Thursday, 19 November 2015

Time to get back on track

yes indeedy doody, it has been a mad few weeks culminating in my Birthday which I love more than champagne itself, but it is now time to settle down and get back to the work in hand.

I am back at the gym and now that I seem to have the tennis elbow under control I cannot afford to let it slip.

So tonight after work I will be donning the sports garb and going to lift some weights, flex my biceps, get my abs back on show and all of this whilst wearing my tiara! Flipping heck, I tell you walking round with one of those on day in day out is weight training in itself.

 I am hoping that by the new year I will be feeling like a new Lady Lainey and not like the tired Lainey I am at the moment.

However as I have a few days break from cricket and no need to get up at stupid o'clock, I might be able to get a spot of R & R .

Not getting any R & R at the mo is a former fave of I, Lady Lainey, the lovely Brett Lee ( got a little thing about bowlers, always have had). Anyhooo  Brett has made a film and been snogging woman in it!!!! what the flip!!

This set me thinking about some bowlers I would like to snog but sadly we do not have enough hours in the day to put them all down on paper for you all to read, and anyway I am sure that you can guess my Top 10.

Never been a fan of wicketkeepers  ( apart from Jonny Bairstow & Jack Russell)  too flipping mouthy for their own good ( and some of them still are!), give me a bowler any day, especially a fast bowler!

Then I started thinking whether I have ever really had a crush on an opening/mid order batsman.
Well you all know I have a bit of a thing for Abraham Benjamin, and also TLJL ( who will remain an acronym) but in the past have I ever looked coyly at one from under my tiara. Answer is no.

Ohh and I also got word through that I am going on a course to learn to score!!!!

Well now that kind of ties in with above!
Although in reality it is not quite that kind of scoring, but the cricket kind.
Well I am trying to keep myself out of mischief.........................................and failing miserably!! ( or gloriously as it should be)

 best get on now and go and do the day job. Time to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, shout at idiot boys, drink copious amounts of green tea and look wonderfully pretty for 7 hours.
Its a tough life

Hahahaha  our super job in the Channel Isles is being run by 'Bob the Builder', I jest you not!

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