Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh ye of little faith

I read with great interest all that was written about the slow and painful start of the Yorks v Lancs match.
Well let me just say that was Sunday and Monday was a completely different day ..
Steve Patterson never got his 50 but he made up for up in wicket taking, he is turning into something of an allrounder!
And my boys  managed to dismiss Lancashire for 196 avoiding the follow on sadly!
There was some great wickets and  TLJL took a catch, what a boy.

And then they were back in and then it all went a bit wonky as they were  77-3 at stumps!!

Oh it looks like we will be hoping that 'Dilly and Bressy' are up for the challenge again.

Now then news of His Royal Ryanness, who is wandering around with a chuffing mahooosive boot on. Well they say 5 weeks before he is back having broken his fibula......................... Can I hold my breath that long?????
Well it may be longer we will have to wait and see.
I tell you, if I find out he is playing 'Keepy uppy' anymore he will be going to 'Narnia' with Gillespie the Gallant!!!
At least it's not the 'Big R' for 'Big R'.................................................................yet!

And talking about 'narnia' ( the understairs cupboard) yesterday rumours again were circulating about Gillepie the Gallant and the Australia job.
Last weeks comments by Jason on the YCCC website should have stopped those rumours dead!

And besides no one wants to see I,Lady Lainey have a full blown tiara throwing temper tantrum!!

Now,over in Worcester there was a bit  excitement when the wonderful Jack Shantry  batting at number 10 hit a century ( finishing on 106). Well as you imagine I was totally over the moon and so super excited that I nearly  shouted out loud, on the boundary, at Headingley!!!
You tell me how I would have explained that to my Yorkshire buddies!!!!!?????

He only went and took two wickets!!!!!

Ahhh good old Jack.

And finally, regular readers will know all about 'carparkgate' which occurred a few matches ago when I tipped up at The Headingley Lodge and then had to park my car in Outer Mongolia ( well car park F).

After a mass of complaints, Leeds Rugby have  relented and are allowing parking back in the stadium...........

Apart from Mark the team chauffeur who will still have to park the coach in  Car Park F. Sorry Mark

Now I am up, showered, and watching the groundsmen doing there stuff before day 3.


Monday, 30 May 2016

Running late!!

Morning all I am running jolly late this morning due to sorting out grub for today, and having an extra long lie in .....................yes I woke up at 5.30am and then went back to sleep until 7.30!!!


I am starting my morning again at HQ and watching the mowing and net putting up and all the things that groundsman do

Now to yesterday.....................

Yorkshire were batting first...................................
And it wasn't long before we were 2 down and I was pinning all my hopes on TLJL.

Well short story shorter...................it took Adil Rashid and Little Timmy Bresnan to pull us out of the poo and luckily they did.
we went from 29-4 to 301-9 at stumps
Today  when Lancs go into bat we need to bowl like demons and as we are down our demon bowler then I hope the ones that are left step up , well Patto will as he is suddenly coming into his own.

Now over in Moor Park, Middlesex were taking on Hants at former place of work Merchant Taylors School and of course El Presidenti and the First Lady of Middlesex ( POM & FLOM to their mates) were there sittting close to their old house. ( POM & I worked together at MTS)
And they saw a couple of centuries too.

Over in Taunton Gareth ( motormouth ) Batty decided to show Somerset and Peter Trego what was what and only chuffing well took 7 wickets. yep 7-32 as 18 wickets tumbled on day 2.

He took Trego's wicket  and I bet that there was some words exchanged !

So what is going to happen today?

Well I am going to get my lunch packed up and  head off to my usual seat.

I know this is super short and super late.


I will try harder tomorrow

Sunday, 29 May 2016

A different view

Pushing aside the curtains to welcome in the dawn,

I see my ‘sentries’  on guard duties.

‘Tall and silent’ until they are called upon.

Four roses,  keeping watch

The silence in the ground is cathartic

A much needed antidote to the previous week,

But short lived,

As groundstaff arrive to prepare for the day
Mowing, sweeping, marking out lines
The groundsmen go about their work,
Unaware of being watched, engrossed in preparation
 Of the turf that will become the ‘battlefield’

As the hour gets nearer,

The noise level intensifies, 

Exhilaration?  camaraderie? Tension?
All of these, but belied by a calm composure

A bell rings in the distance, A roar goes up,
Cries of ‘Come on Yorkshire’ echo around the ground
My  tingle of excitement turns to a  shiver of anticipation,
 Let ‘The War of the Rose’s’ commence!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

In total overdrive today

Yes it's all system go here at the ch√Ęteau and I am packing 'stuff,' organising essential vegan food 'stuff' and generally trying to get 'stuff' done ready for the off. And that has been on going since I got up at 4.30am, having been awake since 3.40AM!!!!


last night I was mega busy when I got home from work and shopping and getting myself sorted  ready for T20. ( in 3 weeks I will be getting ready for T20 with Fun Sophe cannot wait!).

Washing machine went on ( obviously), dinner was cooked, eaten and then the dishwasher went on, I checked what had happened at the test even though I had been listening to it all chuffing day.

I put TMS on in the kitchen so that I was supporting my 'Tykey Vikings' who were in action at home and then I sat down to cheer on Worcestershire..........................

Ooohhhhh,  'Lord Commando ' never one to disappoint Her Ladyship, taking the first wicket. put me in high spirits as I swigged my Merlot and  tried to avoid the Yorkshire Twitter feed.

Worcestershire were looking good and Warks finished their 20 overs on 155-7

Somehow, at the start of the Worcs innings, a trip to the 'little ladies room', checking on the washing and refilling my glass, I came back to find that 4 wickets had gone!

I was in shock. no need to be though,  they rallied through and had a 5 wicket win.

Now over in Headingley it was not going so well, a young team was fielded and with 'Little Timmy Bresnan' back and taking the first wicket in the first over, it was looking positive.
Leicestershire hit 174 in their 20 overs.

Yorkshire went in  and the top 4 were back in the pavilion before 9 overs were out.
They were 120 all out in 18.4 overs.

I dared to look at Twitter!!!!!!

Well shame on you all those who call yourselves Yorkshire supporters and then slate the team, the coach, the selection, the cat from up the road!!!

It was a bad game, they did not play well but chuffing heck  SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!!!

Don't kick them when they are already down! I doubt that any of you felt as bad as they did!

I love Yorkshire and trust in the decisions made by the support staff.

I really dislike seeing negativity aimed at the team by supporters.

Last night was one battle, the war is still to be won!

And finally..................... isn't it funny that feeling unwell tends to make you reflect on things.Have you ever had someone come into your life and you welcome them. Letting them enter into your 'bubble', only to find that they are in fact a 'leech'?
Well if not then beware, they are out there

And so  on that thought I will wish you a Super Saturday and fabulous Bank Holibob weekend

I am going to Headingley  to SUPPORT my boys, and that is the best feeling in the world

Friday, 27 May 2016

Not feeling too grand this F(ryan)day

I think the stresses of the last few days both at work and with 'Gillespiegate' have taken it's toll on I Lady Lainey.

Yes, what seemed to be the old heart palpitations and temperature spiking lurgy seemed to take hold yesterday and by the time I finished work I thought it best to get checked out.
So after a full MOT they said that I was fine and that it was possibly the start of a coldy/fluy thing and to make sure that if it got worse to go to the doctor. I DO NOT want a repeat of the last 4 years with frequent stays in hospital, eating hideous food!

so no chance of a days bed rest for me today !

right enough of this feeling sorry for myself , I do feel better today so it looks like  I will be revving up the limo to head to Headingley for a long weekend after all.

The second test starts today and as we all knew Stokes is out and now Woakes is in. and it all kicks off at 11am, I will be listening on't wireless, you can be sure of that!

I got home last night just in time to wrap myself in blanky, throw some chickpea dhal and brown rice down my cake hole and watch Surrey v Glamorgan  in T20 action.

well it could have been T10 action ( is that the next BIG THING???).

To say that Gareth Batty's boys got a spanking is an understatement and for once 'the mouth' was relatively silent. It was a great game and I am actually enjoying watching the short form, on TV at least.
Tonight I will get home as quickly as possible and get settled before Worcestershire start.
I am hoping that 'Lord commando' is playing I will be watching with interest!.

 Well no other news of interest so I will keep this short, get myself sorted and head off to work for the last day until next Wednesday.
I love a cricket holiday!

Have a great F(ryan)day!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Well now then!!!!!!.....................

Gillespie the Gallant has denied that he is in talks with Cricket Australia over the bowling coach position.

He said that he has not been contacted by Darren Lehmann or approached by Cricket Australia.

I believe him...............................

But if he is telling a fib, it will worse than the naughty step for him!

 Remember last time rumours were doing the rounds?, when I said lock him away in Narnia ( under my stairs).


Well! I tell you the only 'down under'  he will be going to will be  'down under' my stairs if  this  nonsense rears it's ugly head again!

And so to other crickety news.

Durham pulled off a win against Warwickshire

Notts could not bat out the victory at Hampshire and so the boys of former besty county in the South had a win.
Onward and upward for Notts.

Tomorrow is the start of the second test at Chester le Street, and its raining here in Lady Laineyville so I guess that it is not much better 15 miles away.
It has lashed it down here since 4pm yesterday. I hope that their drainage is up to scratch. they will have some clearing up to do to get the pitch match fit.

More rumours flying around that the poor ticket sales at the ground could kill their chance of International matches.
Well, we all know from the Ashes that the public transport structure to and from the ground is poor.
car parking is at best overpriced and poorly stewarded ( and thats just at a county match). Getting out at the end of a match is nigh on impossible.........................

If there are no international matches at the Club, the rumours of financial woes could be made worse.

Well that's a lot of rumours for a Thursday morning.
Well rumour has it that I am going to have a peaceful day and get the  final pieces of the 'jigsaw' that is the O & M manual for swanky build in Jersey, put together.......................

and then there is the real world.

think I might just send myself to Narnia!!!!!


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mid week and decision time

Its mid week and closer to the bank holiday weekend.....................and time for me to make a decision.

Now I am off to Headingley  for the first 2 days of the match against Lancashire...............which got me thinking about the possibility of staying one more day!
And after the day that I had in Super Swanky Lady Lainey office yesterday, I think that I need a good break from horrible boys!

 I swear if they offered me a job litter picking at Headingley I would take it!

I have also decided to 'bite the bullet' and not cut off my nose to spite my face, ( and I couldn't get another hotel) so I am staying at the Headingley Lodge, 'carparkgate' and all.
Well the 'jobsworth' and the exercise aside, who could resist waking up to the site of dawn over Headingley??


'My boys' ( the proper ones, not the office variety) were in action last night as I settled down in the home office to sort out paperwork and keep abreast of all things Yorkshire.

Hmmmmm I think I should have gone to the pub!
I NEVER put my boys down, I trust that they are doing their utmost, however last night I think that they had decided to let the other team have their moment of glory.
Well that's my take on it and I am sticking with it!

Or was something more sinister afoot??????........
 those rumours again!
oh yes the rumour mill is in overdrive, as gossip was circulating that Gillespie the Gallant is being hunted by Australia again as the bowling coach..............................

I cannot even begin to go into my thoughts about this. And won't!!!!

News on the Willey front, small abdominal tear and hopefully  back to T20 on June 2nd.

HOWEVER still no updates on His Royal Ryanness. Is this the Big R for BigR???????

PLEASE Yorkshire give me some news!

Around the counties, Surrey let me down badly, as they collapsed to Lancashire!

Durham rallied against Warwickshire to set up a 'thrilling' final day.
And Notts look as if they may have a victory at Southampton!

Now Worcestershire pulled off a win in  3 days against Leicestershire bowling them out for 43. sadly no wickets in the second innings for 'Lord Commando'

And finally,
Those of you who know me well, know that I am a James Bond fanatic...................well I was until they made Daniel Craig  Bond.
I feel that Bond has now lost his way, there are no more Ian Fleming books and the Bond franchise are milking the name for every penny.

Now that Daniel Craig is hanging up his Walther PPK, they are looking for a replacement..............

....................and rumour is they are looking at 'Billy Elliott'!!!!!???????

Well there you go......................a Bond who can impress the ladies  dancing!

Bring me a Martini, shaken not stirred!!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Sun, sun and more sun, but will it last?

It's sunny  and I  am nearly ready for a day in Super Swanky Lady Lainey  office, I say nearly..............

What I am ready for, and what I forgot to say yesterday, is that 'my boys' are in T20 action tonight in a friendly against Yorkshire League select XI at York. Oh yes the Vikings have arrived!!

Sadly I am not going to make it to any of the T20 matches this week, as I am gearing up to the weekend when I will be watching County Championship action ( which is much more important in my book!).

Well after the rain affected test last week and my making comment about 'early 'tests at Northern grounds on Sunday,  the CEO of Yorkshire Mark Arthur must have been reading the blog ( 'well who doesn't darling?'), as he stated yesterday that July tests would be more sensible.
Yes Mark, I agree with you on that one, however that rain did not detract from my brilliant day on Thursday.

And so to this weekend and the test at Chester le Street, yes another early Northern test.

is this some cunning plan by the ECB to cut the north off completely?

Ben Stokes is out of the match and being replaced by Chris Woakes who yesterday took 9-36 to bowl out Durham!!!

Oh dear!!!!

lets have  a round up of the matches from yesterday.

Durham were all out for 190 in their first innings, and I had hoped that they would win*, they will have to pull some 'lapins' out of the 'chapeau' to do this, maybe rain will help??????

Surrey* were also letting me down as they let Lancashire bowl them out for 191!!!

And to complete the hat trick, Notts looked to have a little collapse as they closed overnight 99-5!

I am thinking that I might just 'tune out' form the cricket today and concentrate on getting the pile of O & M' put to bed.

So with that in mind, I bid you good morning and set off to the metropolis that is Ladylaineyworkville

* I was putting all my faith in these two teams to reduce points from Warks & Lancs and no other reason

Monday, 23 May 2016

Hello Monday

Hello Monday! How did you get here so quickly???

Yes the weekend is over and gone in a flurry of  some cricket,washing, housework and of course socialising!

and now it is back to work, well for me it is, 'my  Yorky boys' are still on R & R although this week they have a couple of 'friendlies' lined up to keep their hand in.
they are at Harrogate on Wednesday evening and Pudsey on Thursday, before they start their T20  campaign on Friday evening.

I checked the Yorks CCC website this morning ( as I do every morning) and still no word on His Royal Ryanness!!! or Little Timmy Bresnan for that matter. I am starting to get my worried head on, I am not a great believer in 'no news is good news'!!!!

There was 'other' cricket on yesterday and I have to say that I am having to back some 'other' teams to win. this is something that is leaving  me feeling a 'tad grubby', however needs must!

I am hoping that Surrey beat Lancashire and that Durham beat  Warwickshire or at least draw.

However Surrey were all out for 191 runs on the first day of play and Lancashire were 10-0 over night. I am thinking that they need to pull some rabbits out of the hat!

Warwickshire were 273-8 despite a valiant bowling attack by Durham.

I will be watching Twitter intently today to see what happens.

I am also spending the next few days packing up all the junk treasure that I have sold on ebay. My house should be nearly empty....................but sadly I am a long way from  seeing the dressing room carpet again!.
( Note to self.....do not buy stuff with money made on ebay!).

I see a trip to Laura Ashley today to buy the wallpaper that I have been mulling over for several months, and then at some point I have to manage to decorate too!

Ah you see it is never ending, I always promise myself that I will do all the work in the winter, when in actual fact all I do is semi hibernate.

After I had dragged myself out of bed this morning to get my first cup of coffee I open the kitchen blind and spent 10 minutes watching  the 'blackbird family' in the garden, with their little 'chubster' of a baby. They were demolishing the remnant of last nights nut roast. their baby seemed to be enjoying it.
Simple things some people might say,

Well time to head off down the A1 and see what delights this week hold for me, yes 4 simple 'office' 'things!!!..............................

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lazy Daisy

Well it's nearly 9am and I have just crawled out of 'mon lit'! Not like me at all!!!

Well after last night it is not surprising.

I have arranged to go and have dinner with my friend Chris, she is  one of my bestiest friends and currently  adjusting to life on her own ( well  with 3 very large dogs) after husband of a million years up and left her for a wealthier model. Leaving her with.................nilch.

This was an arrangement that could not be altered, I know personally that support is essential when you are going through a marriage breakdown.

Anyhooooo 2.5 bottles of champers later, along with a superb vegan meal, we have put the world to rights, forsworn off men for good ( although I had my fingers crossed, so I can still ogle His Royal Ryanness ), and I though I was paralysed after having Leo the diabetic Doberman fall asleep on me.
I have no recollection of what time I got home, but I obviously had a very late night or a jolly brilliant lie in!

Now is there anything else to report....................................

Oh yes!!!

We won the first Test!!!!

and although rain affected it was all over  before I had considered getting ready to go out.

An innings and 88 runs was how they did it, there were a couple of dropped catches, but it did not affect the outcome.

Man of the match had to be the wonderful Jonny B, I hope now  he shaves that beard off. A brilliant performance from a fine young cricketer, who wants to, and has lots to give.

Rain caused a two hour and 45 minute delay, as it had caused delays on the previous days. I am sure everyone there yesterday didn't care!

Next week they trundle off to Chester le Street. My ticket for Sunday has hopefully gone to someone who can attend, I however am trundling off to Headingley, it's the Roses match part I.

Now my gripe is, why are the early tests played in the Northern grounds?

Is the ECB trying to kill off test cricket too?

Lets not got into a strop on Sunday morning.

So today I have washing in and am about to throw myself into the shower and head off to church.
When I return I think that I might settle down for a jolly nice nap!

Oh and after having my hair chopped by 'Magic Jack' yesterday, I may be going super orange today instead of 'wishy washy orange'..............................time and tiredness will be the deciding factor!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Saturday chores

It's Saturday and its a busy morning ahead before I  settle down with my cup of French ground coffee, put my feet up and am transported to Headingley.

However a good 3 hours to do all the jobs that need doing before then.

Lets recap though,


At the Test!

It was all going off.
11am start and Jonny and Alex took their places, all going along smoothly.

I decided to head over to Sainburys in my lunch hour and pick up some things for dinner. And I had no sooner walked through the door when Alex was bowled out for 86. 
Jonny is still at the crease as Mooen comes in.................and goes for a duck. 
By this time I had my head stuck in the freezer section trying to listen to TMS and remember what I needed to buy.

In comes Broad hits 2 and off he goes.
I am now in the Baking Aisle and starting to panic, was Jonny going to run out of partners before he got his century.
Luckily the much mentioned in this blog, Steve Finn ( who, I have recently learned is a huge fan of my cuz, Right Royal Hooligan Robbo!) saw him to his century.
I was by this time in the bakery aisle and promptly burst into tears!.
Who would have thought that picking up some Warburtons crumpets could reduce a Lady to tears!!!!?????

Finn put on 17 runs and Jonny finished on 140.
I finished up a wreck and got back to the office with 'panda eyes'.

However it didn't end there!

Sri Lanka came out for their 1st  innings and were all out and back in again before I had even pulled the Lady lainey limo onto the drive of the chateau.

Jonny took 5 catches and is now only one of 10 wicketkeepers to score a century and take 5 catches in a test, and its not over yet.

The bad news is that it is raining here at the chateau and I am hoping that it isn't at Headingley.

well best go and get the washing on, the housework done, and nip to the post office, I think it could be an exciting day.........................and I could have been there having been offered tickets, but I have plans for this evening that I couldn't break so I will be watching from the chaise longue!

Friday, 20 May 2016

F(ryan)day at last

Well it's F(ryan)day and last day in the office this week, 7 working hours until the weekend and FREEDOM, well sort of as it looks as if I will be doing early morning  lawn mowing, washing and housework and then settling myself down for cricket.

and talking cricket....................

..............yesterday was my 'free' day at the test!.

So up I got and headed off to Headingley where I picked up Stephen in Colllingham and off we drove.
We managed to get a parking space in my top secret road just a  4 minute walk from the ground.

We picked up our tickets and went to find our seat, well we were nearly sat on the boundary, not my usual spot but virtually opposite.

We had a saunter around the ground and were on our first pint before 10 am. Top work!

So England were batting and  we were all on the edge of our seat. Captain  Cook was close to hitting his 10,000 runs but it was not to be he  fell on 16, 36 short,  and then there seemed to be a collapse!

Nick Compton who I have constantly said I do not rate ( and stick by that) went for a duck.
Now unfortunate as this was for him, I think that it shows he is a great county player but not international standard  #justsaying.

To the roar of the crowd in came Little Joey Root, who we all know is international standard.................but not yesterday. His warm up act took longer to complete than his innings sadly and he too was out for a duck.
He was not a happy boy as he trailed his bat back to the pavilion.

Vince came and went for 9. Stokes came out full of p**s and vinegar. took off at light speed and was shot down on 12.
Meanwhile back at the crease Alex Hales had been plodding along and it took until Jonny Bairstow came out for him to step up a gear. They were playing brilliantly, a couple of times we thought we were going to lose Jonny but he was not out on either occasion.

And then it rained.

And then it cleared up

and then it rained again and they called the whole thing off until today.

Now in between this we had been entertained by the Yorkshire tea band and the 'choir' of the Western terrace ( hilarious),
Large parties of school children, who had a great time with their 'bangy things' ( of which I have numerous in my handbag!).

And a group of gentlemen in Christmas attire complete with Santa!

Yes it was a great opening day to the test and as I dropped Steve at home and headed back to Lady Laiineyville, I can only say thanks to 'All Rounder Cricket'  for the tickets.

What a fantastic day out especially as I cannot go to Chester le St  next Sunday as I am......................

At Headingley of course!!!

Happy F(ryan)day

Come on Jonny & Alex!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Test Thursday

So this will be my office today and I for one cannot wait.

Yesterday in the office we had another wonderful boys' version of a classic song

 'By the rivers of Babylon' blasted out on the radio  and  Pony Paul  sang his heart out, it was great to hear the lines

'By the Rivers of Babylon, where we sat down
Yeah its ok when we were in Saigon'


I also found a friend to sit beside me at the cricket today and I am picking him up on the way through Collingham this morning.

And then there was cricket, well Surrey and Middlesex were rained off so despite Middlesex's best efforts  it resulted in a draw,

Which is what happened at Taunton, I bet that Peter Trego said a few sharp words like 'drat' and 'botheration', I Lady Lainey however said words like ' chuffing heck' and thank flip for that'!

Warwickshire beat Notts  even though Big Lukey had been bowling brilliantly and Samit Fatel Patel put on 68. A real shame for the Notts as I really wanted them to win,

Durham did win against Lancashire which made me smile alot and meant that Lancs are 4 points behind Yorkshire who in turn are  1 point behind Warwickshire.
Yorkshire now have 10 days off and in those days I expect  some serious work, to bring themselves up to speed. AND I expect some word from the county on His Royal Ryanness.

I am 'mushroom girl' at work I do not expect to be it in the Yorkshire camp!!!!!!

And so now I am setting off to the test.......................to say that I am excited is an understatement!

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Middle of the week, thank goodness

Ah it is Wednesday the middle of the week and time to put my feet up....................................if only!!!

Yesterday was full on busy and being as tired as I was, it did not make the day at all easy.
I was listening to the match  between Surrey and Middlesex and keeping an eye on  all things Yorkshire, which was not made better by rain which had them playing 'pavilion hokey cokey' yes they were in, out, and probably shaking it all about too!

and then at 3.45pm I got a message saying that I had won some test match tickets or tomorrow!!
well I  was super excited but  after sorting everything out I still had a spare ticket.
no problem I thought!

How wrong I was, after emailing and messaging every cricket fanatic friend I had in the Northern area ( and some in the south, Rob), I could not shift the ticket.
Oh well since no one wants to sit on the other side of me and play 'kneesy' I guess that one ticket is going to waste. What a shame

so back to yesterday and cricket.

Well El Presidenti was  safely ensconced at The Oval and was on jolly good form judging by the messages he was sending. Middlesex were motoring away as Ollie Rayner took 6 wickets putting them into a strong position, however rain is forecast today which is not good for them

At Chester le Street Durham were moving along nicely and if there is no rain and they declare and then bowl Lancs out I might be a very 'jolie lapin'.
Please just do not let them 'do a Durham' and fold!

And then there was my boys, who were struggling against Somerset!
 Even with Lyth's 106 they  were not doing well, the next top scorer was Garry Ballance with 37!
TLJL could only muster up 17 which is 'tres desevant' and I was beyond despair when I heard that he was out.
However the tail was wagging and Patterson and Brooks were overnight on 32 & 34 respectively.


And then there was Trent Bridge!!!!!!

16 wickets went in a day and 'Big' Luke Fletcher took  4-25.........................proving that top brass at Notts were wrong to dismiss him!

Today they need  to rack up 206 runs to win.
tall order?
We will have to wait and see.

Today I have lots and lots and lots to do before I head off to Headingley tomorrow, however a surprise day away from the office will put me in a good mood.

And if anyone in Yorkshire reading this wants the spare ticket let me know, it's free and I don't want to see it go to waste!

Oh well here we go, let Wednesday commence!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tykes Tuesday

well I would like to be bouncing up and down this morning but I am not for a few reasons,

1. The neighbours decided to have a domestic at 1.30am which continued until 3.00am by which time I had given up the chance to have any sleep and I was knitting!

2.Had an 'emergency' O & M  manual put on my desk yesterday at 4.23pm, which means hat the rest of the week will be panic mode.( take into account  no1. and today could be fraught!!)

3. my boys  did not bowl Somerset out!

Now I am never one to doubt my boys, so I have great faith that today they will excel with the bat.

The pick of the bowlers was Adil Rashid,the king of spin, who calmly bowls and calmly celebrates.

Overnight Adam Lyth was on 80 not out having lost his opening partner Alex Lees.

I will be listening intently ( whilst working through Mansards and rainscreens)

Over at Chester le Street, Durham seemed to be on a roll as  they had Lancashire at 21-2 at one point, however Lancashire staged a fightback and closed at  205-4.

So the first hour today I expect.

Adam Lyth to hit a century

Durham to take out at least 3 Lancashire batsmen

Well you never know!

Down at The Oval, Surrey had a right royal collapse as Middlesex had them at 134-6.
El Presidenti was not attending as he was playing golf, but he messaged me numerous times last night to let me know that he still wasn't home!
I am assuming The First Lady was!  and awaiting his return!

And finally at Nottingham Michael Lumb hit his first century since 2013. they are currently trailing Warks by 57 runs with 3 wickets in hand.

And now? well same old, off to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and another 'fun packed' day with the office boys.
I really must have done something awful in a past life.

I leave you with my thought for the day.

'Waiting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are'

Come on Yorkshire!!!!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Hello Monday

It's Monday and it's back to the orifice for me!

However as we all know, it's a means to an end and it is now less than 2 weeks before I will be able to see my beloved Tykes in action at Headingley.

They are, this week down in the West Country and hopefully last night did not comprise of over indulging on cider! they have some work to do today!

They managed to get 4 of the Somerset boys back to the Pavilion, with Adil Rashid taking one of the best c&b I have seen in a long time, and so calmly too.

Steve Patterson and Will Rhodes also took wickets and  with the introduction of Adam Lyth in the bowling attack it was clear to see  the impact of the injured bowler crisis.

And still no word on His Royal Ryanness or when Bressy will be back.

Somerset finished on  342-4.

The boys need to come out fighting today!

Over in Nottingham there was good news on the squad front, as 'Big' Luke Fletcher was back in the fold and boy did he show why!.
 He took 3 wickets and  hopefully has secured his place in the squad, with none of this 'loaning' him out nonsense again!.

Over at Chester le Street, Durham put on 341 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. I am willing them to beat Lancashire, but I fear that they may do a 'Durham' and fold at some point.

I would settle for a draw!

This week for me is busy with work ( yes really!) and also more things to do in the extensive grounds of the chateau, which I am putting an hour an evening to. That way I don't get sick of it and hopefully by the weekend things will be looking a lot better.

Well time and A1 wait for no Lady, so I am off to sort out my hair, after trimming my fringe last night, I think that it could be a tricky one! Luckily I have an appointment to see Jackie this week so the shaggy dog look may get tamed!

Happy Monday

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunny Sunday

its sunny and Pete the pigeon is alternating between sitting on the 'boundary'  and trying to flatten the garden fence!
Yesterday he methodically worked his way through, 'fat balls', sunflower seeds and peanuts, whilst I methodically worked my way through strimming, digging and loading the limo with the branches hacked from the bushes which border the vineyard.

I took them off to the tip, met up with Countess McNally and  the royal hounds on their way home from their walk.
Anyone passing the Blue Bridge in Lady Laineyville at about midday yesterday will have seen a wild orange haired glamazon being jumped on and kissed by a three legged lurcher and now slimmed down Doberman.

I then did the shopping and a fair bit of cooking before  retiring to the garden to sort out my hydrangeas ( not a euphemism!).

And today?

Well my boys are at Taunton and no doubt filling up on a healthy breakfast as I type.

I was considering a trip to Chester le Street, but I soon got over that!!!!, so I will today continue with the important things, taking up some turf ( and weeds) and preparing for the laying of the new patio, although when that will actually happen is as much your guess as mine!

I also have 2 bags of 'stuff' for the charity shop, another bag of books for the book stall at Headingley and the dressing room carpet is now littered with more things to go on ebay.

So you see I may not be at cricket but I am being jolly busy!

I was reading about the ICC appointing it's first Independent Chairman, Shashank Manohar. He was previously President of the Board of Control of Cricket in India.
He wants to  grow the sport and engage a new generation of fans.

Oh Lord!!! bring on the dancing girls!!!

You can see where this is going!!!

And before I get into a full on rant..........................I bid you a Happy Sunday.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

A chilled out and calm weekend please

All I want this weekend is to get the jobs done that need doing, and to have a chilled out and relaxed weekend.
It's not a lot to ask is it:?

So ....

The sun is shining here in Ladylaineyville                              

There is washing in the machine

I am only on my first cup of coffee

It looks as if I may finally get the Deer Park finished, strimming and all!

'My boys' should be trundling off to Taunton and getting ready for the start of their next county match.

With Jonny and Joe  being called up for England, TLJL has been named in the squad, as has Karl Carver and Andrew Hodd.
Timmy Bresnan will go with the team to continue his rehabilitation.( i.e have a bit of a holiday)

Adil Rashid needs only 20 runs to hit 6000 FC runs
 and Steve Patterson needs 4 wickets for a FC haul of 300

Come on boys lets see some personal records tumble!

Durham are home to Lancashire and much as it pains me, I really hope that they can win this match.
I am hoping that they can wrap it up in 3 days or at least hold them to a draw.
Durham, you cannot lose this match!.

It is busy at 'cricknits' central as orders keep coming through for  'mini cable knits'.  I am still surprised at the amount of love for 'proper' cricket pullies!
none of this easy wash fabric nonsense.

Right I hear the spin cycle so first load about to be billowing in the breeze in the vineyard.

Hope you all have a chilled out Saturday!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Fabulous F(ryan)day

Ahh it's F(ryan)day, and the reason it is fabulous?........................well I am 7 hours ways from  the weekend and  getting two days away from office boys, who are now spiralling into the depths of childishness at rate of knots.
Its hard to believe that 3 of them are fathers! I am assuming that their children are more mature than they are.

However back to important things.


The test team ( as you will already know) was announced yesterday and Jonny and Joey are in there.

This is great for England and not too bad for Yorkshire who are 3 bowlers down at the moment and would ( in my opinion) have been hard pushed if they had lost  Liam Plunkett.

It has however deprived us of a great batting duo...........................but has opened the door again for TLJL to get back in the squad.

Will Matt Fisher make it back?

Will Lythy get more bowling practise?

Well we will see at the weekend.

Yorkshire we really  need some updates on the fitness of Little Timmy Bresnan and His Royal Ryanness. I say we, when really I mean ME!!!

I am concerned that HRR has not been mentioned at all!!!

We ( ME) are waiting for another instalment of TBTV which is not only highly entertaining but is quite informative at times

I have been considering whether to offer my services as a volunteer at the Test  next weekend.
However I have realised that being in Leeds 3 weekends on the trot is not going to make the 1001 things that need doing at The Chateau impossible.

 There is a training day this Saturday then they need the volunteers for the week after, then I am at Headingley for the start of the 4 day match against  Lancashire, the weekend after that.........................maybe I should just look for a job and move to the area!
Anyone want a PA/brilliant vegan cook/cake maker/ Document controller/office manager/Tour organiser???????????????????????

However now it is time to turn into chief whip cracker and head off to Super Swanky Lady Lainey office where I fear my day will be made as unbearable as possible!

Test team, Best team

Well I am up and dressed and waiting for the ECB to announce the Test team it doesn't happen until 7am so I am already on my 10th cup of French ground coffee. I will be bouncing off the walls later............................which is what I was doing yesterday.

My boys were unable to start on time and only got out to play just before lunch and took two scalps before butty time.

Even though they had been castrated ( no Willey) they didn't go out half cocked! Bad news is though that  David Willey will not be bowling for 6 weeks due to an abdominal injury.

More rain and bad light affected the game...........................

However  little Joey Root took 2 wickets,  and when they got back out,Patterson took 3 blinders,  and it was left to Liam Plunkett to finish Surrey off.

There was much yahooing on the A1 I can tell you as I was listening in on my way home.

OMG!! When I heard about the rain at 11am I was getting myself all geared up for another draw.
 My boys pulled off a cracking win, and if it hadn't been a school night I might have been tempted to have a Sloe Gin Martini or two!

as you can tell I am still too way too excited!!!

My boys get a couple of days of R & R and then trundle off to Taunton.

 Mark their trusty chauffeur is not back with them yet, but will be taking care of their motoring needs very soon.

As for the test team, well I am sure we have a pretty good idea who will be in there.

Elsewhere in the cricket world it looks as if Glamorgan have/ or are about to sign, Dale Steyn.

OOhhh!!! that stare!!!

Nottinghamshire have pulled 'Big Luke Fletcher back into the fold after loaning him out to Derbyshire.
I hope that he is back in the team soon!

OOhhhh that frown!!!

Sad news came through before close of play that Tony Crozier the West Indian commentator has sadly passed away aged 75.

A very distinctive voice of cricket.

So I am still waiting for the team to be announced but have other things to do.

 I will bid you a 'Bon Jeudi'

Yorkshire, you beauties!!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wednesday and its sunny

The blackbirds have been singing their heads off since before it was light, a very tuneful alarm call for me!


First things first, My Tykes!!!

I had been very tempted to throw in another days holiday yesterday and go back to see the boys, but I resisted as I know that I have a lot to watch over the season and its not a sprint its a marathon!

So I kept up to date on Twitter.

Ahhhh little Joey Root what a chuffing star he is, he hit his double century only to fall on 213.
What an innings

We were then motoring along nicely with Rashid and Plunkett and then it started to rain.
So while the boys went back to the pavilion to watch 'neighbours' and 'Diagnosis Murder' I was catching up on all things cricket.

Now I was reading this 'thing' on the BBC cricket website about the North/South one day series. Where players are picked by computer programme, which is about to be unveiled by the ECB.

OOOHHHH  thinks I, lady Lainey, that sounds like fun!!!!

Oh yes!

 and they will play a three match series in March.

OOOHHH brilliant thinks I, Lady Lainey

Oh yes!

In Dubai!!!!

Ahhhh there had to be a catch!

Oh yes the ECB are certainly racking up their air miles with the  ideas  meaning that they all get a pre season jolly to the UAE.

Andrew Strauss is all for it!

I bet!!!

They will be looking at players for upcoming England selection

I bet!!!

That's if they can look further than the bottom of a wine glass!

This has a distinct smell about it and it isn't suntan lotion!

A first class North /South fixture was part of cricket until the early 1960's and Dubai was just grains of sand at that time.

Yes the hardy lads of yesteryear will have been out in their woolly pullies! non of this 'take it abroad' nonsense.

I wonder who they think will fill the stadium in Dubai?
There are only so many people who will take a holiday and pay the money to go to the on-going, ever increasing, 'building site' that is Dubai.

Anyhoooo back to England and most matches yesterday were affected by rain.

El Presidenti of Middx CCC text me to say that he had an early G & T and got home earlier than expected too.

So lets hope that today  is dry and warm everywhere.

Come on my boys!


Back to the office

So today although I am back to the office, I am not going to moan or complain, I have done enough of that to last me a lifetime.
 Yesterday was hot hot hot and I was basking  in the sunshine on the boundary.

I enjoyed a small tipple with Gary who was celebrating his birthday, and what a great birthday he had.
Firstly  Lyth and Lees took to the field but sadly for Adam his luck was not in  and he was back on the balcony before I had item to scoff my peanut butter sandwich!
By the time Ballance and Lees had gone, it was down  to the broad shoulders of Jonny B and the skinny shoulders of little Joey Root.
And boy did they do us proud. As the runs started to clock up records were being broken right, left and centre.
They beat the previous  fourth wicket stand record

They beat every other record and the only record they failed to get was a police record!

Jonny fell 2 short of his double century, ( boooo that Burke bowler.........yes it's his name I am not being rude!)
Joey was overnight on 190 not out and my champions are 486-5 going into today.

I imagine even coach was a happy chappy!

Come on you beauties!!!!

Worryingly there is still no word on His Royal Ryanness and his ankle and no news on when Little Timmy Bresnan is coming back!

We need information!!!!

I also saw a picture of cricket pal John's new granddaughter and very lovely she is too. I love babies!

What a day!!!!

One that I will remember for a long time.

Today though I am back to earth ( well the office), I just know it will be chaos when I get there!

I will be glued to twitter to keep a breast of all  the goings on.


Monday, 9 May 2016

The best laid plans......

.........of Lady Lainey!

So I set off from the Chateau, and was beaten from the start as the A1 was closed for 6 junctions meaning that my 67 mile journey to Leeds ended up being 101 miles!

AND I was too late to beat the road closures with the Leeds Half Marathon , which meant that I spent nearly 3 hours sat at a junction, plucking my eyebrows, putting my slap in and dying for the loo. The local 'friendly ' shop keeper refused to let me use their facilities, so when I arrived at Headingley and had unloaded the car and taken my car to 'North Africa' ( car park F), and then  come back into the ground I was nearly 'beside' myself.

Not the best start to the day

However by the time I had got to my seat,Yorkshire had already taken a Surrey scalp, which made me feel a little happier.

Then Yorkshire cricket friend Gary came over to chat and  after lunch we had a couple of glasses of fizz to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

Yorkshire meanwhile dropped a few catches but were taking wickets and had Surrey  all out before close of play.

Not before Jason Roy showed his dislike of Yorkshire supporters all 2 of them!!!

And when no 10 came in.........

 I thought 'OMG Rupaul has really let him/herself go!',then I put my specs on and saw that it was Rampaul!!!!!!.........easy mistake for the visually challenged!
Lyth and Lees  took to the field for the remainder of the time.

So I went to ask if I could bring my car up to the stadium from 'North Africa'.
 I was then made to stand at the main gate for 5 minutes whilst radio contact was made with the 'mothership'! Then I had to verify my name, room number, bust size and my mums granny's cats name.

I went to get the limo, drove back, was made to wait at the gate whilst they confirmed with the 'mothership' that I was on camera, then had to drive 19 yards to a parking space with my hazards on..................and was stopped by another jobsworth telling me I was not allowed to drive around the ground!!!

By this time I was at boiling point,(FFS I am a flipping red head!!!).Was this really the agreed  'lone female' charter?????

I got to my room  with the thought of going out to get some dinner having totally  lost any appeal. Did I really want to go through it all again!!!

 So I stayed in the hotel, hungry, angry and very tired...................

And so now I am going to cancel all booking here ( except the one with Fun Sophe). Which means that mid  May, there will be no decent hotels to stay in, I will be only doing Sunday matches at Headingley as I will have to drive the 135 mile round trip daily, so it will be Sundays only...........and I do not like Leeds Rugby at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short but sadly to the point, I have woken up this morning still in a fury( yes Didi you know what I am like) and god help anyone who crosses me today!!!!

Oh and 'Come on Yorkshire!!!'

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Probably there already

By the time most of you are reading this I am hoping that I am sitting in 'my place' at Headlingley.

I have to leave home at stupid o'clock as they are having a bit of a 'race' in Leeds today and I need to get through before the roads close.

Hmmmmmm pity the poor blighters who see me when I tip, as I am not going to have time to put any slap on before I leave.
And believe me it's not pretty!
I am writing this so early that the birds haven't even woken up yet. Not even Pete the pigeon who wear clogs on a morning as he troops about on the roof ,well it sounds as though he has clogs on! I guess it is just the flipping size of him, he has never lost the weight he gained after eating 24 burnt Mars Bar brownies last summer!

So yesterday saw the dual between Chairman of Yorkshire CCC, Steve Denison and Liam Plunkett. I am glad to say that Steve survived the ordeal and was

a. not hospitalised

b. able to walk off after the showdown

c. able to joke about it afterwards!

And so I am now heading off to Leeds and the weather is looking very hopeful, I may even go without my thermal vest..............................although best pack it!

along with the other 30 outfits I might need for 2 days!

No wonder my back and elbow are crocked!!!

Well it is a super short one today as I set off onto the A1.

For those who are going, see you at Headingley.

And the rest of you can catch up with it all tomorrow.

Have a super Sunday, I intend to

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Busy busy

Well it's just gone 6am and I have been up an hour and the washing machine is on!
I am going to be the most popular lady on the estate as I will be out with the lawn mower at 8.30am getting the Deer Park into order, I am full of the joys of 'weed and feed'!!!

Then I have a bag to finish packing, bread to make, cake to bake and prepare food for my two day jaunt to Headingley, and lastly I have to  'reorange' my hair which is getting rather dull with the sunshine we have had this week!.

Now talking Headingley, there is a little match on today which I am sadly going to miss.
Yes today is the day that Chairman of Yorkshire CCC , Steve Denison faces Liam Plunkett, he, however  is not looking for a place in the team, but is raising money for The Yorkshire cricket Foundation.

The 13 man squad to face Surrey tomorrow has been named and due to Little Joey Root being down to play, there is no place for TLJL!! However he will be back I know it!
Still no word on the woes of his Royal Ryanness, which is very worrying. He is starting to break down more often than I, Lady Lainey ( and that seems to be a lot of late for both of us).

His FC wicket haul is falling behind schedule, he will need to take some when he gets back.

Its all stations go here at The chateau.

I can imaging that there will be a nap happening around the 3pm mark!

I will behaving an early night too as I have to leave for Leeds at stupid o'clock due to road closures, so I will be packing my breakfast to eat when I get there.Its going to be a busy morning, as once I get there I have to unpack the limo and then take it to 'the south of france' ...........well car park F, then I have to walk back (SHOCK!!) , well that will be my exercise for the day! That and a couple of trips to the bar ( trips may be the operative word come 5pm!).

Right! time to move into action mode and get myself sorted.
So until tomorrow.

have a super Saturday!

Goof luck Steve although I know you will do brilliantly.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Yip de skip it be F(ryan)day!!!

Woooohooooo, yip de skip, it be F(ryan)day and only 7 hours in the Super Swanky Lady Lainey office until I am free..................until next Tuesday.

This is super exciting as I am 'orf' to Headingley and CANNOT WAIT.

 Yesterday I had a very lovely call from The First Lady of Middx CCC, who was giving me an update on their travelling schedule and also to have a girly natter ( like old times, except we weren't in Calais and in some bar quaffing wine). hahaha the times we were stopped before getting on the shuttle with  the request.

'open ze boot sil vous plait'

Boot opened and men gasp in surprise.

'Zut alor Jacques look at all those packets of Grand Mere' coffee, jars of conserve, cheese,  green beans, melons, batavia,  tubes of harissa, boxes of washing powder and 3 bottle of Rose!!!,
 These are some crazy English 'mesdames', why can they not be normal and have 300 bottle of J P Chenet  and a baguette in the boot!!!'

Fun times!!!!

Today I doubt it will be fun times as I try to forsee the problems that the office boys will have whilst I am away on Monday, and as such try to solve every possible 'problem' before I leave for a long weekend.

1. I will put the spare loo rolls on top of the toilet...................which will result in me returning on Tuesday to wet spare roll. ( please note I have taken a call whilst away along the lines of 'where have you hidden the toilet paper')

2. I will  have to refill the copiers, and the plotter so as to avoid the phone call that 'the copier is broken!' because it is out of paper

3. As above but filling the tea, coffee and sugar  so as to avoid a call ' we have no tea etc' when it is in the cupboard underneath, but that would mean looking farther than their nose ends!

4. Please do not think that I am joking about the three above!

At 4.15pm, be assured,  I will be running up Consicliffe Road with my Yorkshire shirt over my head singing 'On Ilkley Moor bah tat' at the top of my voice!!!!

In cricket after much debate about the scrapping of the coin toss, there is now much debate about a points system in International matches.
Michael Vaughan has gone on record as saying this is nonsense, meanwhile Gillespie the Gallant in his usual laid back way says that it would be best to give it a try and see how it goes ( he said much the same about pink ball cricket).

Vaughan says its an over complication that is not needed.

Gillespie says that it has to be tried.

I say, lets have points for the best looking batsmen & bowlers. I think Worcs might win on points for best bowler.


Right I am off to do my 7 hours and then FREEEEEEDDDOOOMMMM!!!!!!!


Thursday, 5 May 2016


This is how I think I looked at 7pm last night, drenched in sweat...........although being a Lady I don't sweat I glow, so this how 'glowy' I think I looked last night.

And why you may be asking?

Had I gone out and tackled the mowing of the Deer park?

Had I been to the gym?

Had I pulled a cork  out of a wine bottle?

Well it was none of the above although at 5.45pm I was tempted to do the latter!

So what was the cause for the  'glowing lady'?

Well yesterday at Trent Bridge it all started to 'go off.

I has been listening at work to the commentary 'on't wireless'. the game looked as if it was going to slope off in a draw, but Yorkshire with wickets in hand decided to make a game of it!

Chasing down 256 after tea they  went for it.
So the last 'hour or so' was the most nail biting match I have ever seen.

With Root and Lees at the crease it looked as if we could do it, but Root went and Lees hit his century  and Jonny B came out and hit a quick fire 35, Plunkett hit 11 and then it all started to fall apart.

Nottinghamshire were obviously smelling blood as Jake ball continued with his amazing bowling.

With one over to go we still had Jack Brooks in the pavilion, but Broad bowled Patterson and it looked as if it was all over.

OMG I was on the edge of my seat, I was hiding under blanky, I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, I couldn't keep still!

Jack Brooks hung on for the required 2 balls and the match was drawn.

What an amazing match and an even more amazing show of sportsmanship ( even though it could have gone all wrong).

Now a word to the Yorkshire boys.

Please do not do this again this season. Her Ladyship is renowned for having the very nasty heart inflaming, temperature spiking lurgy which means she ends up in hospital. I tell you I am not sure my palpitating heart can take another match like that!!!!!!

Well done to both teams.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Midweek already!

Wow!! it's Wednesday and this week is going with supersonic speed! The week may be, but I am seemingly plodding along.

Super Swanky Lady Lainey office is two 'boys' down as we await the arrival of 'baby Jobbers' and  Pony Paul is trying to make things 'watertight' on the roof of the local college, so that all means more work for me!
well as if Trill Boy would be doing any work!

There was lots of 'work' going  on at Trent Bridge yesterday although poor 'Leesy' did not make his century!  Liam Plunkett continued to show that he is a great 'all rounder' hitting 51, Much as I would like to see an England call up for him, I think that he is playing so well that he will be a major contributor in the CC title race.

Yorkshire were all out for 290.

Notts went into bat and the first wicket fell with the 4th ball of the first over, by the time I had driven home and  got myself sorted, Yorks had taken another four wickets!

The little chubster Samit Patel stood his ground for Notts and at stumps the score was 151-5.

Yorks need to come out all  guns blazing today.

Come on boys, do it for Lainey!

El Presidenti and the First Lady of Middx CC are in Hampshire this week on their seasonal travels.

Hampshire currently lead by 51 runs with 9 wickets in hand. I say don't write Hants off, they are showing that they are tougher than they look!.

It is now only days until The Chairman of Yorkshire faces Liam Plunkett in a one over showdown.
I am sure that Steve is hoping that Liam is a little tired after his trip to Notts!

The total money raised up to now is £2330 which has far excelled the estimated £1500.
Lets make £3000 before Saturday!

You know you want to donate!

Right just time for another gulp of coffee and then off to sort out the office!
I must have done something really bad in a past life!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

back to normality

so today I am back to Super swanky Lady Lainey office and all that entails. Am I looking forward to it?

1. The cat castration choir will be in full voice
2. we will all be waiting for the arrival of newest office baby
3. I have way too much work to do  ( gone are the nail filing days)
4. I would rather be at Trent bridge.

And talking Trent bridge................................

Yesterday my boys went into bat.............................hmmmmmm

Lyth out first ball ( bad decision!)

Root out  first ball ( bad decision)

All of this made for a very jumpy Lady Lainey.

However with  Captain and Gale and Alex Lees (on 91 overnight) at the helm this morning it could make for an interesting day.

Rain was the arch enemy of the boys as they spent 3 hours watching 'Movies 24' and then got out to play only to be brought off again as Leesy was getting into his stride.

An interview with the very brave James Taylors at lunchtime put cricket, work, handbags, shoes and tiaras into perspective.
This young man became very ill, very suddenly,and  has had to give up the career that he loved due to a heart condition.

His openness  to talk about something that is still raw was commendable and his smile brightened up a dark and miserable day.

Here at the chateau we wish him well and hope that he continues to make  tiny steps towards a recovery ( of sorts).
A very brave man I am sure you will agree?

The remainder of this week are taken over by more selling of 'stuff' on ebay to try to get the chateau into some sort of order, knitting, and more importantly getting the birdsnest 'reoranged'

I am hoping that I will also get the lawns cut as they are now looking as wild as my hair ( which is not easy to emulate!).

And now I am about to wended my way up down the A1, sadly not to TB but to Ladylaineyworkville.

Have a great Tuesday



Monday, 2 May 2016

Bank holiday Monday

Welcome to the Bank holiday and the question is, how many layers will people at Trent Bridge be wearing today?

I tell you I wandered into the extensive grounds this morning in my dressing gown and it was blowing a hooley,!!!

Today however I can watch the goings on at TB from the warmth of the chateau, I will not be wandering out  at all.

But first yesterday.
So His Royal Ryanness is not playing as his ankle is giving him a bit of jip. This gave David Willey the chance to  open the bowling.
My boys got off to a slow start but by lunch they had  put the pressure on and manage to dismiss Notts by tea.......................when the skies darkened and the game was suspended.
To entertain me they showed episodes of 'Cricketing Yorkshire' which I now know nearly word perfect.

Gillespie the Gallant gave an interview where he spoke very highly of TLJL ,who isn't playing due to losing his place to little Joey Root. No worries he will be back!

Adil Rahid took some great wickets as did Jack Brooks.
Today it is all about the batting and all eyes are on Lyth and Lees!

All eyes here at The Chateau are a bit bloodshot today due to over imbibing on sherry shandies yesterday, none of that today though as in theory it is a 'school night' and back to the 'oriface' tomorrow.

I have managed to get things done here and also am 'sort' of prepared for the week, food wise, as well as getting all the washing done.

It never stops!!!
 How does one Lady generate so much washing I ask myself every week!????

I am going to hop in the shower, and get the birdsnest  orange afro washed and then settle down to the days play.

If only I was there!!!!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

I have a cunning plan.......

.....................I am hurriedly typing this as I feel the need to go out and mow the lawns in the extensive grounds of the Chateau, The Deer Park is starting to get long and so needs to be cut back and as it is dry, I am hoping to be out their by 8.30am. I know this will annoy my neighbours but to be honest after being woken up by their domestics in the early hours, more times than I care to remember, I sort of don't care!

There is washing in and the beds are stripped and will be remade before 10.am, as I will have everything done by then ready to sit down and prepare to watch 'My boys' down at Trent Bridge.

I am about to prepare my lunch and dinner and then the day is all mine.

Well after the mother of all hangovers yesterday I managed to get quite a lot done!
And even had a visit from Francesca and Lucky, but only after she felt that she was legal to drive.
I thought it might be an early night for I, Lady Lainey but sadly I turned into 'party girl' and crawled into 'mon lit' after midnight!

I can tell that the next two days will involve me working up at sweat before 10.am and then doing nothing for the rest of the days.
Well who cares??

not me this is cricket and more importantly , this is Yorkshire!.

Just an update on the poorly coccyx.
I have less pain and the instructor at the gym suggested that I try ( carefully ) to do some squats and lunges.

Well to say that my legs and 'derriere' feel as if they are on fire is an understatement .
However no pain, no gain and I now have a series of exercises to strengthen up my very badly weakened back.

I'll be fighting fir in no time!

OK its time for me to head out into the jungle extensive grounds


BOOOOOOOO  8.33am and it has started to rain!!! No grass cutting it would seem!