Monday, 21 December 2015

Welcome to Monday!!!

It's Monday and it has started off very oddly indeed.

I had decided to have an early night ( the visit to see Kiki has fair worn me out) and  fell asleep with my phone on. At some point I woke up, had tried to look at a notification couldn't see what it was and then  switched the phone off.

This morning I switched it on as soon as I woke up  and it lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree ( very apt too).  OK, I am still trying to take in that it is morning and worse still Monday morning!!! I cannot even begin to take it all the notifications on my phone.

After making a coffee I decide to see what excitement I have missed over night..............................

and to say that I was shocked to see that I was the most popular person on Facebook last night is an understatement!!!. I have over 100 friends requests and far too many messages than normal and from people I did not know!!!!

OMG I thought to  myself, I have been hacked!!!!

I read the messages and was very confused by the content, they were all along the same lines!!

So I investigated further and here is the full account.

Besty sushi friend Alan, had  mentioned me in a comment from the ECB regarding Jonny Bairstow.

Besty sushi friend Alan had called Jonny  'my lad'.

Lady Lainey is now thought of by lots of peeps out in ECB/FB land as Jonny Bairstows mum!!!!!!!

Well, flattered as I am at the thought of having the 'ginger ninja' for a son, sadly I am not.
I did have the great pleasure of spending the day at the Test many moons ago with his Mum and Dad, and also see his mum regularly at Headingley. But this does not make me related.

So I am now ignoring the  friends requests and the messages which were all along the lines of

'Ohhhhhh Jonnys mum, we love your son please friend us'.

'Ohhhhhh tell Jonny we love him'

' Can you get Jonny to friend me on FB'

I think  you get the idea!!!

I have to say Alan, that this has actually made a very rubbish Monday morning into an absolutely hilarious one.I am actually crying with laughing as I type this.

I am also  gearing myself up for Super swanky Lady Lainey office ( well only 1.5 days), but spurred on by the fact that 'my boys' ( and no I am not the Mum of Bradd Hodge, Craig Simmons or Kieron Pollard or the rest of the team for that matter) The Adelaide Strikers will be in action very soon.

And its nearly time for Pere Noel to come that is exciting.

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