Friday, 18 December 2015

Party F(ryanday)

Yeay!!! it is F(ryan)day and also the day of the works ( other) do with my colleagues in the South.

It is also the first match for my Adelaide Strikers which I will be watching on the train courtesy of Sky Go. It does mean that I will be able to cut myself off from Pony Paul and any others undesirables on the train.................I should have flown!!!!

However that is all to come.

Yesterday in South Africa in the warm up match England had nearly four seasons in one day as they went from glorious heat to rain, hale and then thunder and lightening, which led to the match being abandoned.

Next match starts on Sunday.

It was a funny old day yesterday the weather here in the North East of Blighty being jolly strange, after two weekends of torrential rain and wind, followed by 4 inches of snow, we are now basking in temperatures way above the seasonal norm. It makes you wonder what is in store for this weekend..................well I do know that I am going to visit Kiki with Dame Didi ( safety in numbers). That should bring the temperature down to positively frosty!!!!

Once the pressies are all dropped off I can then finish at super swanky Lady Lainey office next week and concentrate on the more important things which  include , cricket, christmas pressies, cricket , sleeping, cricket, eating, cricket...................well I think that you get the gist of it.

And now I  am trying to squeezed my ample frame into  my party frock before heading off to the lights of London and party central.

I am however more looking forward to watching the cricket on the train.


I put my order in for a win!!!!

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