Friday, 21 August 2015

It's F(ryan)day !!!

Well it is finally F(ryan)day and today we the  picture of His Royal Ryanness and Liam Plunkett that always makes me chuckle, I can only guess what they are talking about!!!

However today I am off to cricket, yeay!!! Yippooo!!! flipping great and all that!!!

A long weekend of cricket followed by a short week and same the week after!!!

I am living the dream............................well sort of!

Right so it was the start of the Test yesterday and things were not going in the same way as last time, i.e Australia  were only three men down at the close of play.
What did make me very proud was the 'Guard of Honour' given to Michael Clarke by the England team,as he went into bat in what will be his last test.
You see temper tantrums aside, it really is the 'Game of Gentlemen'.
Australian are back at the crease today.

Blinking great news for 'My Tykes' as Aaron Finch returned to the team for the remainder of the season, that made me smile a lot. Yorkshire are 38 points ahead in the table but it is still all to play for and having Finch back is all the better.

Meanwhile  the team had headed off on the long journey to Sussex and that game all kicks off at 11.00am.
You can see that I may not be concentrating too hard on the Durham v Middx match as I scan Twitter for news updates!

I am still working on house and garden and last night I went to tackle the lawns in the extensive rear gardens of the Chateau. Having put 'weed and feed' on last week, I spent the early part of the evening raking moss out of the lawn, which now has bald patches!!! Who would have thought that getting lawns into shape would be so much hard work! I just keep thinking 'This time next year', now I need to sort out some paving slabs and I can start to do the new patio area!!!!

So my barnet has been trimmed into some kind of 'crazy ' order although it has not been re oranged and is now a bleached out orangey/blonde which is never a good look!!!
I have no time this weekend to sort it out so this is how it will stay.

I am now off to empty  the wardrobes as I doubt that I have anything to wear!!!!

Unitl tomorrow......................

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