Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bird watching Sunday

Well it's that time of year again, when I spend an hour glued to the goings on of the winged visitors to my garden ( and other things that may be about this morning). yes I am involved in the annual RSPB survey.

So I will settle down at about 10am and watch the comings and goings in the extensive grounds of Temperance Towers.
I had in the past few weeks increased the amount of 'fat balls' and peanuts and seeds that I have put out as well as leaving water for them.

I am hoping that once I have the new patio laid I will get a 'bird feeding station as well as a bird bath.

However before that is happening there is a little matter of can one person make so much mess?????

I also have other jobs to do, but am having a visit from Dame Didi, its all go!

Well I never, reading the sports news I see that Michael Clarke is coming out of retirement to play some grade cricket, with a view to some limited overs cricket. The 34 year old has obviously missed the game a lot.

Games not to miss out on this season are any that have Yorkshire involved.
Young Will Rhodes, has been talking about how the team could very well do the treble this season.
Well if they do I will be one very happy Lady AND probably jolly squiffy too!

Gillespie the Gallant is now back on British soil and ready for the upcoming season.
He said that he has learnt a lot over in Australia with The Adelaide Strikers. I am not too bothered about Yorks going top in T20 and Limited overs cricket , I am more interested in the County Championship. I know that some members expect them to excel in all areas of the game. I however am more of a purist and love the four day matches.

Rightio, time to go.

Things to do birdies to watch.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Saturday at last

Thank  goodness it's Saturday and I am free to do what ever I want. Which usually means washing and housework, however it will also include clearing up the extensive grounds of the chateau after the hideous winds yesterday.

Goodness me my newly cut barnet took a battering yesterday and by the time I had got into super swanky Lady Lainey office I was looking more 'dragged through a hedge backwards' than 'front cover of Vogue'!!!

Good news filtered through yesterday as it was announced that the lovely Abraham Benjamin would remain as captain of South Africa, after deputising for the last two tests AB will lead the team in the home series against New Zealia ( as they are known in the Chateau) that starts in August.

Joss Butler is 'desperate' to play in the T20 series after losing his wicket keeping place to Jonny Bairstow...................................well the answer to that conundrum is that he should have played better when given the chance. This boy has hardly made a blip of the 'Laindar' and to be honest I think the hype is bigger than his talent.

I still think that they should insert the Yorkshire team ( including the old war horse His Royal Ryanness) and see how they shape up!

Things are hotting up in Chateau de Saltburn as Dame Didi went to war with the estate agent. She is determined to be in France for ever before Xmas this year.
The dozy agents made lots of promised which they failed to keep, so with some words of advice from moi, and after numerous phone calls, Dame Didi put quill to paper and sent them a letter.
Well that did the trick and she is now hopefully on the home straight.
She is also getting things set in stone for the grand birthday bash in September ( I am not allowed any cricket that weekend) and the super fabby disco that played at my '21st' will hopefully be blasting out for us all to get up and shake our ample bulk to.

Hark I hear the sound of the washing machine on spin cycle so that can mean only one thing.............time to end this tome for today.

Have a great weekend and get lots of 'naps' ( I know that I will)

Friday, 29 January 2016

It's a flipping hooley of a F(ryan)day

Chuffing heck it is blowing a gale outside and I am not at all looking forward to heading out in it. However needs must and after all it is the last day of the working week!!

Yeay!!! another weekend of washing and cleaning and napping!!

Well it was the start of the MCL tournament, which is apparently for the ' oldies of cricket'..................woooooo hold on there a minute!!! His Royal Ryanness is playing for the Libra Legends  and in my books is anything but an oldie!!! however I suppose when you pass 21 you are old you must fall into that bracket, I however have yet to sample that delight!.
As it turned out The Libra legends lost the match but it is only the first battle and not the whole war!

News from besty home county of Yorkshire was the unveiling of the new plans for the new area at the rugby club end. Very swanky it looks too and I am glad to see that the 'Lady Lainey seat has not been affected by the development.

Well I had a full on busy day yesterday as I had the old orange afro chopped off and turned from a 'curly concave bob' into a 'bob'. This actually means that my hair is a lot shorter than it has been for a number of years but hopefully it will be a lot tidier ( yes and this morning I saw pigs flying)
It also cost more than a few bob to get it done!!!!

I also went to be a voodoo doll in my lunch hour as I went to have acupuncture. Sometimes all the shouting at boys and looking pretty for 7 hours in the office is very taxing and I need to have my batteries recharged. well after having needles placed in various parts of my anatomy I had a 40 minute nap and felt much better when I came out.
So much better that I fell asleep eating my dinner and was in bed by 8.30pm and sound asleep not long after that.

this morning I felt great when I woke up however the wind and rain are making me feel that I should just get back under the duvet and write today of.

I wont, and I am now about to head off to brave the weather and finish my week.

have a great F(ryan)day and I hope that it is better with you than it is here in the North East of blighty!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

It's nearly the weekend

well  OK, its Thursday but at least it is only 14 working hours until the weekend for I,Lady Lainey.

It was a busy day for certain counties as overseas players were announced.

As added here on the blog at the last minute yesterday, Yorkshire have resigned  tiny Kiwi Kane Williamson for part if the season. He will be playing from 9th June to 18th July,  in all three forms of the game.
Will there be another addition to the Yorkshire family?
well, only time will tell.

Joy of joys!!!!!! Somerset have resigned Chris Gayle for the T20 season,
He should be OK being interviewed on Sky unless he tries to ask Nasser out on a date!!!
Maybe he should ask Steve Harmison, The Gayle boy will be so bored he'll be back in his mirror ceiling bedroom before you can say 'YA NAR'!!!
I wonder if there are many apartments/houses in the Taunton area with a pole dancing area and the aforementioned mirrored bedroom ceiling.
if you have one for rent best to contact Somerset CCC.

and then Lancashire, well they didn't name an overseas player but they did enter prove their sense of humour in a Twitter mix up.
They were contacted about blocked drains by a disgruntled Lancashire County Council tax payer.
They responded that they would 'get some players onto it, first thing'.
Well played to Lancs CCC for being such good sports.
The lady who had tweeted them in error , was to say the least in fits of laughter.

I also was contacted by El Presidenti of Middx CCC re our meetings this season.
Fristly in April.
then in July in Scarbados where we will be staying in the same hotel,
And then in September when I will be travelling to London to see 'My Tykes' and Harry and Blossom ( El Presidenti and the First Lady).

Oh I cannot wait to see them!!!

well best get myself ready as a busy day today.
Acupuncture at lunchtime and then getting the orange afro cut after work.

best head off .
Have a great Thursday and don't work too hard

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Mid week *big sigh*

Yes it is mid week and sadly at Super swanky Lady Lainey office it has turned to 'Junior Showtime', Trill Boy has spent the last two days trying to roll back 18 years and prove to Tommy Gun that he is  'hip'and 'down with the kids'. His language has turned to that of some 14 year old and his behaviour is progressively worse. I know that I vent my spleen on here about day to day activities in the office when really I should be taking them in hand.
However when dealing with such a puerile character as TB it is hard to get the message across. Even after speaking to Big Boss Simon it still had no effect and so sorry, but I need to let off some steam!!!

Things got progressively worse on all fronts for I Lady Lainey as England hadn't even had time to digest their breakfast before they were all out as South Africa took hold and skittled them out. After what was described as a 'limp' performance they were accused of throwing in the towel.

My thoughts................well it was a lacklustre performance towards the end, and maybe the top order needs looking at, that aside, I have no excuses ready for the performance.

South Africa were just good on the day(s).

All cries of 'Bring back he who must not be named in the blog' 'have been ignored in this camp. Bringing him back is going back on your word and will not make for a happy team, I feel that there is still a lot of dust circling around this person and it will not settle easily!

Besty home county of Yorkshire are unveiling their new overseas player at 7am today and speculation is rife as to who it is. Tales of it not being the little favourite of I, Lady Lainey are in full flow. Yes it is alleged that Glenn Maxwell will not be the choice as he is apparently ' a law unto himself'! ( and a cheeky boy to boot)

Names such as Travis Head, Big Billy Stanlake have been bandied around, however the name of Michael Neser has not been mentioned and that in itself is a disappointment to me.

Every Lady likes a bit of 'eye candy' on the field and as he days of his Royal Ryanness are numbered I need to find a suitable replacement ( although TLJL is fitting into that role very nicely).
Its a shame that Gillespie the Gallant had not made a bid for Commando Boy himself, yes Jack Shantry would have been a pleasant distraction.( although Worcestershire is not overseas even with all the rain that has been falling!)

However I am sure I will be delighted with whoever they have chosen and as long as he plays well there will be no grumbling from this quarter!

sadly time is running away and I will not be able to let you know who the player is until tomorrow when it will be common knowledge. so until then......................

have a great Wednesday!


It was announced about 30 seconds ago that Kane Williamson will be returning to Yorkshire.

Tiny Tyke is back!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

It's blowing a gale

It's blowing a gale outside and when I woke up this morning my first thought was 'I hope there will be some cricket today'.
And I didn't mean in South Africa, I had been dreaming that I was on my way to Headingley!
Ah well it isn't long until I head off down the A1 and am ensconced in my room at The Headingley Lodge being looked after by the lovely Helen and all the gang.
Yes the domestic season is getting closer.

Meanwhile back in South Africa, England have some serious batting to do today to try halt a defeat. Having closed on 52-3, they need  382 to win.
Well stranger things have happened in cricket, but I am not going to be holding my breath, as I do not fancy turning a very strange shade of blue in the office!
Does the England top order need looking at?

Well I think that something needs to be done, although what?

In other Lady Like news I have been invited to the wedding of besty friend in the UAE Rob Duncan. He is getting himself hitched ( for the 3rd time!!! Methinks that he likes wedding cake a tad too much). When I said that I would try to get there he  was a little miffed, I said that I would definitely be at his next one!! Which didn't go down too well!!!!!

His wedding does however coincide with Yorkshire being out there on tour.................................well that puts a very different slant on things.

And I suppose that if I go I can catch up with former work colleague Joanne........ahhh decisions, decisions!

Must check with El Presidenti of Middx CCC and see if himself and the First Lady are out there too, that should be fun!

However holidays are really the last thing on my mind at the moment as I am contemplating the drive into Super Swanky Lady Lainey office in this wind. I fear the limo will be getting a buffeting on the A1.

Well lots to do and only 7 working hours to do it in, best get my work tiara on and head off to shout at boys drink copious amounts of green tea and look pretty.

And don't forget that I am very near the finish line in my 'Dry January' challenge, raising awareness and funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research and Cricket without boundaries.

My Justgiving page is

Monday, 25 January 2016

How is it Monday again?

It is Monday again, and I have no idea where the weekend went!!
well yes I do really, but that does not make up for the fact that I am not looking forward to another week in Super swanky Lady Lainey office.

yesterday saw the Big bash come to a close and although my beloved Strikers were not in the final, I donned my 'Sydney Thunder' hat and hoped that they would win.

Melbourne stars batted first and of course there was only one man playing on the team. Yes, 'he who must not be name in the blog' decided that he was going to win the match and the whole flipping tournament!.
Setting The Thunder 177 to win I was on the edge of my seat.

The odd thing about this final was that it had Hussey's on both side, the Hussey brothers were playing on opposing teams. This would be the last outing for Michael Hussey.

Long story short it went down to the last over and The thunder were victorious, which made I, Lady Lainey whoop with joy as it finally took the smug look off the face of HWMNBNITB.

Other news was that Adil Rashid got runner up as player of the tournament...............surely an England call up?

However the follically enhanced Michael Vaughan, part of the 'Kevvi Krush Krew' was bleating on about how KP should be looked at by the England team again..................................

Well my thoughts on this are well documented. NO , NO  and thrice NO!!!!!

And talking England, they have done what they do best, yes they have been resting on the laurels too early and South Africa look as if they may pull the test in their favour and save face.

Ah so much to say and so little time to type it all out, so as the saying goes, 'least said, soonest mended'!!

Well guess I had best set off to the office as those O & M manuals will not do themselves.

Its the start of my last week in my 'Dry January' challenge and I still very much on track. In fact the truth is that I will be unable to have a drink until a week on Friday...............if I even have one then.

If you would like to donate you can find all the details on my Justgiving page.

And this is another landmark day as this is the 1300 blog.

Well I never saw this happening 1299 blogs ago!!!!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Its a full on cricket Sunday

Oh my, it is a full on cricket day and I am munching on my croissant and gulping down my cafe au lait  as I wait for it all to begin.

Well there is a BBL final where I  ( sorry Gillespie the Gallant but I am sure you understand the reasons) will be supporting Sydney Thunder.
Now you all know that I do have a soft spot for Glenn Maxwell but sadly I cannot bring myself to support the Stars due to the fact that all coverage of them is limited to the show pony that is 'He who must not be named in the blog.'  ( no 'I' in team and  all that )

I do know that this time next year we will be seeing a final which will include The Adelaide Strikers ( you mark my words).
And talking Strikers I was watching the interviews with Gillespie the Gallant that were shown on the Yorkshire CCC website and I have to say that I do have a good feeling about T20 this coming season,


England are back in action today after another century for South Africa yesterday when Quiton de Kock hit an unbeaten 129 giving them a very strong start.( to go with the other centuries hit)
England started their innings and  finished the day  138-2

There has been a lot ( and I mean too much) said about 'dropped catches'.
Even the Ben Stokes had a dig about it.
Not sure how that goes down in the team, everyone seems to have the knives out for Jonny Bairstow.
I think that  Ben Stokes will be next on the list when he either does not 'perform' or  'Does a Ben' ( ie flouting authority and doing what the hell you like,and its coming mark my words).

Wow I have been having a few predictions here this morning, best have another croissant and gaze into the coffee grounds and see if I can see anything else.

I was also sorry to hear that Darren Lehmann has been hospitalised due to a DVT.................I wish him a speedy recovery.

I know first hand how horrible this is and hope that he is nowhere near as bruised as I was after being pumped full of Heperin.
The worst thing about a DVT is that outwardly you look OK ( maybe some swelling in legs) but inwardly you are a timebomb wating to go off)
Its a long road back to full health, but I am sure that we will be seeing Boof back very soon

What I do see if that time is moving on and I have lots to do.

Have a great Sunday whether it involves crickett or not .

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Mon dieu!!! Zuts alors.....................after struggling to get over the fact that my Strikers would not be in a final this year, the papers and the 'tinterweb' is full of news of the actual finalists.

Oh yes and one of the teams has only one player!! And he was the only player, the player that single handedly steered the team to the BBL final

Well you know who I am referring is only 'He who must not be named in the blog'.

He is a good player but he plays for a team ( although we all know he only plays for himself).

So the final tomorrow is between The Stars and Thunder.

Will I be watching???

Well I just might.

I watched  Gillespie the Gallant as he faced the press  yesterday.

He spoke with great  pride about his team, he spoke passionately about what he had learnt from BBL, and mainly he was as humble as always.

A nicer man I honestly can say I have yet to meet ( he is equal to El Presidenti of Middx CCC Harry 'Tapas' Latchman).

England were in action and took a bit of a pasting from the South Africans as there were two centurions on day one.
However as is always the case....................after previously  hailing Jonny Bairstow as a hero, he was being  ripping him apart last night on 'The Verdict' and then this morning they were having a go on 'TMS'. and described him as not a good wicket keeping batsman.................................... I am  a tad cross about this!!!!

England have taken two quick wickets this morning and suddenly the  TMS team have them winning the match.

Well I have lots of things to do today which will include eating lovely food and wandering around aimlessly.

Hope that you all have a great Saturday,

I know that I will.

Friday, 22 January 2016

It's F(ryan)day

It is indeed F(ryan)day and it is with a very heavy heart that I tell those of you who do not already know that , my beloved strikers lost their semi finals match.
As I have been reliably informed it is not life or death............................but it is cricket.
I am gutted for the boys and for coach, however they will return a much stronger side next season. Look what happened at Yorkshire when Gillespie the Gallant took over!!!

Over in South Africa England are in action again this weekend, the lovely Abraham Benjamin looks to be whipping the SA boys and the SA cricket loving public into a frenzy and lets hope that it shows on the field.

The domestic season is getting ever closer and it was announced yesterday that 'the man with no lips' will be taking over the captaincy at Warwickshire.
this had little impact on my day except when I read his tweet about the captaincy taking second place to his desire to get back in the England team.

Yeah and good luck with that mate!!

Even Michael Vaughan the follically enhanced former England captain didn't think much of that statement, he must have been pulling his 'dolly hair' out in desperation.
To be honest this hell bent desire to get back into the team when you are past your sell by date  is nothing new, take Jonny Trott. And look how that ended!

To the man with no lips I give a word of advice.
Concentrate on the County side and let the youngsters in the England squad show their worth!.

There will also be a fitness test on Liam Plunkett today.
my view, Tyke or not send him home and let him get fit and well.

goodness me I have been doing a lot of sorting out of cricket this morning!!

I am obviously preparing for when I am 'Queen of the ECB'.

Other news, I am actually writing this at 3.30am in the morning due to having a dreadful nights sleep and deciding to get up and do something constructive.

So I am now signing off and crawling back under the duvet for a couple of hours.

Hope I don't sleep in!!

See ya!!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

It's blue Thursday

Well it is semi finals day today and 'My Strikers' are in action against Sydney Thunder, who are captained by Mike Hussey, the man whose shirt I always wanted to wear!!!

I am heading off to the office decked out in blue, yes even my undergarments, this took a lot of thinking out last night and the dressing room looks like a tornado has hit it, I hope the cleaning fairies have sorted it when I get home or it may have to stay like that until the weekend.

anyhoo as you can guess I am alternating between being highly excited and feeling terribly sick.

Not sure of the team but I am certain that Top Tyke Adil will be in there and hoping to see Greg Wise get another crack at the bowling.

It's been a great BBL season for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, I just wish that I could have been at home to watch The Strikers matches instead of trying to keep up in Twitter.

Thunder have an injury doubt with Jacques be sportsmanlike and hope that it is not serious!!!!

I am keeping up on news of Liam Plunkett who got the chance to be with the England team ( again) but now he also appears to have an injury!!!

What the 'Donald Duck' is going on?
How can he have been selected and then there be an injury doubt!!

Injury is something that I am more than aware of as my elbow continues to hurt, however a course at the gym should see me right....................however the persistent tiredness is another mater, no matter how early I go to bed i wake up feeling more tired than when I trotted off up the wooden hill!

Tiredness or not I have to head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office and  get ready for the semi final.

so as I sign off I hope that you will all be cheering on the boys in blue.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mid week mayhem!

Ah yes it is mid week and after today only two more until the weekend.
Things settled down yesterday after the excitement of another strikers win, but tomorrow is the semi final and a REAL BIGGY.

I am gearing myself up for that.

Things in super swanky Lady Lainey office are ticking along as Tommy Gun finds his feet and Trill Boy tries to pretend that he is in charge! Well I let him have a little bit of rope as he will undoubtedly hang himself.

In cricket, match fixing and bribes are still making headlines and mostly in India and Sri Lanka, I know that they love the game, but does any one love it enough to make it a one horse race.

Would I bet on my beloved Yorkshire doing the treble? Well no I wouldn't, would I pay other bowlers to play badly or batsmen to throw a game. no I wouldn't as it undermines the skills of the team.

I just don't get it, but where money is involved.........................well enough said really.

I would like to think that I look like Barbie this morning but truth be told I am looking like a cross between a cabbage patch doll ( big in the 70's)and the Michelin man ( big everywhere). I am wrapped up against the cold and need it in super swanky Lady Lainey office, even though we have managed to fix my radiator, it is still freezing cold and may explain why everyone is feeling under the weather.

well this is super short today as I am gearing myself up for tomorrow and the big match.
Will the strikers win?

Will I put money on them cleaning up?

Will I be able to get any work done whilst checking twitter every 5 minutes?

Well we will have to wait and see!!!!!

until tomorrow when I will be dressed as part of the 'Blue crew'

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Oh yes I deedy, it was a most extraordinary match yesterday as the Strikers were hosted by the Melbourne Renegades.

I don't really know where to start so I think that the beginning would be a good place.! I was keeping up on twitter in the office so by the time I went home I already knew the score, however watching put a whole new slant on it.
I had to turn the commentary off as 'He who must not be named in the blog' was yacking on about how wonderful he was, what a great player he was, how he supported all things South African..................
..............see I told you next stop a SA cap, I am sure he will think that THEY need him after the recent tests.

Anyhooo I digress. The Strikers went into bat and made a very good start although after bringing on Travis head at no 3 the poor boy was out for a duck, and after finding out he had been selected for the Australian T20 side too!

They closed on 170-5

Renegades  had to win this match to stay in the competition and Chris Gayle looked as if he had decided to start and finish the match as he hit the fastest T20 50.
However  its not often that a batsman who scored a big fat zero then comes out and takes wickets but that is what Travis Head did! taking White, cooper and then Gayle.
 Wickets fell and The renegades looked in big trouble, and they were, as they lost the game, leaving The Strikers winning by 27 runs!!

I had my maternal head on as I watched Gayle hit the lovely Greg West all over the stadium, however he is young and will be a force to be reckoned with. mark my words!

And if you listen to what I say you will know that I am right more often than not. Take Steve Finn for instance, I said that he would be crocked this tour and sure as eggs is eggs, it was announced yesterday that he would take no further part in the South African antics due to a side strain!!!
I hope that  he was on the next plane home and not allowed to loll around in the sunshine as he did last year in Australia.

He says that he will be back, but I cannot believe that they keep selecting someone who is crocked more often than he is fit!
Liam Plunkett is getting a second bit of the cherry as he was called in as a replacement, I just hope that they play him this time!

oh well when I am the Queen of cricket things will change!

So off to don my work tiara and head off to be the Queen of the office, although there is another in the office who could live up to the 'queen' moniker. I will leave it at that!

Monday, 18 January 2016

and so it begins again!

Yes indeed it is Monday again and I am not prepared for it at all!

All plans for yesterday went out of the window as I wallowed in a haze of a pain and painkillers, today though ( so far) I feel a lot better and my arm is not so stiff and painful. Fingers crossed! ( well if I could without stabbings pain)

The England cricket team are being hailed as the best team due to youth and renewed vigour.Well I have to agree but feel that the hacks will be soon taking them down from the pedestal that they have placed them on if they do not perform well in further matches.

Theres is a BIG match today as The Adelaide strikers continue their run for BBL05 domination.
Ah yes, I am donning blue today and crossing everything apart from arms and fingers ( and eyes because I am unable to do that too).


I am now 18 days into my 'Dry January' challenge to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research and  Cricket without Boundaries, two charities that deserve extra funds.
One charity works at home in the UK and is a lifeline for cancer sufferers in Yorkshire, whilst the other takes volunteers over to Africa to educate against the spread of HIV /AIDs  as well as teaching and spreading the word about cricket.They are now also focusing on early marriages for young girls and FGm.
more information  about these two charities can be found on their websites.

if you would like to donate to my challenge you can do so at the following link

well we here in the South Durham have been very lucky not to have been hit by snow. However we have been struck by the frost.

Lots of people complaining about the weather, but to be honest it is winter and we have been very lucky temperature wise.
it has even lulled my Hortensia's in the garden into thinking that it is nearly spring as they are starting to come into bud. I feel that bubble wrap will be needed soon to protect them.

There are also daffodils shooting up and I feae that they will either bloom early or shrivel and die in the cold.

however cold and frost or not, I have to heave myself out of the chair and head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office to face another week of ...............well who knows! No two days are ever the same and for that I am grateful. everyday is a surprise................

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Hurty pain!!!!

I have now found out what triggered my extended bout of tennis elbow and sad to say I am suffering badly today.
yesterday I decided to take another go at the  massively overgrown bushes on the far side of the extensive grounds of the Towers and gave them a good old hack back ( if they die I do not care!). However within minutes of coming indoors I was stuck down by the most excruciating pain in my elbow again and  now know that my overly zealous lopping of the said bushes last summer may have been the cause. however I will soldier on and finish the lopping next weekend and hope that I do not have to do it again for another couple of years.
in the meantime I am full of ibuprofen and coffee to help me through the day!

well over in South Africa, things took a very difficult turn for the hosts as they slumped to a series defeat against England. Even the favourite of  I Lady Lainey, the lovely Abraham Benjamin could not  perform to the standard that I am used to.

England look as if they have finally found the team to use and I for one will be jolly cross if it is tampered with,.

As for 'he who must not be named in the blog'? well he was conspicuous by his lack of 'tweeting' as was his greatest supporter the  loathsome Piers Morgan. Ahhh those boys are so transparent!.

Some amazing cricket news comes from the Bristol frenchays youth team, where a skilled young ginger haired bowler is taking  youth cricket by storm.
Cameron Edwards  also trains with the youth academy of West Bromich Albion.
Nothing outstanding there I hear you say.
Well Cameron was born with most of his right arm missing.
this young man shows sheer grit and determination to not let a disability rule his life.

I for one salute him.
read more about this outstanding young man

I now here the sound of the washing machine of spin cycle and so I am off to sort out the latest load of washing.

I was going to spend the day watching the test but now will go and partake of a spot of BBL05

which reminds me 'My strikers' are as we speak  en route to Melbourne where they take on the renegades in the morning ( evening their time). I have everything crossed for my boys ( which is hampering my typing).

So its a huge


 and lets hope for another amazing win.

OK off to do houseworky type things

And unlike a lot of the country for once Lady Lainey is not blanketed with snow!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

It's saturday!

Yes it is Saturday and already there are three loads of washing done.
All this not drinking lark means that I get up 'sans mal de tete and get on straight away with the jobs in hand, instead of looking everywhere for a headache tablet.

I am about to head off to Ladylaineyville to do a spot of shopping, then home to batch cook for the week before settling down for a nap.

Last night after work I went to meet 'Black Knight of the Ferrari' who is back from his time in Australia which he loved and is going back next month until 'our summer', He was very impressed by my not drinking and as he didn't have to buy me any champers he let me drive 'the beast' home whilst he drove the Lady lainey limo! hahahaha he looked very pale when we got back to Temperance Towers which I think was due to him panicking every time he saw me brake!
He nigh on kissed the car as he took the car keys off me!

England had a bit of a day of it yesterday in South Africa as they took command, little Joey Root hit an unbeaten century, however he has this morning had to walk back to the pavilion to put his feet up having been caught out on 110.

BBL05 is still ongoing but 'My Strikers' are not in action until Monday meaning that the boys have a bit of training and a bit of R & R.

well it is a short one today as I have lots to do.

I am also in full creative mode and am currently finishing some projects in order to start some new ones.

I was going to head out into the extensive grounds of the Towers but feel that my time can be better spent indoors ( watching cricket and sleeping!).

On a serious note, I have to say that so far this January it has not been the mind blowing chaos of the last 6 years which is a relief to say the least and I am hoping that it will continue.

Right off to 'do stuff'.

See you all tomorrow

Friday, 15 January 2016

Happy Birthday to Ryan

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday your Royal Ryanness,
And you are 38 too!!!

Yes indeed he is 38 today.

that's a lot of candles on your cake Ryan so I would suggest that you stick to 21 just like me!

Ryan is off to play in The UAE soon for the Libra Legends in the MCL tournament.

Here's to a very happy birthday and a very successful time overseas.

And also to 740 FC wickets this season ( that's the overall total I predict, not the amount he has to take).

Well here in the icy wastes of the North East of Blighty we had snow yesterday.........................and I was wearing stilettos, first time in weeks my feet had been out of boots or Hunters and it flipping well snows!

 Bambi on ice had nothing on me, although I can say that Jane Torvil can be safe in the knowledge that I am no where close to taking her crown

New office boy Tommy Gun seems to be settling in fine, although Trill Boy is playing up like a the class idiot.
I suspect that a 24 year old watching a 40 year old behave in this way must be wondering 'WTF'. However it is  F(ryan)day and that means I am 7 working ( well fling my nails and looking pretty) hours away from two days of..........................housework and the joy that this will entail.

oh yes and it was the first day of the 2nd test yesterday. ans there was all sorts of malarkey going on.
South Africa were in a bit of a tizzy as Quinton de Kock twisted his knee at home on the eve of the match ( too much grog?) and SA had to fly in a replacement.

England went into field and SA closed the day on 267-7.

I have to get a move on and head off to the 'orifice' , so must remember to pack my radio ( office radio only picks up radio Luxembourg and Caroline its that old!).

Have a great day
And Ryan don't eat too much cake!

Thursday, 14 January 2016


If Carlsberg did coaches.....................



Yes indeedy doody, My Strikers played a chuffing blinder yesterday in their match against The Hurricane's.

Strikers took to the field and took 2 wickets before The Hurricane's started to dig in.
Adil Rashid, has had an amazing time with the team, and is top of the wicket taking in the BBL league after bagging another two in the match.

Credit also goes to new boy Greg West, who took 2-24 and also took a great catch on the boundary.

I can see this young man being eye candy for the ladies, going up against  the very 'Bradley Cooperesque'  Michael Neser!!!!

Not that I spend my time ogling the boys,  no way Jose!!!

I was totally enthralled in the match and as The Hurricane's slumped to all out for 143 it looked as if it was in the bag......................or was it.

Well  Tim Ludeman stayed the whole innings scoring 57 no, Captain Hodge was dismissed so close to the end and that it was sickening.

And then, an ending that would probably never be seen again, happened, as Jake Lehmann came in with two balls left to be bowled.
Adam Gilchrist commented live on air that a scenario that they didn't want was, 'Ludeman hitting a single and putting Lehmann on strike for the last ball.

And it happened, the young man with the very dodgy moustache, and who had never faced a BBL ball, was bowled the last ball needing 4 to win...............................yes indeed the lad hit a six.

And I have been reliably informed, they didn't just win it.........................they 'bossed' it!!!!

Top of the league and a guaranteed home semi final.

Sorry for all those non Strikers fans reading this but even this morning I am still super excited!!!!

Oh yes and today England start the second test.

And new boy office boy Tommy Gun seems like a topboy ( until he is corrupted by Trill boy that is ).

And I am late posting this as t'interweb was down at home this morning and I am trying to cobble this together at my desk.

Until tomorrow which is a super important day!!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mid week already

Well now, it is mid week, it is an Adelaide Strikers ( Go Strikers) day and I have to go to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office because new boy Tommy Gun is starting.

Ahhh he is going to be whipped into 'Lady Lainey' shape and as he has been positioned in a desk very close to my  office I will be keeping him in check and making sure that he does not get led astray by other office boys, especially Trill Boy, who may find that he has his 'beak' taped up if he isn't careful.

Oh do so early on a Wednesday for me to be getting my tiara in a twist!!!

Having said that yesterday he was remarkably quiet, I guess because it is becoming apparent that the amount of work entering the office and the amount of work output from his desk do not tally.
Hopefully when Tommy Gun arrives and hits the decks running it may show how little Trill Boy has achieved in 2.5 years.

Right enough of that as I am striving to be less negative this year.

I am however doing jolly good on the 'Dry January' front and am especially proud that I got through my second weekend without the need of alcohol. Flipping check me out, I will be teetotal before you know it!

I am only joking about that!!!!!!


I am hoping though that I can now just have a couple of glasses of wine one night over the weekend.

Hahahahaha how I will laugh when I look back on this in 6 weeks in a drunken haze!!!!

In cricket my Australian boys have been playing a blinder as they beat India in the first ODI. Captain smith playing well too.

England,s James Anderson has said that tests matches still 'excite' him even though the popularity of T20 cricket is on the rise.
well I should hope that he likes test Matches as that is really what he is paid to do!!!

Well nothing else to do but to head off and await the arrival of Tommy gun.

Go Strikers!!!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tuesday news day

 Yesterday was another sad day for music as David Bowie passed away after an 18 month fight with cancer.

Love him or hate him, David Bowie has been a force in the music industry since the late 60's and I remember being terrified of the cover of 'Diamond Dogs' as a child.

I personally loved his music and he was a chameleon who could change his style and sound according to the musical times.
a sad loss.

However it did mean that Trill Boy got to sing his favourite song with his own words.

Who will forget last year as he belted out 'Ziggy Stardust' in the office ( with his own words)

Yes indeed  Ziggy was
'Making love to his eagle' ( The RSPCA were not informed)

And yesterday his knowledge of the lyrics shone brightly as he belted out the well known line,

' Like a mental pariah'

This took me by surprise as 'pariah' was not a word that I thought would be in his vocabulary. Whether he knew what it meant is up for debate!!!!

RIP David Bowie.
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues!

However talking about pariah's ...................................

Alan Stanford the man who wooed the ECB and plied the England WAGS with champers  has been talking about how sorry he is for the embarrassment he caused the English Cricket board.
He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 for   fraud amounting to $8billion,

he once flew into Lords by helicopter with a chest full of fake dollars!!

He says that he was wrongfully prosecuted by an over zealous prosecution team.

Well he didn't do the ECB any good but the wives of Fatty Flintoff an he who must not be named in the blog had a jolly good time whilst he was being fraudulent!!!

$8 billion dollars is a lot of champers as even I would admit!

Right time to scuttle off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and all the wonders that will hold today.

Hope Ziggy is on the radio again!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Work starts again

The Yorkshire fixture lists are printed which can mean only one thing...........................the season is very very close!!!!!

I was super excited when I saw the tweet, as it means not long until the 'cricnic' stuff starts to get sorted, and the suitcase comes out to be packed. I am so excited that I want to start now...........................but there is still some way to go.

Over in South Africa besty friends Sophie and Terry have been doing lots of cultural 'stuff' after there time at the test match. They went to Robben Island and yesterday were at botanical gardens under Table Mountain. Very lovely by the look of the photos.

News that Dale Steyn will has been included in the team for the next two tests have filled me with a mixture of joy and fear. joy as I will get to (hopefully) see that steely gaze and fear for the English batsmen.

There is no interesting cricket until Wednesday when 'my' Strikers are back in action. Rain is forecast but ever the optimist Gillespie the Gallant is very hopeful ( as am I).

Yesterday I went off to visit besty friend Francesca who had 'Orson and Mia for the weekend as well as Lucky ( who is with her all the time). We had coffee and a chat and lots of cuddles and doggy loves.

Fran called round to mine in the afternoon with Lucky after Orson and Mia had gone home with their daddy.

Spilts in relationships are hard when you have children, who at least can understand some of the reason why they don't all live together, however with dogs its is very hard, as they have no idea what is going on.

However as Fran said herself, life goes on and you make your way as best you can.

She is however looking forward to moving into her new home which is very near being built. She is hoping to be moved in a less than a month.

Life can be very tough and sometimes we don't think that we will ever see the light at the end of tunnel, but it is there, you just have to look very hard.

I know this first hand.

Ooohhhh that's a bit deep for a Monday, so for those of you heading out to work, have a great day, only four more to go to the weekend!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sleepy Sunday

It's a sleepy old Sunday this morning as I did not manage to get in a nap yesterday and was late to bed, however I will make sure that I get 40 winks today.
Yesterday was wet and miserable but it didn't stop I Lady Lainey from getting out to Ladylaineyville and doing a spot of the shopping thing.

yes the Xmas box of goodies is now full with stocking fillers and Christmas card..........................and yes I know that it isn't very festive buying things in the sale, but I am from Yorkshire!

Dame Didi called over on her way to do charitable things, and going out to lunch with Kiki, I never get asked to go out to lunch by the eldest sister, maybe because I don't take her calls!

After last weeks 'Gaylegate' sensation I have been reading an article today about whether or not cricket is a sexist sport.

Well having watched it for most of my life and also having played, I would have to say that in days gone by it was sexist, now I think that any player who behaves in a derogatory manner towards a woman is a dinosaur.

I go to cricket on  my own and enjoy the game, however in years gone by ladies at a match on their own, were considered to be 'far game' by players and to that end may have come up against some unwanted attention.

now however I see lots of ladies on their own at cricket and being able to enjoy the sound of leather on willow without any chance of 'chat ups'.

Woman's cricket will always take second place to men's although in recent years there has been an upsurge in the sport and long may it last.

Is cricket sexist?

well lets hope the  whole Gayle thing is forgotten asap!

I am off to have coffee with besty friend Francesca and the fur babies, Orson , Mia and Lucky.

So I think that I need to throw myself into the shower and get ready.

have a re;axing Sunday and I will be back tomorrow

Saturday, 9 January 2016

It's Le weekend!!

ell it's Le Weekend and I am up a raring to go, I have lots to do today to get Temperance Towers back into some sort of order.

First stop is the garage and putting all the Christmas decorations away, then into the sitting room to get it all neat and tidy ready for my afternoon nap. Then it will be a full on onslaught  of batch cooking for the coming week.

Wow I think that I may need to have a lie down now at the thought of the things that I need to do!

so yesterday was cold frosty ad busy, however it started with a crash on the A1 which meant that my 8 mile 20 minute journey turned into 205 hours of sitting in traffic. I did however keep up with the BBL match that was taking place in Brisbane.
And before lunch they had tied up another win with Adil Rashid and Travis Head making their names well and truly known.

There was general upheaval in the office as we made room for new boy Tommy Gun who arrives on Wednesday.

I was left in peace and my 'Yorkshire wall' remains intact with just a little reshuffling of my big Ryan poster.

I hear the dishwasher on its final rinse and need to prepare coffee for the arrival of Dame Didi who is collecting unwanted Xmas decs. She is taking them to a scheme for families on low income so that this coming Christmas ( just over 11 months away now) can have some cheer in their homes.

 I also made it through Friday evening with a pint of black currant and water and did not miss any wine at all.

I think that I am going to make it through Dry January  and maybe even February ( I know that is a long shot).

Right its a short on as there is some cricket on and I need to get a wriggle on and get the house into order

Have a super Saturday

Friday, 8 January 2016

Flipping Frosty F(ryan)day

Here at Temperance Towers it is flipping frosty and freezing cold, the temperatures which have been above the seasonal norm, drop last night and today everything is white outside. I am thankful that it is just frost and not s**w!!! my most dreaded of all the elements.

it's also the end of my first working week of 2016 and what a week it has been!


England were playing the second test in Cape Town and after racking up over 600 runs the hacks were hailing a victory, then SA came in an declared 2 runs short of the England first innings total, then they were bowling England a bit like playing skittle, then rain came and saved England ( and I really do believe that it did!). So test was drawn.

Then The Adelaide Strikers played another blinding match which took them to the top of the table and showed what a great coach Gillespie the Gallant is.

And then very sadly the cricket family lost two very young players through unfortunate happenings.
Firstly Matthew Hobden, who had gone to celebrate New Year in Scotland and fell to his death form the roof of the house where he had been watching the stars.

And then the death of Tom Allin who was found at the base of a bridge in Bideford.

Two talents lost in the blink of an eye.
A very sad week for cricket.

And here at temperance Towers the first week drink free has not gone too badly and I am filling up with blackcurrant and water!!

not the most exciting tipple but proving to myself that  I don;t need a drink of wine or gin or brandy or a martini.........................well you get the drift

And now I am going to check that I have recorded toady's Adelaide match and head off to the office where we are making space for new boy Tommy Gun.

Ah that should please the boys as they are getting out of doing any work by doing some manual labour.

Well best get the Lady Lainey limo out of the garage and head off.

Until tomorrow!!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

A blog from The Gentlemen of Tykeshire

Hello everyone and Happy New year to you all.

you may be wondering why we have hijacked the Blog of the Big Lady, well.......................

...............last night we heard the big roaring thing screech up the drive and then we heard the 'fairy like' footsteps of the Big Lady come racing into the extensive grounds.

'Oh my goodness  boys' she yelled,
'You will never guess what has happened'
This is me 

Well, as captain and most follicly  blessed of the 'boys' I  was at a complete loss as to what it was.

'You are only the most searched on the Flicx blog on their web site'

By this point she was fair dancing around like a loony!!! She gets  a tad excitable sometimes.

We didn't have the heart to tell her she was standing next to a wiggly thing that lives in the ground, as she is jolly scaredy of them and they make her go and guzzle  gallons of falling down water  and she is not allowed any for this month.............anyhooo I digress.

Well it seems that the story of our new wicket ( courtesy of the lovely folk at Flicx Cricket, makers of bespoke roll out wickets...................oh come on I have to give them a hefty plug!!) and mainly of ourselves has hit the top search for 2015.

Well she may not be able to have any falling down water but I think that me and the boys should be allowed some.

If you don't know about us you can find it in the blog dated 20/10/14 However we have no what a web site is ,is it a holiday place for spiders? No it can't be that she wouldn't be excited, she scaredy of those too.

she was babbling ten to the dozen so we sort of switched off, we do that a lot when she comes out into the extensive grounds, we stand as still as stone and ignore her.

Anyhow it appears that we are super famous in some part. so if you want to see us play it  takes place most evenings when the Big lady has toddled off up the wooden hill.

We are available for beach cricket, cricket festivals, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

As long as there is  a good cricket tea!!!

we are ready for the up coming season and hope to see you all soon.

gosh we never realised that there were people interested in us!!  we thought Pete the pigeon was our only fan!! ( he heckles from the boundary when he's not stuffing his beak)

well we have to go and celebrate now, so keep searching for us and get those roll out wickets purchased we have to try to keep Rob(chief wicket assembler) out of mischief!!!!!

Here's too cricket season 2016!!!!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

I have been gazing into my crystal ball

I have been mulling over how the new season will pan out and who will be coming to the fore.

My predictions so far are as follows.

1. His Royal Ryanness will end the season on 740 FC wickets (706 at the moment)

2. The lovely Jack Leaning will made a huge impact on the 1st team at Yorkshire.

3. Jack Shantry's wicket taking will help Worcestershire get back up into the 1st division (again).

4. I will be watching all three of them very closely.

5.'Big Billy Stanlake and Travis Head will be snapped up by clubs in the UK for the upcoming short ball season

6. Luke Fletcher will make a lot more first team appearances.

7. Headingley may not see a lot of Jonny Bairstow this season

You will notice that I have not stated the outcome of the county championship, well............................ we will see.

In much warmer climes there has been a lot going on as The Adelaide Strikers thundered to a resounding win over the Scorchers and took themselves to the top of the table. Well we wouldn't expect anything less with Gillespie the Gallant at the helm!

In South Africa, England had a long old day in the field as Amla hit 201 and Temba Bavuma's  unbeaten century was not just a great knock but an historic one for the 25 year old who grew up in the townships.
This has been a test of records and historic stats ( for the cricket tragics amongst us).
South Africa declared 2 runs short of England's score and proved all their critics wrong.
Although it looks like a match that will be drawn, however anything could happen on the 5th and final day!

Big shout out and big thank you to Sophie who has been 'proxy' stalking Abraham Benjamin for me as I could not be there, and sending photo's for me to swoon over too.

So off to the office and luckily for me I will not be affects by the big office change around which is good as it means my 'Yorkshire wall' will not have to be taken down and rearranged elsewhere.

So off back to the grind, and hoping it will be a quiet and peaceful day.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tired old Tuesday

Time and tide wait for no Lady and this morning I am struggling to do the simple things................get out of bed!!!
It is pouring with rain and it is flipping freezing but what do we expect it is winter and at least there is none of the dreaded white stuff falling from the sky!

I have been trying to get into my work clothes without any part of my body being exposed to the elements, I resemble a cross between Harry Houdini and a patient in a padded cell.

However in warmer climes South Africa decided to hush their critics and rack up some runs with captain Amla ending the day on 157 not out.
Day 3 looks as if  England have some serious bowling to do.

I am as we speak, preparing my predictions for the coming season which I hope to publish later in the week.

The papers are still full of 'hero' Stokes.................ahhh but they can turn from hero to villain in the blink of an eye.

Take Chris Gayle for instance, he is hailed as a maestro with the bat, more often than not, but then he goes and lets himself down during an interview.
Yes he shows his hideous chauvinistic side whilst being interviewed by a lady. This is not the first occasion that he has done this and to be honest if he did it to me I would have to poke him in the eye with the mic!
It's hard to be female in a cricket world regardless of the upsurge in womans cricket.
I know, as I am usually a lone female at cricket and have been targeted as 'fair game' in the past.
My love of cricket far exceeds anything else.

A lot has been made of 'Gaylegate', but I think that the less publicity he gets the better and he should think before he opens his mouth. To me he comes over as an arrogant, ego inflated baffoon.
Prove yourself at what you do best!!!

And so endeth the rant for today.

It a Strikers day today 'Go Strikers'.

Lets see them have another brilliant win that I can come home to tonight and watch.

well I hear the sound of pouring rain which signals time to leave the warm confines of Temperance Towers and head off down the A1.

Have a good day where ever you are.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

First working week of 2016 begins

And so it dawns, the first working day of 2016,for I , Lady Lainey. Yes indeedy doody I am about to head back to Super swanky flipping freezing cold office.
I think that I am doing OK as I have yet to develop webbed feet ( due to the wettest Christmas in my memory, which is not  long as I am only 21!).

Sadly some people have suffered badly due to the rain and their lives will take some sorting out, however I will be sorting out when I get back to the office to make a space for new office boy Tommy Gun.

yesterday was the last lazy day that  I will be having for a while and I made the most of it, getting up to watch the test, chatting to El Presidenti of Middlesex CCC who was raising a glass, but  of more of that later.

So I settled down with my fried eggs on toast to watch Stokes and Bairtow pick up where they had left off yesterday.
Stokes went thundering his way to the fastest double century in test history, whilst Jonny played every shot when he was given the chance.
slowly he made his ways to his first test century and my phone lit up as Middx president Harry Latchman praised Jonny, who he has known from being a school boy ( Jonny that is not Harry!). He was toasting his great effort.
To take nothing away from Stokes he played a blinder but a schoolboy error saw him on his way back to the pavilion having scored 258.

Captain Cook let Jonny get his 150 and then declared.

Stokes and Bairstow put on 399 runs a sixth wicket record.

South Africa went into bat and at stumps were 142-2

Jonny's mum was interviewed on TMS at tea and said that she had actually watched the innings ( she is usually hiding as she gets very nervous). She was a very proud mum ( and so was I see blog of Monday 21st December 2015). And rightly so too!

All the hacks were saying that it is in the bag for England........................well it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and I ain't singing yet!!!

Today is another day...........................

tomorrow though is an Adelaide Strikers day, 'Go Strikers' as I have been reliably informed to cheer!
They are at home to the Scorchers and here's hoping that 'Big' Billy Stanlake, Travis Head and Adil Rashid all shine!

Right it is time to wend my weary way to the place of torture, and earn some pennies in preparation of the upcoming season which is now so close I can almost touch it.

I'm a bit excited in case you hadn't realised.

I love cricket

Oh my goodness me!!!

This is how I feel this morning, I feel like I have the worst hangover in the world but since no alcohol was involved I assume I have

1. Withdrawal symptoms

2. A blackcurrant squash hangover

3. I am coming down with something

I am hoping it is number 2 as I am back in super swanky Lady Lainey office tomorrow and need to be in top form for the onslaught of the Christmas tales.

Yesterday was the first day of the second test in South Africa. England went into bat and I am pleased to say that 'my lad' Jonny Bairstow is playing a blinder and will shortly be heading out onto the field to take up where he left off last night.
The loss of  Cook on 27 gave Hales a chance to shine and he made 60. Durhams Ben Stokes is currently on 74.

friends Sophie and Terry landed in Cape Town at about 3,20 pm and made it to the ground by 5pm which is true dedication and  I know that she was hoping to be waited on by Dale Steyn, however with his arm in a sling ( not confirmed) I don't think he was up to carrying a tray!

I had a lazy day watching the cricket which included a nap and missing James Taylor being out for a duck!!!
and before I knew it, it was time for bed and more sleep.

Today is more cricket and I hear the sound of the washing machine on the spin cycle, yes we are back to full on washing again. All the bedding was done yesterday and today it is towels and  'smalls' not that you really wanted to know that!

I tell you this being a 'Lady' lark is not all it is cracked up to be.

Ben Stokes has just got his century as I type.

And finally

The sad news filtered through last night that Sussex bowler Matthew Hobden has died aged 22 years old,

Thoughts are with family and friends of a talented young man who has been taken too early.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day Two in Temperance Towers

yes its a good morning from the alcohol free zone that is Temperance Towers. Day 2 dawns and I am bright eyed and bushy haired, after another record amount of sleep.
Having slept on and off most of yesterday and missing my lunch appointment, I then toddled off to 'mon lit' at about 9.30pm and slept until 7am.

Typical when my sleep patterns get to somewhere like normal just in time for the grand return to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office next week!!!

Anyhooooo today marks the start of the second test between South Africa and England.
Yes it is time for the South Africans to fight back at Northlands in Cape Town.

I have to nip out to see besty friend Duchess Debbie  around 9am but then straight back to settle in for the rest of the day.

James Anderson is set to return , which means that another bowler can go onto the injury list ( I think that they take it in turns).
South Africa lose the lovely Dale Steyn through the injury that he picked up in the first test ,  rumour is that he will be serving drinks tomorrow to my friend Sophie ( hahahaha she would die if he did!!!).

Over in Glamorgan there is a bit of a shake up happening as coach Toby Radford leaves.
Radford joined 'Glam Cricket' in October 2013 after leaving his post of batting coach to the West Indies.
 His contract had not ended with the club.( never a good sign)
Robert Croft will step into his shoes for the pre season training.

Hmmmmm not looking too glam at 'Glam'.

Right well the cricket is about to start and I have to head out to meet my friend.

Have a super day and if you haven't already.

please try to make a donation for my 'Dry January' challenge at

Friday, 1 January 2016

welcome to 2016

Well it is the start of a New Year and it is nearer to the domestic cricket season. YIPPPPEEEE!!!

I have made my resolutions and they are

1. get fit

2. Lose weight

3. Make Dry January count

4. keep my distance from negative people ( so won't be seeing Kiki this year!)

5. Think about the important people in your life ( that would be me, me, Didi, Lord Christophe, tricky Dickie and me )

6.Be kind and considerate to all people

7. Watch cricket at every single opportunity

So that said,  here at Temperance Towers ( temporary name for Chateau de Champions),I am this morning starting with  a teeny tiny hangover, something that I will not know for a few weeks from today.

And what about today then?

well as a little treat to start my Dry January I am going out for lunch and will enjoy every moment of it.

Yesterday in the Chateau started bright and early as I was up to watch the Adelaide Strikers in their match , OMG!!!!

It was not looking good as The Sydney Sixers had put on 182 and although I was cheering like made I was not sure they would do it.

No problem, Travis Head  the 22 year old  having hit centuries in domestic cricket in Australia and being touted by Ricky Ponting as a must have for the Australian team this summer, stepped up and started hitting the ball,
With 13 needed off the last over he hit three sixes and then realised that not only had the Strikers won the match but he had hit a century.
That was some New Year Eves  celebration.

To say that I was happy is an understatement and I was cheering like a good 'un,

The stadium was packed to the rafters with 50,000 people watching, my first thoughts were, ' how would security at Durham cope with a quarter of that amount', we would all be camping in the car park as they would not be able to cope with the 'grand depart' . Hecky thump they struggle with getting 100 cars out of the car park without there being a traffic jam!!!!

 Now I am embarking on day one of my 'Dry January' challenge were I am supporting Yorkshire Cancer Research and Cricket without Boundaries.

Both very worth whole charities, one working hard here in Yorkshire, supporting and trying to help to prevent cancer.
The other working  out in Africa, were they are using cricket to help to educate against the spread of Aids/HIV and also to try to educate against FGM.

Two very great charities which I hope that you will help me to raise lots of money for.

Seriously they must be great if I am giving up booze for a month!!!

if you do feel that you would like to donate the link is below, and thank you in advance