Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tuesday Tidy out

So today I am having another huge clear out but it is in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office, there are boxes of rubbish in the spare office and as we are getting a new draughtsman soon  we need to make some space.

I am also still having the clear out at the ch√Ęteau, you would have thought that it would be empty by now.............but sadly it isn't and I am now hoping that I can do this in time for Pere Noel.

Yesterday was very cold and we discovered that the toilet was broken at the office too. Not sure what  the cleaner had been doing over the weekend. We will not be getting a new loo until the end of the week!!!!

I ask you!!! it would never happen at London HQ that they were without a toilet!

We were not drinking anything throughout the day to stop the need to spend a penny, then when the 'lot' in the offices downstairs go home we went and used theirs!!!!

Not an ideal situation!

My Tykes were back in training yesterday and preparing for the new season. It makes it all feel closer when this is happening.

Some of them look as if they have been over indulging in their time off and look a bit more'fluff' than 'buff'.

His Royal Ryanness was sporting a pair of knee high white socks. now I am never one to comment on his dress sense as usually when in 'civvies' he looks very smart. I am not sure the look he was going for, it was more 'Japanese school girl' than 'mighty wicket taker'

They all looked to be in high spirits, just like going back to school after the summer holidays.
Gillespie the Gallant was chatting about their training and how they are all back ready to get match fit.
Well add an extra one onto the team, as I am too.

England played a warm up T20 match yesterday and they let Liam Plunkett have a little bowl. He must have been sick of being the water boy.

England won but to be honest if they hadn't then questions needed to be asked!

Today has dawned as cold as yesterday so I think that the thermals will be order of the day especially as our ineffectual heating at Super Swanky Lady Lainey office means that it is often colder inside than out!

right off to go and do my thing.

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