Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thank goodness its Thursday

I,Lady Lainey am super glad its Thursday, it is nearly the weekend and all the excitement that  holds ( washing if I have a new line, painting, Dame Didi coming to lunch, spot of tiling). But before all of that I have to get through two more days in Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

My boys however , are into their last day of their penultimate cricket match in Hampshire. Yesterday was horrible weather and in the end over 7 overs were bowled and then My Tykes went  back to their hotel ( which  most of them took to twitter to complain about) and played 'Tiddlywinks', watched 'Murder she wrote' and got some sleep.

The chances of them getting a round of golf ( favourite pastime for most cricket boys zzzzzzzzzz) were  not really an option unless they had amphibian features.

Hampshire badly need to get points from this game, where as My Boys need the weather to remain rubbish so that they don't have the chance of being bowled out.

Anyhooo we can only wait and see what happens today.


Down at the bottom of the Division One table Worcestershire kept some hope alive of not sliding into Div Two ( which would be a shocker for Lady Lainey as top eye candy Jack Shantry would no longer be around). Brett D'Oliveira had bowling figures of 5-48 as they bowled Durham out for 277.
And the aforementioned Jack Shantry even took  a wicket.

The weather this morning is not too bad so I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.


When I got back to the Chateau last night after a hard days graft at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office ( I had to make coffee twice I will have you know), there was a large envelope on the mat for was only the score cards from Lords last week, from El Presidenti!!!!

Oh my I was fair swooning reading them, I know My Tykes lost but these were the score cards from a Championship winning match. And of course His Royal Ryanness got wickets.................oh it was the greatest surprise for a cricket tragic like me!!!.

Right I am off to face the A1 and then have get on and sort out some archiving to go to HQ in London.

I doubt that my day will be that exciting so best brace myself  for lots of 'tidying up' and general office 'housekeeping'.

oh well here I go...........................

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