Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Wild, wet and very windy

It has now been blowing a gale, lashing down with rain and  being utterly miserable weather for three consecutive days now. I am now fairing very well, or to put in it into lay mans terms, my flipping orange curls now resemble a birdsnest, worse than normal.
I don't comb my hair from hair wash to hair wash ever, however it is now been blown around so badly that even if I wanted to I would not get a comb through it. I can't even get my fingers through it.

I look a fright!!!!

Time to get the hats out!!!

Tomorrow sees the start of the ODI series out in The UAE, 11am ( UK time)  no team news as of yet.

In Australia the 2nd test starts on F(ryan)day in Perth.

I can see that I am going to be a tad tired on my birthday!! Which by the way is on Sunday , just in case you didn't know, in case I hadn't mentioned it. Just in case you had forgotten!!!

Oh joy I have just heard the weather forecast! it is only going to continue to rain and be windy, so tonight I think that the sauna is the order of the day after the hard workout in the gym.
I tell you the only part of my body that doesn't hurt is my elbow which has kept me awake for nearly 8 weeks.
Think this may be the way forward for me.

Right I am keeping this short as I need to get to work, not through choice I hasten to add.

Cheerio, have a good day !!!.

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