Thursday, 3 September 2015

My goodness it's Thursday already

Where are his hands?

Wow it's a very short week for I Lady Lainey and I cannot believe that it is nearly the weekend ( and Semi Finals day!).

However there is still a county match on going and yesterday  saw Garry Balance and Steve Patterson returning to the crease. They put on some runs and Patto as night watchman put on 44, a brilliant knock.

Jonny Bairstow came in and  he hit his 1000th  run this season, that is one fabulous boy! and not bad considering that he had only played 13 innings this season.

I was in the office and listening to the cricket commentary on't wireless. The office boys were working away and it took until 3.55pm for Pony Paul to ask who was playing!!  Philistine!!!

Yorkshire racked up 391 runs I was gutted  they didn't hit 400.

By the time that I got home Somerset were 44-2 and HRR had added another wicket to his FC haul.

Its all going to go off next week at I go?????? I am fighting with myself on this one, do I make the 510 mile round trip?????. I will wait until after Sunday to decide!

Cricket aside it was a very uneventful day in the life of I Lady Lainey, after Tuesday   everything else seemed a bit dull and boring.

I am just getting myself sorted out ready for Sunday.......................I'm a tad excited about that.

The ECB met with Chairmen of the Counties  & CEO's yesterday and decided that they would  revamp the  domestic season by reducing the number of county matches from 16 to 14. This should make a 'block' over the summer  for T20 matches.
But my question to the clubs and the ECB is will the price of their membership be reduced to take into account 8 days less cricket?????

Hmmmmm I think that I will be putting quill to paper at some point today.

So  there are 2 more days in the office  before the weekend, however  Trill Boy is back on Friday from Mexico..............oh that's the day that I need to wear ear plugs. its bound to have been the worst holiday ever.

Another plus for today is that it isn't raining and I am wearing a 'frock' for the office, two days in a row!! now that will get me talked about.

Thought for the day

Everyone you meet
Has something to teach you

until tomorrow...................................and it's a biggy!!!!!

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