Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cricket Tuesday

Ahhh my beloved Tykes, never let me down!

I sorted myself out yesterday morning and even managed a garbled phone call to Dame Didi, then I headed on down to 'my seat'!!!!! Which was not there!!!!!

So I then noticed  some seats a tad further along ,  I tried to sit down but some numpty had put them too close to the boundary boards!!!!!
For the love of dogs do I have to do everything myself!!!

So I moved the chairs back and by chairs I mean two rows of 12 chairs fixed together.....yeah who said I was not muscular????

Eventually  I got settled and Yorkshire had decided to have a little  bowl, they  only bloody blinking well  went into over drive!!! I could hardly gulp my coffee, scoff my snicker, masticate my Mars Bars, appreciate my apple before Somerset were5 down and His Royal Ryanness was 2 more wickets up in his FC total.

However that was not the end of it as they made short work of Somerset who despite a valiant attempt by Peter Trego ( who had obviously feigned injury on Monday during their footy match),still ended their first innings on 110.

Jack Brooks ( Headband Warrior) even took 5-35, some going Jacky Boy

Well we needed Yorkshire not to do a 'Durham'!!!
Lyth and Lees went in to bat  and were keen to put on some runs.

I decided to be really brazen and head off into the Carnegie Pavilion.........................OK let me tell you unless you have a genuine reason for being there, you will be wrestled to the ground by security staff and frogmarched out of the ground AFTER having your mugshot taken and being banned from Headingley for life!!!!!!!

more about that another day!.

Anyhooo after checking out the scores, Yorkshire ended the day on 138-3. Captain Gale getting out cheaply!!! And Ballance failing to make his half century.

In my reckoning  Yorkshire need some more points to win the championship and they should get some of them this week, now I am really thinking that I need to get to Lords next week!!!

Oh what is a Lady to do!!!!!

Well win the lottery , give up work and just bum around after Yorkshire all season would be a start..................but holy batpoo that is not going to happen, so make the best of the games that I can.

And now I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and  see what the office boys have been up to in my absence ( probably nothing in the work sense).

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