy Fawkes night is, hot soup, jacket spuds and toffee apples!!! Yes if food is involved it has to be good!!!

So another day and the West Indies/ India debacle trundles on. India say they will not let up until they are compensated for the aborted tour by The West Indies. How will this end? It's anyone's guess, however in countries where poverty is rife (as it is even in all countries) the amount of money that is being bandied about for compensation is ludicrous.

Jimmy Anderson is not going to be replaced in the squad for the ODI's, according to the England camp. And if he isn't fit after that?????? I say exclude him and bring in another, I know that he is a valuable team member but he is crocked and as such, should not be taking up a space.

OK end of my cricket rant for today.

As to the elbow, it is now twice the size it once was, and very black and blue ( only to be expected from the lady  who bruises worse than  a peach). The pain is constant but now just really like a nagging ache.

And so the elbow update endeth.

Lewis Hamilton has been 'crowned' the greatest Briton ( according to The Daily Mail) after beating Nigel Mansells record. well sorry to be a party pooper, but Nigel Mansell had more talent and personality in his left thumbnail than Hamilton has in his whole body. And as I have said before drivers of a bygone age had less computerised technology to help them win. That is not to take away from Hamilton but if you look at the cars driven by Stirling Moss, Graham Hill and Nigel Mansell, they are a lot less 'Hi Tec' than the ones raced now.

I think in F1 now it is the luck of the technology of the constructors.

So now I am off to mon boudoir for 40 more winks and putting my arm up!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I'm broken!!!

Ok enough is enough, I have chipped the bone in my elbow, the one that I badly broke some years ago and which took 5 months to mend!!! luckily they are saying 6-12 weeks should be fine, but I am in pain and have been doing the very unladylike thing of crying!!! A lot!!!! because it flipping well hurts!!!!.

Oh well it just means that I won't be getting into any fights in the near future!!!

News from cricket land is that I am not the only one that is broken! Yes Jimmy Anderson is following in he line of 'called up crocks' before him and will miss the one day series in Sri Lanka, as he continues to  recover from a knee injury. he HOPES to be fit for the Tri-series against Australia and India in January. I however ask the question again, why oh why are players with injuries named in a squad!!!.
Next news to filter through  too is that  Stuart Broad is crocked. Well I am not  showing my surprised face at that news!. he too has a knee injury and this begs the question is he really fit to be playing for England. My answer is NO. This is a recurring theme with him. (says the 'Queen of crocked').

Paul colleywobble Collingwood has been named once again in the coaching squad for Scotland. Having decided to play another year for besty home county of Durham and hope that a coaching place comes up for him there when he does retire ( my version of events but bound to be true), he is gaining his coaching Brownie badges by helping out with the kilt wearing clan north of the wall.

News yesterday filtered through to me, that I don't have to wait until next season to see Gillespie the gallant  again, he will be commentating on Sky on December 5th , through the night on the Australia game. Now I will stay up for that!!!

Still no news on a possible extension to the contract of his Royal Ryanness. I am hoping that they renew his contract until 2017, but as there is no news on this. he is continuing  to coach the young of Yorkshire at his academy. Bringing through new blood!!!

Ben Stokes has been stating in interviews that he is no 'psycho'!!! but he wants other teams to be scared of England.
 Is this really the way forward for English cricket?.
 How about respect????.
Stokes who in the last two winters has been sent home from one tour in disgrace for failing to obey orders (!!!) and then breaking his wrist after punching a locker when he was out, seems to have been given more chances than cats have lives. I admit that when he keeps himself in check he is an amazing player, but childish hissy fits have no place in the game.
Opponents scared of England? sadly I think not, and no amount of swearing, locker punching or hard drinking will bolster this.

He states that punching the locker did not mean he was a 'psycho'. No Ben it means that you have a lot of growing up to do. Lets hope he sees this winter through without any 'incidents'

Not only has Tzarina Katerina ( Kiki) been 'done' for speeding and made to do a speed awareness course, then I hear that besty friend Francesca has also been racing through the streets of Newcastle. She is doing her course today and I hope that it all goes well for her.

Oh well this one armed typing is fair wearing me out so I am off to have a lie down in mon boudoir!!!

have a great day  where ever you are.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

I'm ready!!!

Yes, finally after a wasted weekend, I put in the effort last night as soon as I got home, and Chateau de Champions is ship shape and Bristol fashion. It wasn't really untidy to start with but then I started to 'sort out cupboards' which could have been left and then mess happened.

However it is all ready now and I am just waiting!

I did however have a slight mishap, as I went to put rubbish and recycling in the bins and didn't put any lights out. The extensive grounds of the chateau are plagued with horse chestnut leaves from the tree on the front of the house. I slipped on some leaves and took a very unladylike tumble. The result being that I now have a grazed and very swollen elbow ( the one that I have broken a few years ago non the  less), a bump on my head and a wrenched shoulder and numerous bruises. I am feeling non too great this morning!!!!

Pakistan did not have long to wait yesterday for their first series win in 20 years against Australia. It was a great day for them, however the Australians have said that they still have not learnt any lessons from India last year. Time for a serious team talk I think.

The West Indies drama is still on going  however Brian Lara states that cricket in the Islands will survive the £26m lawsuit filed by India.
He thinks that the severity of the fine will not be as much as stated and that they will live to field another side. I however have my doubts. I feel that this could be a chance for the BCCI to decide to make a stand and The West Indies could end up being the whipping boy!!!!!

I have now decided that men are the strangest breed in the world!!! Top boy in Lady Lainey's book used to be Sir Sean of Bean , he of the Sheffield accent and the rough but boyish charms. well he has really gone and blotted his copy book with me. Yes he has only gone and got himself engaged. for the 5th time! ..................and not to me either!!!. Well if the wedding actually happens, I give it 8 months, and he need not come and knock on my door!!!! it is firmly closed to him.

It now looks as if there is only His Royal Ryanness in the running and as there is a Mrs Royal Ryanness already, that's out of the question.
Good thing really as I have no desire to be married again ever.

Been there, done that!!!!!

Will I become a sad old cat Lady..............I should think not I will grow old disgracefully, what other way to live is there. well firstly get rid of he bruises and then soldier on!!!!

Monday, 3 November 2014


Yes it is Monday and I am no further forward in the housework saga, which was going well yesterday until I got bored, went to bed for a nap, woke up and looked at the clock and thought it was 5.30am today!!!! when in fact it was 5.30pm yesterday.
After an initial panic I decided that I would just let my guest accept me as I am and hope for the best.

I think that in future I need to have 'staff' as then I will not have to worry about housework ( ever) and concentrate on looking pretty all the time!!!( and that's a full time job in itself).

Oh my goodness me!!! I have just read that Mark Ramprakash is set to be the new England batting coach, hmmmm I wonder who else was in for that role? Ramps was a favourite of mine for a lot of years ( but never eclipsing Ronnie Irani or His Royal Ryanness). However after his dirty laundry was aired as he salsa'd and waltzed his way around the Strictly Come Dancing floor, I was a little taken aback. yes his clean living image was forever tarnished. but as 'Boy' told me once, 'he's a cricketer after all'. Make of that what you will!!!! ( and said by an ex cricketer too so he should know!).

Pakistan were looking to clean up yesterday as Misbah-ul-Haq hit the fastest test half century on record, taking only 21 balls to do it. This beat the previous record set by Jacques Kallis in 2005 when he hit a half century in 24 balls.
Misbah then went on to equal the 56 ball century, set by Viv Richards in 1986.
Pakistan declared on 293-3 meaning that Australia need 6.3 for victory in Abu Dhabi.

Tall order????

I was chatting to youngest monster child nephew yesterday and he was being very coy about what he has got me for my birthday, me thinks this is because he doesn't know as his Mum has sorted out it.!!!

I have not mentioned F1 much this season, Jenson Button has had a bad year with the loss of his father and not having a great car to drive. Will he leave F1 and concentrate on Ironman events? Well I sort of hope not, but if it is what he really wants to do then good luck to him.
He will always be a champion to me.

So now I am off to do 'things', what 'things' I am going to do are go to office, shout at boys, make list of 'things' to do this evening and then try to do then when I get home. This really is last chance saloon for the housework.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

It's now or never

After stating out quite well yesterday with the house work, I got sidetracked, and found a handbag that I haven't seen in two years, I was flipping pleased to see it, but the resulting mess made me head for the chaise longue for a lie down!!!.

Then when I felt fully recovered, I decided to do even more 'stuff' that was not housework related. Result was that I am now up to my eyeballs in extra work today!

So I already have the washing machine going, the kitchen is tidied and the floor has been washed.
The hall and the boot room are done and I now about to wash the windows in the office and the bedrooms, before moving on to hoovering!

Then I am 'nipping' down to 'Homebase' to  have a look for some winter flowering plants to make the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions look a  little less stark.
Wow I will be 'cream crackered' by lunchtime.

Other people who appear to be 'cream crackered' are The West Indies, who are being sued by India for $42m!!!!!! This all comes about after the West Indian players went on strike over pay. I am sort of thinking that they will not be getting a pay rise any time soon. And as I previously said, this could be a crushing blow for West Indian cricket.

I am not sure where this is going to end, but it could spell disaster for some.

Unless a disaster occurs for Pakistan it is looking as if they may have their first series win over Australia in 20 years.They have a 370 run lead with eight wickets in hand.

The 2015 Yorkshire CCC calendar is out now, and you will never guess who is Mr November ( my birthday month). Oh yes it is His Royal Ryanness, wooohoooo it will be November all year next year!!!
If they had asked me I could have provided them with a picture or 400 to use!!!!!

Oh well enough of bleating on, time to get back into the war zone that is my home.

See you on the other side!!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Izzy whizzy Lady Lainey in a tizzy

OMG!!!, it is Saturday and I have LOTS & LOTS to do!!!! yes indeedy, so this might just be the shortest blog in the history of Lady Lainey's blogs.

Poor Dame Didi, who is having a bit of a do with her joints and especially her feet, has now been having a problem with the Dame Didi Daimler. After sitting on the drive at Chateau Saltburn. Firstly the battery had gone completely flat and then  the brakes seized up, and it wouldn't move anywhere.
Baron  Burphy from across the moat came to her assistance but the Daimler was still doing strange things like cutting out and stopping dead.
It needs a proper run out, but not a good idea for Dame Didi to do that especially as she would not be able to walk anywhere if it conked out!!!

Things never go as planned.

So last night I nipped round to Coutess Chris of McNallys, I dressed down as I knew that I would be 'attacked' by the Royal Hounds. Oh yes having been sat on for over an hour by Leo the Doberman with the thyroid problem, I felt like Dame Didi, except that it wasn't just my feet that wouldn't work, I thought that I was paralysed from the waist down!.
Hector the three legged Lurcher was his usual funny self, however once Leo has been banished to the carpet, Hector took up residence on my knee, he was considerably lighter than the afore mentioned hound.!!!

And now as the sun is up and the weather is unseasonably mild, I am going to throw open all the doors and windows of Chateau de champions and start with the  task of doing some housework.

Oh and Australia are in action against Pakistan so I will have the TV blasting out in the background.

Oh well Izzy Whizzy lets get busy!!!!