Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Any publicity................

is better than no publicity, as the old adage goes!

Or in the case of 'he who must not be mentioned in the blog' If Piers isn't yakking about me then I will yak about myself'.
So he was turned away from the Qantas first class lounge for wearing inappropriate footwear.
He then complained that his footwear is an Australian institution and couldn't see why he was turned away.

OK so

1. First class lounge means decorum

2. Decorum means good taste.

3. Neither the footwear in question or the person wearing them equate to the value of the word decorum

4. He is not Australian so the footwear is not 'his' institution ( although I am sure he can find a way to be an Australian to get on the test team)

5. For a 35 year old man to publicly call an International Airline 'muppets' shows his lack of vocabulary.

6. He is becoming more tiresome by the day

7. Hope he loses in the BBL too ( sorry not sportsman like but hey I don't like him)

Oh another day another 'HWMNBNITB' rant

So lets move swiftly on

Over in the England camp, joy of joy, Steve Finn has been given the all clear and is joining the team, ahhhh yes!!! another winter holiday for him, as no doubt he will be injured in the warm up matches and forced to sit out the 'real' games.

I also predict that Stokes will not be fit for all the matches and Broad may not even make the first week.


Well I think that you all know me well enough now to know that what I am writing is the truth.

Now you do know how much I loves Jonny Bairstow, I loves him lots!!!!, but he has said that he is bidding to outshine his South African wicket keeping opposite. Normally this would not even ruffle the curls of I, Lady Lainey, but as the wicket keeping opposite in question is none other that Abraham Benjamin.................well what is a Lady to do!!!!!

I will mull this over today in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office as I do not intend to do much else other than shout a bit, drink green tea and file my nails!

Right off to do 'stuff'

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