Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Midweek already!!!!

Its midweek already and I am now only 2.5 days away from a great cricketing weekend.

yesterday should have been a great cricket day , but rain blighted my poor Tykes. I was listening to Radio 5 live sport at my desk. as the commentators tried to fill in some time in the morning they were discussing  various Yorkshire players. They got to His Royal Ryanness and said that Gillespie the Gallant had described him as the 'Rolls Royce' of the Yorkshire team. They were actually discussing the fact that HRR does not play short form cricket anymore. And it was said that he is 'like a Rolls Royce' that you bring out for the big show.
Well I can't disagree with that. I hardly see him as 'suped up' Vauxhall Nova doing 'donuts' at Teesside Park!!

As said there was no play at Headingley yesterday and the result saw both Yorkshire and Durham through to the last 8. To be honest I have little interest my sights are set on much bigger things!

And then at 6.50am this morning  a bigger thing did happen!!! It was announced after much speculation that David Willey has signed for Yorkshire, well now that makes for some interest next season, I however would have been happier with  Jack 'Commando boy ' Shantry. You can't win them all I suppose!

Durham also look to have been dealt a blow as it is reported that Mark Wood may need to undergo surgery on his ankle. Oh dear into the England team and crocked already............................sounds about right!!!

Things are taking great shape for my 'big surprise' and  to be honest although I am writing  about it I am actually shaking in my 'Jimmy Choo's now. I know that I will be fine its just the thought and as all but a couple of you reading have no idea what i am talking about I will shut up!

The week is actually dragging in the office without Job the jolly , who rarely makes a contribution to the office antics but is conspicuous by his absence which leads me to believe that he is the instigator of all the shenanigans that go on!!! Hmmmmmmm I might have hit on something here.

I went round to besty friend Francesca's for hypnotherapy last night, and also got a lot of  'doggy loves' from Orson, Mia and Lucky. Poor Lucky being the smallest of the bunch was being whipped to death by the tails of  the other two. Never doubt the power of a 'doggy love'!!!

Right off to sort them out now.

Thought for the day

When life knocks you down.
Roll over and look at the stars!

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