Monday, 14 September 2015

New week, at my old stomping ground

|So my champs headed off to Southampton yesterday , and although they  are the County Champions it doesn't mean that they can take their foot off the gas.

Not a flipping   chance, I, Lady  Lainey expect nothing  less than a total all out maximum point gathering  win, down at the home of former besty home county in the south,Hampshire.. My old stomping ground ( nearly).

Ahh a trip down memory lane ( or Northlands Roads, where the county ground used to be situated). Long hot summer days, nights out and finishing up in Zorba's Greek restaurant.........................OK it was a Kebab shop but it did have plastic table and chairs. so that you could eat in.

Anyhoooo the main thing is that 'my champs. go out and win. I am hoping that they are all over their hangovers and raring to go.

Hampshire will be hoping for a win ( no chuffing chance),as they  are struggling down at the bottom of the table along with Worcestershire and Somerset.

In other crickety news, Australia 'stuffed' ( very technical cricket term) England to take the ODI series 3-2. It was however not without incident as Captain Morgan left the field with a concussion after being hit by a bouncer, bowled by  Mitchell Starc, who looked shell shocked.And understandably so.
Morgan never made it back to the crease  and the rest of the team seemed to have run out of steam.
Well done the Aussie boys, at least I got to see that Mitchell Starc smile one more time.

Yesterday was busy here at the Chateau although things did not run too smoothly when my rotary washing line decided to kick up it's heels and collapse with my washing on it ( and then in various parts of the extensive grounds). After managing to locate most of my 'smalls' and my 'larges' I now have washing drying all over the house.

Had quick visit by eldest monster child nephew Lord Christophe which was highly entertaining.
I was also drilling and fixed the  little problem that I had with the overhang of the garage door.

See give a Lady power tools and amazing things happen.

And today? well I have to go and set record  as 'My boys' match is on Sky and then  this evening I  can watch them in action
And then I am heading off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office,oh joy the thought of that is making me want to get back into bed!!!!

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