Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday funday?

I would like to say that today I have a lot to do and am not getting anywhere quickly.
Why?  I hear you all shouting!
Well yesterday I was going to do a spot of tiling, but instead decided to do a spot of border digging. As you know this has been ongoing for a number of weeks, digging a little bit in the evenings. Yesterday though I began digging like a woman possesed and  managed to get the whole width of the top of the garden dug ( as well as hoeing the areas that I had already had a go at).

Then I loaded the car and toddled off to the charity shop with a lot of things, and then came back and started to tidy up the patio/ paved area of the extensive grounds.

I then decided to dig a bit more and turn to start digging the length of the 'grounds'.

By this point my back was very hurty painy and I decided to go in and have a shower ( wanted a bath but don't have one!).

I collapsed on the sofa and watched the  cricket.
Kent v Lancs.
From the start both teams showed determination and Lancs bowled Kent out for 142 which was not a great score.
However Lancashire did not fair any better against the Kent bowlers including Mitch Claydon the man with the most unnaturally white teeth. Theses are always a talking point when ever he is playing both on TV and on the radio.
Imagine being known more for our teeth than your job ( Janet Street Porter comes to mind!).

Anyhooo I digress the outcome came from the last over and resulted in a tie, and Lancashire winning on the fact that they had lost least wickets.
Disappointing for Kent but Lancs through to finals day.

The semi final draw was also made and  Birmingham Bears will face Northants, which means that Hampshire will face Lancashire.

Could be exciting.

After the match I tried to get off said sofa only to find that the easiest way to move around was crawling on the floor, any attempt to stand upright resulted in a string of swear words being emitted ( yes really!!! and stronger than flipping and chuffing).
I took some pain killers and fell asleep, woke up felt no better, made some calls including  the First Lady of Middlesex CCC,  Tzarina Katerina and Dame Didi, then managed to crawl up to bed.
This morning  I am not better but I am at least upright!

And now I am off to make myself a big cooked brekkie and then take some more pain killers!

I have some super flipping fabby news too but I cannot tell yet.

All will be revealed in a couple of weeks and I am super bouncy  about it all.

 Right coffee a hoy!!!!

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