Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Start of ' The Big Week'

Woooo it's not even F(ryan)day and  pics of HRR are making an appearance.
Well that is because it is the start of a 'Big Week' for my Tykes and for HRR if he performs well.

I will be chained to my desk but listening on 5 Live Sport.
I am not feeling at my usual perkiness which is a bit of a shame, but best to deal with things before they spiral into anything worse ( that hideous, yukky temperature spiking, heart palpitating lurgy).

however back to the important thing, Gillespie the Gallant has told the players to focus on their match and not to get too drawn into the excitement which is building ( and has been here at the Chateau since April). he said that 'everyone is excited and they have good reason to be excited. We've put ourselves in a good position, but we can't take anything for granted'.

Wise words from the coach.

Also it is great to see that they have at this moment gone through the season unbeaten.

England were playing yesterday and won! which was brilliant, even when Jonny Bairstow caught Glenn Maxwell. two of my favourite Tykes!.
However it was teeny tiny James Taylor who hit a century that helped England through.
Well done boys. Its Headingley  Friday and should be a goodie!!!

I was taking some flack from so called'friends' last night on Twitter, re  the incident with Lyth on Sunday, and then dredging up my dislike for Liam Plunkett when he was at Durham.

So let me put things straight.
Lyth was stupid and should have been aware of where mics and cameras were.

Which is a tad like...................
One Durham player who is synonymous  with messing up his spells with England, sent home in disgrace, breaking his hand in fit in fit of temper, obstructing the field! and that doesn't even take into account his Durham tantrums.
And his language on the field has been picked up on Sky.
In fact the bat hurling/ kicking, foul language, temper tantrums seem to be rife at Durham!!!

As for Liam, he has developed at Yorkshire into the player he was meant to be.( and had been a few years previously). This is down to hard work on his part and a strong discipline  ethos at Yorkshire ( even Glenn Maxwell fell foul of their rules this summer and was omitted from a game)
Durham seem to lack discipline  where their players are concerned.

If you want to have it out with me then do it face to face not by making snide comments to your friend knowing that it would be picked up by myself.

And as for the 'big hairy thing',check out his wicket taking stats!!!!

And that is all I am saying on it.

I can't believe that I am off on a rant and feel so grotty.

Finally today sees  Her Majesty The Queen become the longest reigning monarch, when she passes the record set by Queen Victoria.

Right off to see the quack to hopefully feel a bit better later and also get some painkillers for flipping tennis elbow!! It never rains....................

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