Thursday, 12 November 2015

On my holibobs !!!!!!

I am on my holibobs and I cannot tell you how flipping excited I am about that!

 No more office boys until next Tuesday, they can break wind, burp, swear, talk about football and sing off key to their hearts content!!!
I don't care!!!

Which is a bit how I felt in the opening overs of the ODI yesterday. Dear me!!!! What on earth is going on with that team. 3-14 before I had even had time to have a few slurps of my green tea!! Not a great start!!!
The ship was steadied by Captain Morgan   and Tiny Taylor,but then all the 'armchair selectors' were putting all their money on David Willey. Hmmmm you just knew how that was going to end, And after making 13 he was gone.

England were all out for 216.
 The pick of the England bowlers was Reece Topley but this was to no avail as Pakistan won by 6 wickets.
Not much else to add to that.

Andrew Strauss then chipped up that England must focus on ODI's ( non merde!) and prepare for the World Cup.
I personally think that they need to focus on cricket, you know batting and bowling, and fielding, That would be a start.

I am not going to head off on a rant as it is a glorious morning and I am on holiday.

I am however heading off to the gym, and then come back to the Chateau to get on with washing and house cleaning and all the other boring things that are involved with having guests.

I am also sorting out the making of the Christmas cakes!!!
The house is going to smell lovely.

see you tomorrow.

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