Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Rain stops play

Oh my, this rain nonsense did not get any better yesterday. after raining for nearly 12 hours non stop I just knew that cricket would be affected and sure enough, Durham's match against Worcestershire was called off. Which was a HUGE shame as I was going to head off to the Riverside to see Jack Shantry doing his thing.

John Hastings also signed  to play at Durham next season.  he must really like cold wet weather!!!

However  over in Derbyshire it was not looking too bad for My Tykes. There was a 'puddle' on the field and  the Umpires wouldn;t let the game start until this was gone.
they lost some overs and managed to get out to play. However after Yorks scored  239-6, with Gary Ballance on 69 and the lovely Jack Leaning on  42 ( he's a nice boy, he is).

More rain came down to then bring  in everyone's favourite...........(Jack and Vera ) Duckworth /lewis. Which confuses the hell out of normal folk and has pretentious cricket blaggers 'explaining' when in fact they don't have a clue either

Derbyshire came out fighting and it rally didn't look good for my Tykes I was on the edge of the sofa, feeling jolly sick! Derbys needed  197 off 29 overs!!!

With 16 runs needed off the last over I seriously thought that the boys had, had it and then Jack Brooks stepped up and took 2 wickets with 2 balls leaving Derbyshire with 8 runs off the last ball.

Big sigh of relief here at the towers. as the boys won by 7 runs.

I have not heard for the Dame so I am assuming that she made it to France and is enjoying better weather than us.

Last night phase two of the big life clear out started as the bigger articles around the chateau started to move out.yes one down at least  5 other bits to go.

Will I have all the Chateau, decorated by my birthday?, will all the treasure be sold on eBay?, will I ever have a tidy house again.?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of ' Keeping up with her Ladyship'

Thought for the day

Let go of the things you can't change
Focus on the things you can

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