Saturday, 5 December 2015

Stormy Saturday

holy macaroni!!!!! it is flipping windy outside and has been all night, not that I knew anything about that as  I slept right through until 6.30am this morning!!!
I do know that it is blowing a gale now and I dread to see the extensive grounds of the chateau when it finally gets ( if it finally gets) light.

 I am thinking that there may be a bit of tidying up to do out there this afternoon!. I think that if it rains the garden incinerator will be busy!

They have been tidying things up over at Yorkshire ready for Xmas and also as Gillespie the Gallant departs today for Australia today, where he will be coaching The Adelaide Strikers. They announced yesterday that young Alex Lees would be the new captain of the one day side, a great chance for the 22 year old.
I think that he will be great and that bringing the 'youth' forward is a positive step.
It's a shame that other counties don't look to this.

 It is only two weeks ( there and there abouts) until the start of the BBL in Australia, I am going to make sure that I see as much of this as I can.

#team Strikers

today I am heading off to Richmond for a jaunt and then home to do some 'stuff'.

I have actually got the Christmas tree out of the box, which is a huge progression on the last 6 years, when the box would come out of the garage, sit in the dining room for a few days to a week, and then get put back into the garage.

This year it is going to be Christmas in the ch√Ęteau.

And now as there is daylight poking through I think that I had better go and see what damage has occurred in the grounds. The Deer Park looks OK a bit wind battered, it is the back that is my main concern.

Right I am off to sort it out.

Back tomorrow

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