Friday, 13 November 2015

Its a holiday F(ryan)day

Welcome to the best F(ryan)day in the world, yes it is The F(ryan)day before my birthday and I am getting way too excited!

I spent yesterday though making my special christmas cakes. This is actually my own fruit cake recipe which suits any occasion and is wonderful. I also made some Sloe Gin and  got the crank shank sensor replaced in the Lady Lainey limo whist getting lots of cuddles from Benji the French kissing border collie at the garage. I managed to keep my mouth shut so as to avoid getting 'snogged'
As I have said before after the kisses from Benji.................I have been kissed by worse!

Yesterday was a bit low on cricket news but my Aussie boys  are in action today as I type, against New Zealia, and I can tell you it is a bit mental as Warner is on 139 not out!!!
And my boys are on  258-1.

It's going to be a full on cricket birthday weekend as not only Australia in action but also England and South Africa. OOOHHHH what more could a Lady Lainey want................................well I have a list if you would like to see it.

Today I have some visiting to do as I go to see my friend Lorraine,who regular readers will remember, broke her back in a freak watersport accident. She is on the mend two years on but still has to take it very easy.
She is going away at the beginning of Decemeber and has asked me if I will (once again) look after Zena ( warrior rottweiler) her dog.( I did this last summer).
So I am going to finalise the details.
Who would have thunk that I Lady Lainey, super glamazon, would also be the local dog sitter!!!

Rightio this is  a very short one as I have lots to do and not a lot of time to do it in!!!!

See you tomorrow when it will be birthday eve!!!

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