Thursday, 30 April 2015

can I stay in bed today please!

Oh my, I had been trotting along nicely and then  WHAMMMM!!!!! I fall ill!!!, yes a trip to see the Quack means that I have a chest infection and I have to go back tomorrow to make sure that it is not going to turn into anything 'nasty' ( e.g. a stay in hospital....again!!). Today I feel pretty horrible and I doubt that  I look much better!
However I am up and dressed and going to go to Super swanky Lady Lainey office to check on office boys, check on super massive builds and then have a sleep.

Yes yes yes I know that I should be at home, but if I was here I would be doing housework and washing and all sorts of boring things and not relaxing, so I might as well go and croak at boys and drink water and the odd coffee.

However less about me and more about my Tykes who managed to pull off a draw yesterday despite being thwarted by the weather. James Middlebrook the  temporary signing was a great addition to the team and Captain Galey lad played two great innings, although I have to say that Andrew Hodd's 54 in the second innings was brilliant.

It's early days and my poor Tykes are still depleted due to England duties. half the flipping team away and one injured!!! So in theory they are doing pretty darn good!!!

Former besty county in the South, Hampshire also drew against Nottinghamshire, and I think that the weather was against them too.

NO, NO  and triple NO!!!!! even Martyn Moxon has got in on the 'Joe Root for Captain'. He thinks that Joe will make an ideal skipper.

NO NO NO, I love Joey Root nearly as much as his mummy does, but leave the lad alone, let him play cricket without heaping any more pressure on him.
This is the problem here in England, you are seen to turn up in clean gear, oil your bat regularly and play brilliantly..................yes you can be Captain.

NO NO NO, when I am The Queen  of cricket all this will change I can tell you!!

Oh dear a Thursday rant coming on and I am so poorly.

Think I might have to go and lie down for a minute or two.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's cold and it's raining

Oh mon dieu!!!! il pleut et il fait chaud. je ne suis  pas un lapin heureux!!! or in English, 'oh my goodness it is raining and it is cold and I am not a happy bunny!!!!'

No I am indeed not happy about flipping rain and cold. I am feeling a little under the weather myself ( think it was freezing myself at cricket on Sunday) and I am off to see the 'quack' tonight just to be on the safe side.

Weather was not on the side of my Tykes yesterday as they ended their day early due to bad light. However they had managed to avoid the follow on due in part to a blinding innings from Captain Galey lad who sadly fell short of his century, but I am sure that he will produce more of the same in games to come.

Warwickshire bowlers played well especially Boyd Rankin with his 6 wicket haul, however I think that play may be thwarted today which will mean that Gillespie the Gallant will not be happy and the boys will be watching , Jeremy Kyle, Cash in the Attic and Murder she wrote!!!

I am hoping that it clears up by 11am though.

Over at former besty home county of Durham they bowled out Sussex and looked on track for a win, that will be unless the weather beats them.

The ODI team for a match against Ireland on May 8th was announced yesterday, SURPRISINGLY the 'Problem Child' was not named!!!!????? What after scoring so highly against students??????!!!!!! What is the world coming to!!!!!??????

Coming to it's senses finally!!!!

Jonny Bairstow is in the squad which will be captained by 'Tiny'Taylor, strange that Plunkett didn't get his name in it, but Yorkshire are losing 'Little' Timmy Bresnan. Is there some plan afoot to deprive Yorkshire of all their players before the end of the season??????.

Well they can jolly well leave His Royal Ryanness alone!!! or they will have me to deal with!!!!

In other news

Baby watch continues, as everyone is speculating over the imminent arrival of the Royal baby. Papers are having the Duchess of Cambridge induced as we speak, but as no one but the Royal circle actually know the due date, we will just have to keep on waiting.

Maybe today???? which is the 4th wedding anniversary of the Royal that would be nice!

OK got to dash, and put my trusty Hunters on too!!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The sun is shining but.............. is flipping freezing, and it was yesterday too. I however am still trying to thaw out from Sunday at The Riverside, so I am preparing for Super chuffing cold Lady Lainey office with the thermals and socks and boots. It's hardly work wear but I refuse to be cold!

Yorkshire were trying to turn the heat up at Headingley yesterday and didn't manage to get the visitors out until after lunch by which time Little (not) Timmy Bresnan had a haul of 5 wickets and 'newby' James Middlebrook had taken 3.
Jack Brooks ( headband warrior) was lacking in the wicket department, is it due to his super short haircut?????? ( Samson effect)

Yorkshire went in to bat and lost the top three before close of play, they were  128-3 overnight.
Captain Gale and Jack Leaning  will take to the crease this morning and I am expecting big hitting!

Over in Chester le Street  it was another 'wag of the tail' that saved the hosts as John Hastings and Usman  Arshad led a 9th wicket fightback and put on a 116. Ollie Robinson hero of Sunday for Sussex took 4 wickets, Matthew Hobden managed to nearly take Scott Borthwicks head off with a ball, luckily Borthwick was fine.

Play resumes today with Sussex 115-3.

A quick mention for Hampshire who were playing at home against Nottinghamshire. ( I am hoping to go and see Hants play my Tykes this weekend). The lovely Michael Carberry was not playing too well although he did manage 30. Come on Hampshire.

OK I am off now to freeze my wotnots off in the office so until tomorrow!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Back to work!

yes it's back to the office where I am hoping that it will be super warm as I am still trying to thaw out after cricket yesterday. The day might have dawned bright and sunny and warm, but as all cricket fans will know, no matter how hard the sun shines it is always bitterly cold at cricket!.

Durham were hosting Sussex and Durham took to the field. They dismissed the opening batsman before I had time to pour a coffee, but then slowed down considerably. By lunch things were looking better for the bowlers, but things were starting to cool down on the boundary and luckily I had flasks of soup in the 'crcinic' to warm us through.
By teatime Sussex had pulled off a blinding innings as they 'wagged their tail' Ex Tyke Oliver Robinson  (no relation) and Matthew Hobden ( nice legs and hair!) were holding their own!!! ( not a lot I can add to that, well their is but I am a Lady!) and scored 110 and  65 respectively before Robinson  fell to Arshad.
These two pulled Sussex back and set the day up nicely.

Durham went into bat and after Stoneman hit his half century he was bowled by Robinson.

By this point Lainey and Janey were tucked up under a blanket trying to keep warm!!!!

We drove home with the heater blowing full blast, and with in half an hour of being through the front door of the chateau I was tucked up in bed in about 20 layers of clothing. My feet are still freezing this morning!!"

There was lots of birdwatching going on as the wagtails arrived on the field followed by a couple of ducks. A crow attempted to make off with the box of spare ball and we also spotted the ' grey tinged ginger crested would like to be Lord Lainey'!!! Yes that was certainly not a highlight of the day!!!!

Over at Headingley champions of the world, Yorkshire were taking on Warwickshire, Bresnan and Patterson were the pick of the bowlers but had not managed to dismiss the visitors by close of play as they stood at 270-4.

Now however I must put all things cricket to one side as I head off to the land of construction!

I hope those boys have my coffee on my desk! or there could be a lot of shouting going on.

Have a great day where ever you are.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

it's a cricket Sunday

well it's a cricket Sunday and I should be super excited....................which I would be except I am heading the wrong way on the A1. Instead of the heady heights of Headingley, I am off to The Riverside to watch former besty home county of Durham play their first home championship game. oh well any cricket is better than no cricket as I frequently say.

My Tykes are taking on Warwickshire whilst Durham are hosting Sussex.

England actually won yesterday and a huge sigh of relief has gone up here at the chateau and hopes that now all mention of the problem child will be put to one side ( for a while anyway).

I am experiencing massive problems this morning with my internet connection and  and am trying to type and save as I go so that  nothing is lost. it's actually become the proverbial pain in the derriere!!!

I cannot flick to news sites and I cannot get up the weather, my phone is on charge so I am struggling this morning.

The sun is shining outside, but for me that means that I will be in thermals and boots for cricket as I cannot afford to get cold in case it leads to anything 'nasty'.

this truly is the shortest blog on record, and I am sorry to regular readers.......................all this new fangled technology  tinterwebby thing is really nowhere near as reliable as they claim that it is.

So Internet permitting I will be back tomorrow with more tales from the boundary!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Super busy Saturday

Well the weekend is here and I am already two loads of washing head, although talking about head, I have a pounding one this morning due to having one sherry shandy too many last night.!!

I am however, as soon as I have posted this, going out for a walk around Lady laineyville, from The Chateau, through the trading estate, up the old A1 and back into the town via Burn lane, then off to see the Royal Hounds and Countess Christine of Mc Nally, and finally back to The Chateau and  probably back to bed.
 I think that this will be about 3-3.5 miles give or take.

That is my contribution to keeping fit and active for the day.

I suppose I should make the effort to do some digging too as I need to get my Boule de Neige planted so that I can have big white 'boules' in my garden.

I have also pre-prepared everything for the 'cricnic' tomorrow but am still a little concerned over the weather and if I will be warm enough. Well it is Chester le Street so I doubt it!!!

It was however warm in The West Indies as England continued to push themselves,There were runs a plenty and Joey Root hit  an unbeaten 182, proof that he is a 'great' in the making. For the Windies Kraigg Brathwaite hit 101 and at the end of the  fourth day they were 202-2.

I personally think that England are starting to shape up.........not before time though.

There is lots of banter about making Root captain.............oh come on, give the lad a chance he hasn't been in long trousers for that long. Just let him do what he is doing brilliantly at the moment!!!

Yorkshire announced yesterday that they had signed James Middlebrook on a short term contract. All rounder Middlebrook  is making his second debut for My Tykes who have been looking depleted due to England call ups and injury.
It is expected that he will be playing tomorrow as Yorkshire gear up to take on Warwickshire.

Hark I hear the sound of the spin that means I will be having to trot out to the extensive grounds of the Chateau and hang out my smalls,

I need staff!!!!

Friday, 24 April 2015

It's F(ryan)day at last

At last it is F(ryan)day and the weekend is looming large. Mine is looking fairly quiet up until Sunday which will become a mad dash to get the 'cricnic' sorted in time for Mr Funky picking me up.

The weather forecast however is none too grand and I will have to be super wrapped up as I cannot afford to get a cold etc. I DO NOT want to be ill again.
Regular readers will remember two years ago, at this time,when Durham were playing Yorkshire, I was so poorly with the temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy that I had to go home at lunchtime!!!!! Imagine that!!!! Going home and missing ogling watching His Royal Ryanness bowling!!!!!

Well we don't want any of that happening again!
Even though HRR is out on the bench, he still managed to tweet that he is doing good and using a kind of compression machine to help to speed up his calf tear.
Now that put a smile on  my face!

I also had a smile on my face last night as little Joey Root, top Tyke boy, hit a wonderful century against the West Indians and was 118no. Joey was supported along the way by another Tyke, Gary Ballance who also batted his way to  77. England are 74 runs ahead with two days to go.

Even Captain Cook managed to pull some runs out of the hat and hit 76.

Its all to play for but never dismiss the West Indies, now that Phil Simmons in in charge.

I went off to get the barnet tamed last night as it was starting to look slightly wild ( to be honest it looks like that all the time). Now I am a much tidier version of yesterdays Lady.

Well Royal baby watch is under way, as every knows I love babies and am always excited about new arrivals.
Will the baby be here this weekend, or will the new Prince/Princess keep everyone waiting until next week. I am sure that with this heatwave, The Duchess of Cambridge is hoping that it is sooner rather than later.

So I am off to spend the next 7 hours dealing with all things 'O & M' on one of our builds, imagine that................I,Lady Lainey....................doing work.......................and on a F(ryan)day too!!!!. What ever next??????

Until tomorrow.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

OH MY GOODNESS...........................

............................the worst news in the world filtered through early yesterday morning that the injury to Aaron Finch is worse than thought and he will be out of the game for over 12 weeks!!!! Which means that my poor Tykes are now trying to find a replacement. Could it get any worse?????????????

OH YES IT COULD!!!!!! HIS ROYAL RYANNESS IS OUT FOR 6 WEEKS WITH A GRADE 2 TEAR OF HIS LEFT CALF!!!!! why is that all in capitols???????.................well because I am sooooooo distraught of course!!!!!!!!
He is under the care of the Yorkshire medical  team where he has begun his rehabilitation programme.

 In pain, downhearted,Inconsolable?????? understatement!!!!  and Ryan ain't too happy either!

I can't think of anything else to add to the above except that I wish them both a speedy recovery ( but HRR speedier !!!)

It really was a down in the mouth day after that and no amount of wickets my Tykes took could drag me to the brink of excitement! Now that's a first!

At Nottingham they  bowled brilliantly but Notts managed to hold on and the match was drawn. Gillespie the Gallant did not seem best chuffed, but the boys had done their best and that is all that can be asked.

Yesterday was jolly flipping hot and I sat in the garden at Super swanky Lady Lainey office at lunchtime and soaked up the rays, it was wonderful, best to make the most of it as who knows how long it will last.

Mr Funky the chauffeur popped in last night to see me.........................well to get his new phone set up, I tell you I am not only Lady Lainey, I am also 'cricnic' provider, knitter extraordinaire and now IT services.

Wow how many hats can a Lady wear???? especially on top of tiaras!!!!

Today is looking as if it is going to be a hot one and  I am thinking that I might..............yes might venture out with bare legs ( the rest of me will be covered), well best to get them out in the sun and getting some colour and if it stays like this that won't take long.

 Oh yes I am also getting my birdsnest  super lovely new haircut trimmed back into shape this evening as it seems to be growing faster than the weeds in the extensive grounds of The Chateau.

So I am heading off now, and to everyone in England, Happy St Georges Day, go kill some dragons!!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It's the 'hump' of the week

And so it is Wednesday and we are just a few 'steps' away from the weekend again, ooohhhhh!!!!! exciting.............  well sort of, I will be doing the same old routine on Saturday but will be going up to The Riverside on Sunday to see former besty home county of Durham start their first real home game. So Sunday morning will be filled with coffee, sandwich, cake and lunch making!!! Oh joy.

However that is all in the future and now I am simply buzzing after a FANTATIC fight back yesterday by my Tykes.

they took the field yesterday and lost Captain Galey lad quite soon after, however it was 21 year old Jack Leanings day as he hit his maiden championship century. He hit 116 before being stumped off Samit patel ( Mr Funky you remember Samit Patel!!). Jack was helped along the way by Rich Pyrah and Little ( not ) Timmy Bresnan. Yorkshire closed their day 13 runs ahead of Notts and gaining maximum batting points too.

I think the game is heading for a draw.............................BUT I cannot say anything other than with 7 members of the squad either with England or with a very very poorly leg ( His Royal Ryanness) they are showing the strength of players that they have had waiting on the sidelines.
Credit to Gillespie the Gallant who has literally turned this team around!

I love cricket!!!!

Yesterday was also the birthday of Rob 'Flicx Pitch', the lovely man who made my wicket for 'my boys' The Gentelmen of Tykeshire. Rob and his colleagues were having a BBQ in his honour last night and I hope that a good time was had by the birthday boy and all at Flicx.

Dame Didi also had news yesterday re the sale of Chateau Saltburn. A decision could be made by the end of the week as to whether she will be hot footing it back home to France as early as July! There goes my one night stop over on the way to Scarbados!!!!!!

Wooohoooo though super exciting...........Champagne region ahoy!!!!!

Well the sun is shining here at The chateau and  I am preparing for a day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office. Hopefully today we will manage to get another load of old rubbish cleared out of the spare office that has become a dumping ground.

So with that I am off to twirl my curls, put on my special 'Yorkshire champions' tiara ( yes I have one of those too!) and trundle off down the A1.

Bon Mecredi

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Busy, busy, Lady Lainey

I am smiley as a Quokka today as it's 'jollies for work', by the time most of you are reading this I will have clocked up some miles.

However this is not of any great importance, today is about cricket and more so cricket Yorkshire which  is super important.

My Tykes worked hard yesterday to dismiss Hales & Co which they did around lunch ( as I requested and predicted). Then they were up and trying to catch up on the runs. Lees and Rhodes took to the field and started well. Lees then took up partnership with Pujara after Rhodes was bowled by Gurney.
Alex Lees played a blinder and hit a century which gave the Yorky boys something to smile about. However bang on his century he was bowled!!!
Captain Gale came to the crease and was on 13 not out overnight.

The boys were 226-3 at close of play and to say that I was a happy quokka is an understatement.
Positivity is the name of the game and the order of the day again today as the boys go into try to pick up points.

Come on you my Tykes. I will be trying to catch up on Twitter when I can today ( if I can).

Not making me a happy quokka though is Michael Vaughan, who says that England should pick Adil Rashid, now don't get me wrong I think that Adil is a brilliant leg spinner, but with Yorkshire having lost half the team to England already.....................well!!!!

On second thoughts lets just put all of Yorkshire in the England team (especially His Royal Ryanness) and see how we fair ( pretty damned well I would say!)

Things in Lady Lainey office yesterday were calm and peaceful ( due to one person being off sick and it wasn't me!). However although the sun was shining outside the temperature in the office was flipping freezing, I was glad that I had left a woolly pully  on the back of my chair because I chuffing well needed it!
Today however I will be basking in sunshine and loving every minute of it ( and I have my sunscreen).

So until tomorrow when I will be back in the driving seat, a little weary no doubt, but wearing my besty 'Boss' tiara, have a great day.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Spoke too soon!!!!

Yes after an amazing sleep Saturday into Sunday. Last night/ this morning was not a good night, I am a tad tired after waking up every hour on the hour!!
Never mind I can sleep at my desk!

It was a not a good day yesterday for My Tykes as they took to the field at Nottingham, Alex Hales was on 222 not out for the hosts over night and I need my boys to go in this morning and take him out first ball!!!
This was a career best for Hales and he deserves congratulations....................however My Tykes need to get themselves together and get Notts out before lunch.

The Yorkshire bowlers were good with young debutante Matthew Fisher  taking a wicket, and Brooks, Patterson and Bresnan sharing the rest.
Captain Galey lad said that they were not at their best yesterday. Well Galey that was an understatement BUT I expect better today and I expect some serious batting from the Captain when he goes in!

Still no word on His Royal Ryanness!!!!! I am hoping that today will bring some news and that it will be good!

Lots of word on 'the problem child' who after playing a blinder last week and scoring loads of runs against STUDENTS, was out for 19 yesterday ( it was a 'Big Boys' match) Oh how we chuckled!!! Especially as he was totally overshadowed  in news and batting ability by Kumar Sangakkara who hit  an unbeaten 112.

We know that it will in no way have dented his over inflated  ego.................................the saga continues.

I was busy , busy at the Chateau yesterday and today I am going to be ringing around to get quotes to have the dining room and lounge decorated. I am thinking that as I normally knock myself out to get all the decorating down, and as I have been told to slow down a little, that I will get someone in to do it for me.......................I will still have to supervise, no matter how good the references are!

My fig tree and my ' Boule de neige' are doing superbly on the kitchen window sill, I want to put them outside in the garden, but am still a little sceptical re the weather which still can have at least three season in one day.

I will wait until the end of May I think and see how we get on then.

OK I am now off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office for the start of a new week, and a sleep.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

I think that I might have been tired!!!

As regular readers will know, I have been none too well over the last few years with a recurring lurgy that horribly normally lands me in hospital!! I am constantly told to get plenty of rest  blah blah blah. well that's fine except that I have horrible sleep patterns too. After talking to a hypnotherapist and trying to put a sleep plan in action I have noticed that over the last few weeks I am waking up less and sleeping better.
That all came into one big sleep bundle yesterday.

I had been super busy which included a 2 mile 'stomp' to the sorting office ( best not to get me started on that little adventure) and then washing and cooking etc etc. So at 3pm I sat down to watch a spot of IPL..................... waking up at 6.20pm starving!!!!!

So after having some dinner  I sat down to watch rubbish movies on TV and having looked at the clock at 9pm, next thing I know it is 11.45pm I have a copy of 'The Newton News' ( local 'rag') stuck to the side of my face and think that I should hurry along to bed.

So all tucked up by midnight, and then woke up at 7.30am!!!! That is one heck of a sleep. And I feel a lot better.
So now more washing is in, I am about to go and fill the limo with petrol and then get on here at the Chateau and do some more 'clearing out'.

There is still no news on the scan on His Royal Ryanness and I always get a bit twitchy waiting on news ( how can you forget the panic after last seasons hamstring injury!). However today My Tykes are in Nottingham and may be playing Matthew Fischer, who will become Yorkshire's 6th youngest d├ębutante if he takes the field.

good luck to my boys today.

So with crickety news  being sparse on the ground, I will leave you with the news that...................

There were also celebrations in the Right Hon Hooligan Robo camp, as the thug legend that is my cousin celebrates 20 years playing football. These have included spells at Watford, West Brom, Bolton and now Birmingham as well as 3 appearances for England under 21's. A great career and  really a top boy!

I am now off to do lots of Lady Lainey type things.

Until tomorrow


Saturday, 18 April 2015

It's sunny already!

I woke up this morning to a slightly dark sky but within what seemed like  minutes the sun was streaming through the window and I decided that I might as well get up and get moving.

First job, done................washing in the machine

second job, done .................dishwasher unloaded

As soon as I am finished here I am walking to the sorting office at the far far end of Lady Laineyville to collect a parcel that the postman surprisingly did not try to stuff through the letter box. I say surprisingly, it's amazing the things that he has pushed through ( and broken the said letter box twice in the three years that I have lived here). I also have a wonderful collection of red rubber bands that he always manages to push through or drop by the front door. I have them in a bag by the door and I am waiting to catch him unawares one morning, and I will give him them all back!!!

Anyhooooo less of the boring and mundane life of I, Lady Lainey and time to see what has been going on in the crazy world of cricket.

well over in the West Indies James Anderson overtook Sir Loin of Beef as highest test wicket taker. He was level with Beefy on 383  and  then  took  Denesh Ramdin's wicket and was mobbed by his team mates. A great achievement, but I seem to think that Jimmy does not have the charisma of Sir Ian.
That aside, the Windies, managed to hold on yesterday to deny England a win. the match was drawn.

There is no county championship action until tomorrow when the nextfour day matches take place.

My Tykes are  in Nottingham hoping to have a win at the place where they secured the County Championship last season.

Former besty home county of Durham  are not playing until next weekend when they are at home to Sussex. I doubt very much whether the weather will be sunny ( bring a blanky).

It has been a good and productive week in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office this week, and next week is  looking better as we are off for a jaunt , yes indeedy doody, we are heading south, woooohooooo 'jollies'

So without further ado I am off to the sorting office and then getting on with all things 'homey'.

Cheerio chaps!!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Hurrah!!! It's F(ryan)day!!!

Yes it is  nearly the end of the   working week but on this F(ryan)day I am anything but tiara twirling, super excitedly happy........................the reason????

Well His Royal Ryanness is not tooooooooooo well at all and is having a scan on his calf. They are foreseeing him being out of action for a several weeks!!!!

How many is several?????

in my books one week is a several weeks without a sighting of HRR!!!

I am totally gutted for him too.

Yorkshire are confident thought That Aaron Finch will be fit to play in May so that is one teeny tiny worry off my mind.

Another Yorkshire man that is showing his worth is Gary Ballance who pulled off a cracking performance yesterday hitting 122 and leaving England on 333 over night. they are pushing for victory and believe me they need a win and some good run scoring players to finally scorch rumours of the return of the 'problem child'.

The counties  were all involved in the launch of the T20 Blast yesterday. As you know I am not a fan of T20 cricket although it is fast and a good money spinner for the clubs. However it now has lost even more appeal to me knowing that His Royal Ryanness will not be donning his 'pyjamas' to play this season ( and probably any more seasons that he continues playing). However I guess I will go to keep Mr Funky the Chauffeur and Pauly Paul company.

Tonight besty friend Francesca is coming round for dinner and to catch up on all the gossip from the world of accounting and the world of construction. I am thinking that  bottle of wine will also be in the recycling bin in the morning!

And talking about construction, I am running slightly late this morning and have to hurry along, so until tomorrow, have a Happy F(ryan)day.

Get well soon Ryan!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cannot believe it is Thursday already!

it's Thursday already and once again I will be starting my day with a clear desk, what the 'Donald duck ' is going on????? Possibly I am working like a mad thing and trying to get things done.....................this is going against the grain!! As you know I normally fill my day with drinking coffee, filing my nails, shouting at boys and looking pretty for 7 hours! I think that my trip to Headingley has turned me into some of  Stepford  wife!!! Well that had better get knocked on the head soon!!!

Tensions are still running high in Super swanky Lady Lainey and that is another thing that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Boys ehh!!!????

As Besty home county of Yorkshire ( champions of the world) finished their match a day early they were having a bit of  R & R, however they probably have their worried heads on as Aaron Finch had to be helped from the field in the IPL the other evening and it said that he has a hamstring injury!!! OH MY DOG!!! this is not good so early in the season.

it was also confirmed that Gillespie the Gallant will be coaching in Adelaide for the BBL05 this winter. now that makes winter evenings a lot more enjoyable and I know who I will be supporting!

Over in the West Indies the England top order once again collapsed like a house of cards with Ballance and Root batting to try to pull the team back ( Yorkshire united). England closed on 116-3, 220 runs ahead.

Richie Benaud was laid to rest in a quiet private funeral after his family said that they would prefer this to the state funeral that had been offered.. A fitting farewell to a great man.

Dame Didi is in full on house sorting mode as she is moving ever closer to her return to La Belle France.
I am also in full clear out mode ( and have been for months), I can at least now see the furniture ( nearly) in one of the spare bedrooms, but I still have a long way to go.

There is no cricket at home this weekend which means that if the weather is good there is no excuse for not getting things tidied up in the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions. I have already made a start on the washing so that is one thing that is nearly out of the way.

Today has dawned bright and reasonable warm,I may even fore go the thermals today and wear................a dress!!!!

Well we will see when I hear the weather forecast, no point in jumping the gun.

And with that I am off to twirl my curls, don my tiara and head off to Lady lainey workville to do my thing!

Bon Journee

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

'Champion win there!!!'



OMG!!!!!!!!  I know it is the first match of the season , BUT!!!! what a win yesterday by My Tykes, they were bowled out first thing, and then they only flipping bowled Worcs out by lunch  for 100 and then wrapped it all up before tea!

HOWEVER His Royal Ryanness was injured on Monday before close of play and was unable to open the bowling yesterday and it looks as if he is going to be out for 3 weeks!!!!!.............................. 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
So as I got a badge in Brownies I am volunteering to take good care of him ( the badge was for bird watching but hey hoo) until he is on the mend.

All joking aside I was beside myself as I heard the news, that combined with tuning into Twitter for updates on the match and holding my breath.....................all resulted in me nearly fainting, being sick and crying.

So early in the flipping season too

Jolly well done to 'My boys'!!! it is just the best way to start the season and especially with so many of the boys on England duty too.

I was fair flipping my tiara and if I hadn't felt so sick would have been spinning round in my office chair!

Jack Brooks bowled brilliantly as did little Timmy Bresnan and Steve Pattterson.
Alex Lees also batted well and scored  87 & 52 respectively. Well done to him.

It was a grand day.

mention also goes to  Worcestershires Jack Shantry ( fangirl crush)  who as was a bit of a whizz at the bowler for them.

Former besty home county of Durham also played well at Somerset and wrapped up their game in three days. with Chris rushworth taking 6-92. Which after the first game puts them just one point ahead of my boys. its early days and its all to play for.

OH NO!!!!!! more sad news ( not) filtered through yesterday as the curse of the broken fingernail/ chipped french manicure reared its head for the first time this season. OH NO!!!! only it happened to 'The problem child'. yes he went to take a catch and 'hurt his hand'. He did however play down the injury ( called for his manicurist during tea?). he also went onto Twitter ( OF COURSE) to play it down.
His agent is earning money for nothing at the moment.

 Meanwhile back in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, trouble with the office boys was stirred up even more yesterday. Now the cars are causing friction. Its interesting to watch boys having a strop with each other.........................I am sure this is going to be ongoing.

And with that I am off to rev up the limo and head off to my desk, where for two days in a row it will be clear for the start of the day.

I wonder how long that will last!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tests and runs

Well it was the start of the first test in the West Indies yesterday and also on going County championship matches.

What was occurring I hear you all cry!!!

Well........deep breath and here we go..........

England slumped to 34-3 against WI and it looked as if all was lost. Now you know that I am not the greatest ( if a ) fan of ' the man with no lips' Ian Bell, but I have to say that I would rather have him hit a century and pull England out of the poo than contemplate having the 'problem child' back in the squad.

Bell hit 143 to bring England back to the fore in. Not forgetting that little Joey Root also hit 83.

Captain Cook, Gary Ballance and Jonathon Trott fell cheaply showing that the top order is not that stable.
So as they start today with 5 men back in the hutch, lets see how they get on.

Besty home county and champions of the world, Yorkshire were in batting, and Worcs made  quick work of  two of the top order however by close of play little (not) Timmy Bresnan and His Royal Ryanness were batting and need today to put on 13 runs to bring the scores level. Timmy is on 78!!!!! ( flipping heck Bressy lad) and HRR is on 10.


Jack Shantry ( the man with no underwear!) was on form and took 4 wickets. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Mr Shantry but will not be best pleased if he takes the wicket of the 'Top Boy'.

Former besty home county of Durham were  seemed to have taken the upper hand in their match against Somerset and Captain Colleywobble was 109 not out at close. that after taking 5 wickets. However we all know him to throw hissy fits now and again and I foresee 'injury' very soon if things do not go his way!

And hissy fits have been occurring in Super swanky Lady Lainey office, I had noted an air of 'forced' friendliness with the boys and so finally got the run down yesterday............................and they say that girls are prima donnas!!!!

Wooooohoooo I appear to be working with the worlds worst!!! Strops and temper tantrums had been taking place whilst I was in the heady heights of Headingley, followed by the silent routine.


Oh well at least they are all talking now.....................maybe a little too much.

So now without further ado I will head off to said office and swill coffee and water ( from out newly installed water dispenser) and look very jolly pretty for 7 hours whilst keeping an eye on the score from Worcester.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Monday, cricket & 666

So yesterday here at the chateau turned out to be wet and rainy which was good for the garden but not so good for getting any washing dried.

However I was all set to settle down for TMS at 11.00am and listen to the opening match of the season. yes my beloved Tykes were playing in Worcester.

His Royal Ryanness opened the bowling which had me feeling jolly sick for the first few minutes waiting to see if he took a wicket. it wasn't to be, however 'The headband warrior'  Jack Brooks swooped in and took first blood.

Jack went on to take two more and little (not) Timmy Bresnan also got three.

I,Lady Lainey, had to wait  until just after tea for HRR to get a wicket......................his 666th to be precise


Bad light eventually brought the teams off and closed play for the day with Worcs on 264-8.

Time for the 'Big Man' to go in this morning and finish them off before having a rest.

Elsewhere former besty home county Durham were in action against Somerset in Taunton.
Durham bowled Somerset out for 299 with Captain Colleywobble taking 5 wickets ( that'll be him crocked now) and Bunny Onions taking 4 wickets.
In reply Durham were 98-2 at close of play.

And then there was the match at The Parks, a favourite ground of mine ( although flipping freezing at all times of year) and somewhere that I went often to watch cricket.
Well the STUDENTS were taking on SURREY..........................and so the papers are now full of the 'COMEBACK' of the Problem Child  after he scored 170.
He is now sooooo certain of his recall.


Firstly he was playing a University side which  granted had youth on its side but not his experience, so if he thinks that hitting 170 against them wins him a team place he is more deluded than I thought.
I am not putting the quality of the University players down in any way, shape or form, but come on!!!! He has been playing  longer than some of them have been on this earth!

However we all knew that even if he had been out for a duck he would still have been convinced that he was entitled to a call up.

OK Monday rant up and running, best get off to the office and take it our on boys whilst  throwing back tons of coffee.

Oh yes and apparently we are in for a that means it will be hot and sunny in the South of Blighty!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Let the Championship begin!

'Here we go
Here we go
Here we go'

Whoops wrong sport! I am super excited today as the Championship starts good and proper!

I am up and dressed birdsnest orange afro washed, lunch nearly prepared and ready for 11am!


Yes Lady Lainey's crazy season  is about to begin, although to be honest with BBL04, World Cup and a few day s of IPL ( we will forget the England tour) it never really finished in theory, just that lying around on the chaise longue eating grapes is not quite the same as freezing your 'wot nots; off drinking copious amounts of coffee and being wrapped up in a blanket.

Gillespie the Gallant was chatting to BBC Radio Leeds about the start of the season and said that they will have a tough game ahead of them at Worcestershire.
He didn't give any team plans away, but said that they need to pull out all the stops  in this their first match.

The BBC cricket sight actually called His Royal Ryanness 'veteran' very dare they, he is just a young pup!!!!!

England are still in the West Indies and I have been  taking no notice really of what has been going on. It does however matter and I should be paying more attention as the whole team need to do well to scorch any further 'problem child' rumours.

Yesterday at the  turned out to be sunny although the wind was biting cold, the rain that had started early did not turn any worse and if I had known this I could have hung my smalls out ( although they probably would have ended up in next doors garden!)

Mr Funky the chauffeur went to the bookies and put a bet on the nags in The Grand National for me. Well I didn't win so I won't be doing that again for another year!

And now I am off to finish prep for dinner so that I can get under my blanky and settle down for the start of the County Championship.

I chuffing well love cricket!!!!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Where has the sun gone?

Well the view from my bedroom window this morning is not like this! and I don't mean Headingley!. There is no blue sky and there appears to be water falling onto my slightly parched garden, which in some ways is good but in others.............well we can't have wall to wall sunshine all the time can we?

Flipping heck I had just managed to prise myself out of my liberty bodice and thermals, looks like they will be back on again!

After the sad news yesterday of Richie Benaud, all forms of social media were full of tributes to the man who became known as the 'voice of English summer'.
A great cricketer, who spanned decades and was known by all cricket fans world wide.

Things are gearing up now for the first 'real' match of the season, as tomorrow sees the start of the 4 day county championship matches.

As you will have noted I have not made my prediction for this year as I am still mulling it over.
I want to see Yorkshire do it again but with a very depleted quad due to England duties I am hard pushed to see it happen. Having looked at the other sides though I am sticking with My Tykes, as I think that they may produce a few surprise players coming up from the ranks.

I see Hampshire making it to the middle of the 1st Division table, and former besty home county of Durham could make it into the top five, if they don;t lose too many players through injury.

So what to do today, now that it is cold, windy and overcast?
well luckily I got all my washing done yesterday and it is now dry and sorted, so I think that as soon as I am finished here I will pop back to bed for forty more winks and then see how the day pans out.

IPL is upon us too and I managed to catch some over the last couple of nights.
Its fast and furious and sometimes a little boring, but it is cricket and that's the important thing.

Okey Dokey, I am off to have a spot more rest, as the doctor ordered, but I will be back.....................

Friday, 10 April 2015

It's F(ryan)day again


Although in theory it should be 'Richie' day as the sad news today is that Richie Benaud has passed away.

His voice was one  the most memorable in cricket commentary  and will be very sadly missed.

He made his final commentary in the UK in 2005 but continued working in Australia until 2013.

who will ever forget  his one liners? especially

'And Glenn McGrath  dismissed for two, just ninety eight runs short of his century'

Very sad news, but at 84 no one can say that he hadn't had a good innings.

RIP Richie.

A quick whip around the University matches today as Yorkshire drew there match with Leeds/Bradford. Which was OK in my books as they fielded a very young team with only a few first team players.

Durham beat Durham University, and the banner on the website, 'Durham outclass students' well to be honest they are the pro's and have a lot more experience under their belts. And they played all their 'big guns' too.

So its nearly the weekend and thoughts are turning to what I have to get done now.

Well the garden needs to be well and truly tidied up which I may start this evening. along with the usual washing and 'stuff'

I am also thinking that if the weather changes as they are predicting then I might just do the decorating in mon boudoir. And that's another job ticked off my list.

I will also be keeping abreast off all things Yorkshire on Sunday as  His Royal Ryanness starts his onslaught to the 700 wicket  total.  He starts the season on 665.

So now to get through F(ryan)day.

have a good one!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Humdrum Thursday

And so my time in at the heady heights of Headingley have rapidly came  to an end. Booooohooooo. This morning I didn't wake up to the sound of lawn mowing and leather on willow, but was woken up at 4.30am by  the 'local market stall holder' filling his van and then hurtling off down the road.................not quite the same in anyone's books!.

Yesterday was wall to wall sunshine as I watched Yorskhire  bowl out the Uni for 202. However in their innings they closed overnight on  126-6. Hmmmmmmm.

On the bowling front Tim Bresnan took his 400th wicket and Jacky Brooks  was in top form taking 3 wickets and showing some excellent fielding too. Jack is much shorter of hair this season  and I was hoping that it would not have the 'Samson effect' however it doesn't appear to have. And he is still donning his headband!

Rich Pyrah was out playing and luckily he was fully attired!!!!!

Karl Carver and Will Rhodes were also looking good on the bowling front taking 2 & 1 respectively.

News that His Royal Ryanness will not be playing T20 or One Day cricket has knocked me sideways!!!
Flipping heck, I will hardly need to take my Box Brownie down to the boundary now!, this is all for the best though to prolong his playing career which in my books is the most important thing. He is on standby though and with the team being quite low on the ground with players I foresee some outings for him. PHEWWWWW I was having a bit of a panic attack there!

News from the Windies ( and no shock to me) is that Stuart Broad is crocked!!!! Well he lasted longer  over the winter than I had anticipated.

The press is still full of  'The problem Child' and to be honest if they just stopped writing about him he might just go away! With the exit of  Paul Downton  from the ECB, rumours are flying that this removes another blockade to his return to the England team...............................................yes becoming an Italian cricket follower is now looking more and more on the cards!

Oh well, it is back to doing all things Lady Laineyish today. I cannot believe that I will not be watching cricket in the sunshine in Headingley........................... not long to my next jaunt though!

Have a great day and make the most of the sunshine where ever you are.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

sunny Wednesday

I can assure you that those pictures were not taken yesterday as the sky was even bluer! Yes it was a glorious day at Headingley. The sun was shining and it was cricket!!!!

Young Billy Root brother of little Joey Root was plaing for the Leeds/Bradford  Uni and wss very popular with a group of youngsters on a coaching course. He went along Hifiving the Noisy but happy children.

Yorkshire were put in to bat and had lost a wicket in the blink of an eye. Even Captain Gale didnt do too well. However once they had a spot of lunch they started to look more like Champions.

I met up with a friend and had a pleasant afternoon sitting just outside the Long Room having a couple of beers chatting, basking in sunshine and watching Yorkshite racking up the runs.

They eventually declared and the Uni boys put on a great stand before close of play.

I also had the chance to see the stunning new floodlights. When I got to my room at the lodge I realised that you could see one light from my bed!.just the thing for any cricket badger.

I luckily was not rooming in The Boycott suite as I wa
s the I came here. Spookily I am in the Doug Padgett suite as I was last time I wss here. I wonder which room I will be in when I come in July!!!

Rightio off for my breakfast hopefully no Rhinos around this morning. And then another day
of sunshine and cricket.
Oh and sorry about any typos I am trying to type This on my phone as the WiFi is not playing fair for my 'lapdog'

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I am going 'home'

Wooohooo I am off to Headingley for my first of (hopefully) many trips to the hallowed turf ( 'what I have standed on!!!). I am taking up residence again  in The Headingley Lodge meaning that I will be woken up to the sounds of groundsmen doing groundsmen type things. ( sitting on tractors and rollers and walking around a lot from what I can remember)

I am firing up the limo imminently as I head off down the A1, they are waiting for me, my name is on the guest list at the gate!

Well I am a Lady!!!!

However before that all kicks off, is there any crikcety news I hear you cry.....................

Well well well, Italy are playing in the European T20 in Jersey in May where they are defending champions. They are coached by Joe Scuderi and  doing pretty good. I may actually take up following Italy more closely if the England team gets a new member this summer. I am sure that eating as much cannelloni and tiramisu  as I do will qualify me for this!.

England were playing  day one of their two day game against St Kitts & Nevis XI. And all the hacks who were slating them a few weeks ago were 'bigging' them up yesterday on all forms of social media.
They bowled the hosts for 59.
However the way the hacks were writing it, England had bowled out the strength of Australia. I suppose it is good for team moral though.

Captain Cook made 95 which must have given him some confidence.
I doubt that today will be that interesting in that match.

Yesterday at the sunny Chateau, I was busy, busy, busy. There was the painting to complete and everything to be put back into place. There was washing to be done and hung out on the line to dry. There was hair to 're orange' which might be a tad too bright but hell at least you will see me!

And this weekend there has been no napping!!! which might explain why I am soooooo tired, that and the fact that I have been awake since 3am!

I think that I might be napping this afternoon!

Well the forecasters say it is going to be warm over the next few days so I am thinking that I will need extra sunscreen just in case.

Rightio, I am off in the shower to get myself ready and then I am on my way to Headingley and two days of cricket.

The season starts here!!!!!

Thank goodness for that !

Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Monday and there is sun

It is Easter Monday and the sun is out, I had a bit of a lie in this morning and now I have lots to do, starting with having the birdsnest 're oranged' in time for the start of the cricket season. Yes I am turning back into 'ginger woman' for the season.

I have my bag to pack which I cannot do until I check out the weather forecast (snow, rain, thunder?), however I am a practical cricket girl and will pack for every eventuality except..........................

........................well lets talk about yesterday which turned out to be the most glorious Easter Sunday ( not like one a few years ago in France where it rained continually and when I did venture out onto the terrace I got 'pinged' on the ear by a hail stone...............and let me tell you it hurt like stink!).
So yesterday it was lovely and I tidied up the extensive grounds of Chateau de Champions after the  efforts of the roof man, who came  back and finished the job and I then wandered down to the local  Co op. So I rounded the corner by the vets only to see........................a woman in shorts and a boob tube!! WTF!!!! It was not that hot.

The roof man also told me that my neighbours were in the garden having a BBQ and Mrs Neighbour was in a bikini!!!

Well I was in my liberty bodice, thermal thong and six layers of woolies, it was not that warm!!!!

I may remove one layer of woolies today as I see to be getting acclimatised to an increase in temperature.

So news from the cricket world is that Joe Scuderi is out in Italy doing a spot of coaching over the Easter period and not doing much 'Hot Dog Hobo'ing

Yet another England 'has been' is having his say re 'problem child' as Graham Gooch speaks out. ( yes I remember well  going  to see Essex play at Edgbaston, and  asking the car park attendant ' OMG which loon has a car with the reg H15 BAT'? to which a squeaky voice next to me said 'I do'! Yes I was standing next to Graham Gooch, I did not ask for his autograph') Anyhoo I digress

He has said that if England win in the West Indies it will put paid to the 'problem child' rumours.

But will it put paid to all has beens coming out and taking to the press about him. If he had less said about him, he might be forgotten!


OK I am calming myself down and off to sort out my smalls and not so smalls for my 'vacances' at Headingley.

It will be an early blog tomorrow as me and the limo make an early start!

Bon paque

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday and late posting

As regular readers will know I usually have mon vacances around 'Le Paque' however this year I am having a vacances from mon vacances  en France and concentrating  on supporting 'La belle Yorkshire' instead.

I will however being adjourning to 'La Plage' in August so I hope the flipping sunshines!

And just for the record the picture at the beginning of the blog is indeed how I would be dressed in France and with a little 'S O' dog.

I am late posting the blog this morning as I have been lounging in mon lit reading. I decided that I would finish my book and have just done so, I am moving on to my next tome shortly as today I am having a fairly relaxing day.

yesterday the roof man came and sorted out removal of old roof. The garden is destroyed and will take a couple of weekends to get it back to normal. He is either coming today or tomorrow to finish the job and then I can start to get back to some sort of normality

I continued working on the alcove at the bottom of the staircase. My initial colour choice I am thinking may be too pale however I will give myself a couple of weeks with said colour and then decide if  I am going to change it.

Why are the colours never as you think even when you have used a tester pot!

There is no crickety news today apart from another has been England player now having their say on the 'problem childs' chance of getting back in to the England team.
Today it is Fatty Gough who thinks that he stands only a small chance of playing for England again.

Tell us something that we didn't already know!!!

And this made the cricket pages!!!!

OK I am off to much on a banana and have some porridge, whilst sticking loads of stuff in the washing machine ( I can multi task).

Happy Easter to you all.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Super Saturday

It is all go at the Chateau as the roofing man is going to be fixing the garage and Boot Room roof, which took another battering at the beginning of the week when winds were whipping round at about 1000.000 miles per hour ( well it did seem like it). I nearly got blown over into the cricket wicket, and goodness only knows what my 'little cricket men' would have made of that ( 'drunk again').

Yesterday was horrible and rainy today though seems brighter so I am hoping that I can get some of my smalls out on the line.

I am also continuing with the decorating project at the bottom of the stairs so full on busy day by the looks of it!

Crickety news  today is
Barney Gibson who was the youngest ever first class cricketer , was 15 years and 27 days old when he made his debut in 2011 for Yorkshire against Durham University, has announced his retirement at 19. This outing was Barney's only first class  match as wicketkeeper.
He had previously spent 4 years with the Academy at Leeds United as a goal keeper before turning to cricket.
He is now off to pastures new.

Batsman Nick Compton says he has not given up hope of a recall to the England side. Lady Lainey say 'for the love of dogs!!! please no!!! he is hopeless!'

Adam Lyth was talking about  the secret of his success in cricket and claims it is GOLF!!!! Yes the little Whitby boy says GOLF!!!! helps him concentrate. seriously!!!! GOLF!!!  it sends me to sleep!!! And ruins a good least there is a bar at the end of the trail though.

I am keeping this relatively short as I am basking in the glow of being on my jollies and loving every minute of it. I woke up this morning to the realisation that I still have loads of days until i am back in the office!!!! Woooohoooo!!!

Ok I am off now to do 'stuff'

Friday, 3 April 2015

Good F(ryan)day

Not sure why I chose a picture of His Royal Ryanness with a saddish face, because I am anything but sad today as it is Good F(ryan)day and I am on holiday!!!!

Wooohoooo whoop di flipping doo, yippety skip.

Yes I will be having fish today as per requirements and chilling out watching reruns of  'Ben Hur, 'The  Ten Commandments', ' The Life of Brian' or any other reliousy type films that are on today.

I am also getting the wall paper steamer out of the garage and getting started on the staircase.................well the alcove in the staircase really..................and I know I have to take it easy but I doubt that a bit of steaming and painting is going to be too taxing AND I can cross something off my 'To do' list.

last night I went to see besty friend Francesca and have an Indian head massage, I came home and slept for 8 hours which is something that I haven't done in a long time!. However it is still a mystery to me how she got her fingers through my 'birdsnest' orange afro!

sad news on Franny's doggy front, Lucky the west highland terrier is now officially blind, he developed a cyst on his eye and as he was already blind in the other eye he now sees nothing. HOWEVER, he knows his way around the house and follows Orson ( awesome) and Mia around so he is doing pretty well. Fran took Lucky in after his owner dies and he has a range of health problems, but he a very happy little dog although he does 'boss' the two retrievers around!!!

It is a Good F(ryan)day  in that Peter Moores has said that  'HWMNBNITB' is not being focused on for England. We seem to be getting mixed messages about the problem child. First its no, then it's yes, then it's no again. I seem to think that they are playing games with him!!!

After announcing his retirement from International cricket Daniel Vettori, it was announced yesterday that he will be coaching Brisbane Heat in the next BBL. I was hoping to see him go and play for Italy, being coached by the great Joe Scuderi!!!

Well I have washing in and fish to get out of the freezer, so I am off now.

Bonne Vendredi!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Flipping heck 1000 Blogs!

Oh my giddy aunt!!!!! I cannot believe that I have now written 1000 blogs!!!! How can it be???? over 1000 days of my musings!!! and for those of you that read it regularly...................maybe like me,  you need to get a life too. Only joking! I love waffling on here every morning.

I mean where else would you get


All the latest on Sean Bean's attempts to thwart me marrying him ( including getting engaged again...................because that is going to stop me!)

Dame Didi, Mr Funky the Chauffeur, Pauly Paul, Office boys aka Job the Jolly, Pony Paul and Trill boy.

Cricket, cricket and more cricket

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, and bit of Durham and Hampshire and more Yorkshire.

Well to be honest where else would you get the ramblings of a total cricket/  all things Yorkshire fiend.

So I am patting myself on the back at my great achievement of 1000 blogs!

Who would have 'thunk' it 999 blogs ago!

News in that Ian Bell, the man with no lips and the scariest smile ever has signed a three year extension to his contract................oh well it was in the news, however Warwickshire have also signed Brendon McCullum for the  T20 blast series. Interesting!

Yorkshire have been busy behind the scenes and not with their epic 'April Fools 'prank which I have to say was the best ever and had a lot of preparation to get it out there. ( It was regarding a retractable roof over Headingley  engineered by 'All Sip Roof'.Excellent!!
However they were due to have Younus Khan playing for them as their overseas player, now that he has made a U turn they have signed Cheteshwar Pujara ( try saying that after a few sherry shandies!). Hope he remembers his thermals!

well there is probably lots more news but as I have hit an amazing 1000 milestone i am signing off and going to do my last 7 hours at work until next Thursday.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I now know that I am really not Wonder Woman

Yes after yet another visit to the Doc's ( I might just get my own seat if I have to go again!), I finally am admitting that I am not Wonder Woman................yes indeed I may have been a few years ago but for the foreseeable future I have to,

1.slow down a little

2. Be realistic about what I can achieve in a day

3. Get more exercise, but of a gentler kind than throwing myself into circuits

4. Just generally not push myself as much as I do.

Easier said than done, but Doctor has stated that I need to give myself a chance to get better instead of feeling OK and then pushing myself beyond the limit and being jolly flipping unwell again.

His last words......................' This will not happen overnight, in a week, fortnight or month!'

B**&$$*s..............that's me on a tough regime for the foreseeable future, which if I had done this last year ....................well that's done and gone and now I am moving on.

I may not be Wonder Woman but I am still Lady Lainey. Onward and upward!!!!!

As I reported last week, Daniel Vetorri has announced his retirement from International cricket. The 36 year olds last appearance for the Black Caps was on Sunday in  the World Cup final.
He has played 113 tests, 295 ODI's and taken 705 wickets. Not a bad innings I would say.

bad innings being played out by the ICC as they look to be shutting the door on some cricket sides according to Cricket Ireland. William Porterfield has been talking about the possible reduction in the 2019 test to 10 teams. Which could mean that Ireland ( and others) do not get a look in. I have to say that Ireland, Afghanistan and the UAE really made the World Cup exciting............................which is more than can be said for England......................however at current rate they will probably not make it into the 10 teams anyway!

I will be reading as much on this as I can over the next few months and then might just put quill to paper and write to the old codgers at the ICC.

'Father' Time at Lords has been damaged by wind and  is now at a 90 degree angle. This is the second time in it's history that it has been damaged by weather , after being struck by lightening in 1992.
It's to be hoped that this is not an omen for the upcoming Ashes series!!!!

Oh well the wind is still blowing a gale and we even had snow yesterday! So I am prepared for all weathers today. So off I go!