Tuesday, 8 December 2015

It's getting a little festive

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Especially in the Chateau, even 'The Gentlemen of Tykeshire' have been getting themselves geared for the day when Pere Noel arrives.
The boys are all ready in their hats with the exception of Ryan gnome who can't get one on due to his abundance of curls!

And talking about the curly haired one, he has been snapped up to play in the UAE next year ( Jan & Feb) in the MCL tournament. His Royal Ryanness is playing for Libra Legends ( so I guess  you know who I will be following).
The teams are made up of players who have retired from international cricket, and the surprise I got was that 'He who must not be named in the blog' did not shout out his intention to never try to play international cricket again in the hopes of making some more money now that he is a T20 'PRO'

There are some great names in the squads and I am hoping the HRR keeps himself fit!

Things in Super swanky Lady Lainey office are gearing themselves for Friday when 'big boss Simon arrives from 'darn sarf' and we all head off to Bannatynes Hotel for a massive gut bash and in the case of the boys drink the company profits.
 I predict that Trill Boy will be home in bed before 5pm and Pony Paul will only keep himself going so that he can  get as much info out of the boss to use at a later date, and Job the Jolly  will be drunk before he even eats his lunch and then sit in the corner egging Trill on and grinning inanely.
As for me I will be stone cold sober as I am dog sitting all weekend and have to go home to Zena warrior rottweiler!

We are expecting more wind and rain today although luckily here in Lady Laineyville serious flooding is not a problem, however we are all thinking about the people over in Cumbria and Lancashire who are once again driven out of their homes due to flooding.

This is terrible at any time, but just before Xmas!!!!!. I cannot even begin to think how these people are coping.
The PM visited yesterday and promised to look into flood defences......................to be honest  that is a very important but the priority is getting these people rehomed and then back in their homes asap. maybe some of the money frittered away on entertaining in the House of Commons and Lords this Christmas could be donated to the people in need.

Just saying!

And now I am heading off

See you all tomorrow!

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