Wednesday, 18 November 2015

sad news

Yesterday morning we got the very sad news that my Aunt ( and godmother) had passed away. She had been very poorly for a while and although we all knew it was for the best, it is a sad loss and making our family get smaller. She was a funny lady who always made me laugh.
I remember fun holidays with her and my Uncle  and will always cherish the memories of a strong, sometimes outspoken lady.

Go party with the rest of the family now!

And then this morning the news came through that former New Zealia rugby player Jonah Lomu had very sadly passed away. He had retired from Rugby due to a rare kidney condition however his family have said that his death was completely unexpected.
Thoughts are with them.

And also with the lovely Dave Callaghan 'Cally cricket', who is the voice of Yorkshire CCC cricket coverage. He is not too well at the moment and we all hope that he is back on his feet very soon.

And now for more cheerful news.............

....or is it, well luckily for us cricket fans it is. England were in action in Sharjah against Pakistan and due to a wonderful knock by James Taylor England managed a six wicket  win against the hosts and go 2-1 up in the series.

This is good news for this ODI team although I am still not 100% sure of the Captain!.

As Australia said goodbye to Mitchell Johnson yesterday , players took to Twitter to wish him well including my 'faves' from South Africa. A fitting tribute to a great player.
Strangely there were not a lot of England players wishing him well in retirement................which I would have thought there would be.#nemesis

Its a little bit cricket quiet today so tonight after the gym I am guessing that I had better get prepared for the Church Xmas Fair which I have agreed to take a stall at.

Not sure why I did but its all for a good cause.

ooohhhhh and Santa is there tooooooo!!!!!

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