Monday, 10 August 2015

I love Yorkshire

I am writing this and still cannot believe what a fabulous weekend I have had in Scarbados.

I have had more highs and lows than  a fairground ride and as I am putting my thoughts down for the blog..........................................well I am finally close to saying the 'c' word. Although I am not quite close enough to writing it in full.

Ok lets start at the beginning of yesterday.

11.00am and His Royal Ryanness and Steve Patterson came out and put on even more runs, before Patto lost his bails to Onions and there was a very quick turn around for My Tykes to come out onto the field

The gentleman sat next to me said ' Right love 'ere we go,  think  I might be on the way home by 5pm'

Durham came out and started to play well, it was in the 12th over that  Stoneman went. Durham steadied but then it started again as Clark and Borthwick went.
The blip on the Durham lanscape was the very unsportsman like behaviour of Richardson who was lbw to Timmy Bresnan. There was much bat punching as he headed back to the dressing room, lots of grass kicking as well banging  and noise when he got there. Not cricket and not needed.

It was only a mater of time until the Yorskhire got them all out,and it took a catch by Captain Gale off a Plunkett ball to dismiss new Durham boy Burnham and bring the crowd to their feet.

I have to say that new Durham boy Burnham scored  his first 1st classs half centruy and looked good. Its about time that they started to bring in some new blood.

However nothing can take away the brilliant cricket played by Yorkshire and for those who knock them,have digs at them and generally do what they can to try to rub me up the worng way. Who cares the results this season speak for themselves!!!!

I was back in the hotel and in the bath before you could pop a cork on a bottle of Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque.

And felt a lot more human after that!!.

So a spot of dinner and an early night resulted in a long lie in this monring and now I am about to have another soak in the bath and then wend my way to see besty sister in the whole world Dame Didi, before heading back to the Chateau and

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