Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Big life clear out continues

Yes some more junk treasures have left the Chateau and I am getting closer to actually seeing the spare bedroom carpet!. The office is now a shadow of it's former over stuffed self and I think that the clear out has been very beneficial to me in general.

There is however a lot of 'paper sorting' and tidying up to be done, but that is all cosmetic

The one thing that I have to learn from this is to NEVER EVER EVER fill the house up again!

And I hope that I can do this!

And taking about 'doing it', My Tykes were off to another victory yesterday as they beat Leics by 31 runs. this is steering them on a course to a quarter final place for the One Day Cup. However I am trying not to get too excited as we were there last year, only to have it snatched away by former besty home county of Durham.

Yesterday opener Alex Lees scored  75, whilst young Matthew Fisher took 3-32. I have to say that Matthew is having a bit of a dream of a season at the moment.

Yorkshire are sitting second in the One Day cup table  but have played one game more than the others at the moment.

My boys are now having a little rest day before they take on Somerset at Scarborough tomorrow. I am wondering if the wonderful Mr Trego is doing a spot of seagull spotting over pigeon fancying????!!!!

The war of words is starting to build again as we get nearer to the start of the fourth test ( Thursday). Lets see how we get on.

Today is cold grey and blowy, so it can start to get it s act together and bring in some heat for the weekend. Actually I have just checked the weather forecast and they appears at this moment to be little or no chance of water falling out of the sky.

The Dame is packing her bags in preparation of returning to the UK to take me out for dinner on Thursday evening, she is yet to know that after travelling back here for the sole purpose of eating dinner with moi, she is paying!!!!!
hope she doesn't get stopped at the airport, her case is full of white stuff, which by the way is sea salt that I requested her to bring back for me.

So now time to head off to the office and I have about as much desire to do that as I have to poke sticks in my eyes....................although the stick thing is sounding more appealing at the moment.

See you tomorrow when i will be a day closer to my 'holidays'.

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