Thursday, 24 September 2015

Home at Headingley

So PH and I headed off down the A1 yesterday to Headingley, the sun was shining and it was glorious.

Driving down toward Leeds the clouds were rolling in and by the time I parked at Headingley it was positively overcast and chilly. Luckily being a cricket watching pro, I have enough jackets and woollies in the boot of the car to keep half the western terrace warm.

My boys were in the field when I got here having been bowled out for 251. They lost their last three wickets for 10 runs.
Sussex were already 2 wickets down one taken by His Royal Ryanness (706).
By lunch another 3 wickets had gone down and Sussex looked to be in trouble.
By tea they were all out and my boys were back in the field.
They were 55-1 at the close of play.

I was having a grand old time and loving the fact that I was not in the office,  the weather improved by afternoon and I spent the latter half of the game basking in sunshine. Proper cricket weather.

However rain came down overnight and  this morning I have been watching the groundsmen mopping up. There are still some grey clouds but I can see blue sky too.

I have checked the weather forecast and it is going to be changable but the temperature will remain constant ( read that as not tropical weather).

However it makes no difference I am home at Headingley and going to make the most of it.

Super short one as I am busy doing my review of the season, should be out at the weekend.

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