Sunday, 30 August 2015

Closer to unveiling my 'surprise

Well T20 finals day has been and gone, with  Lancashire being victorious. Remind me never to put into print my predictions. I backed Hampshire and they fell at the first hurdle!!! yes I know the wrong sport but you get the gist.
So in a nutshell. Northants tore through Birmingham Bears to go through to the final, Then Lancs destroyed my Hampshire boys and the final was set between Lancs and Northants.

Soon to be new boy in the Tyke camp David Willey was bowling brilliantly yesterday and I can see why Gillespie the Gallant  was keen to get him.

I put my money on Northamptonshire which I knew would be kiss of death and it was!

I am never voicing my predictions again. I am less Mystic Meg and more Psycho Sue!

In between all the cricket I managed to  so some cooking and produced the best Tarka Dhal ever!! ( my opinion).
I also did a spot of knitting and some housework before heading back to the sofa for more cricket.

The hi light of the day was the mascot race which is what I look forward to every year.

it did not fail in having me laughing so hard that I was crying. However Vinny the Viking ( Yorkshire) won!!!! and Chester the Lion ( Durham) came in  3rd and got a spot on the podium.

Last years winner Stumps the Dragon ( Somerset) took a tumble in the final straight and then couldn't get up. No matter how many times they showed it I couldn't stop laughing.

First silverware of the season for Yorkshire, well done Vinny, the best break dancing mascot ever!

Black Knight of the Ferrari had said he would take me out to dinner after the final, but as that was a late finish he decided we would  have take away, we had both agreed no  drinking after yesterday mornings headaches, however he produced some more of his 'raffle' champagne and we set too.
By the time the final had finished we were both tired and  tipsy so he phoned his cousin and asked him to come and drive him home!!!!

He had played cricket at school but never really went to watch. He sat watching it and was cheering on Lancashire ( this could be the end of a beautiful friendship!), Then said , it really is great isn't it. I think I might have converted him...............

One more final to go before the end of the season..................arrgghhhhh I hate the thought of that as it signals all the things that I don't like, dark mornings, cold and sometimes even SNOW!!!

However we have another month before I have to think about that and so I am cramming in as much as I can before then,
Starting tomorrow when I will be hotfooting it down to Headingley for a couple of days. I am back there next weekend and at the end of the month, in between that who knows where I will be!

Right I am off to re-orange my hair, tidy the dining room, pack my bag............yes lots to do

until tomorrow when I will be getting very excited!

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