Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Middlesex's day

I headed off to Chestrr le Street yesterday morning and went to join El Presidenti and the First Lady in their 'box". We all sort of knew we would be on our way home after lunch. As it turned out it was dead onunch time as we said our goodbyes

Before we left we saw the news that Yorkshires game had been abandoned due to weather and they had picked up 11 points. El Presiddnfi and I then sat dosn to work out what Middx had got ( they lost 2points).  Next week we thnk if they pick up 18 points min we can all shout the 'C' word.  OMG feeling a little bit sick.

I headed back to the Chateau and had a couple of hours digging and then planted out my 'boule de neige'  and a couple of white hydrangeas. Yes the borders are taking shape and I am turning into Charlie Dimmock!!!!!

However the way my back feel at the moment I ghink I will be walking round looking mire like Quasimodo!!!

So today Durham are in One Day quarter final action against  Nottinghamshire.

I hsve set record and will catch up when I get home and after yhe WiFi man has been. He called last night but had brought ghe wronv 'thing' and didnt have the rught 'thing'  in yhe van.
And so I am still typing this on my phone and it will be fu of typos as it is chuffing hard to edit it.

So with that I am off to hop in the shower and then go and maybe change my day to day life.
 Hopefully tomorrow we will be fully on lind and I will not be cross eyed trying to get tjis done!

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