Thursday, 23 June 2016

And it's Thursday

Well yesterday I went into the office and sorted out the problems that needed sorting and then hurried down to Chester le street.

The Yorkies had managed to take a wicket in the morning and I was hoping for more after lunch.
I mentioned to The Chair that I hoped Patto could wait until I go there to 'clean up'. Sadly it wasn't to be although Tim Bresnan managed to take one.

The chair jokingly said that I had jinxed Patto...................and you know what, I think he was right, after tea I headed home and hoped that they would have better luck as Durham seemed to be clocking up the runs.

by the time I got home wickets had tumbled. so I was right.

I looked at  all the evidence and realised that  the team win when I am not there!

Well it looks as if next weekend will be my last trip out and only because I have arranged to see El Presidenti and First lady of Middlesex at Scarbados. I am supposed to be there for 2 days but think that for the teams sake I will stay for one and then hopefully they can make up any losses when I have gone.

So back to yesterday.

Despite wickets falling when I went home Yorkshire were unable to dismiss the hosts before stumps, where the score was  452-8.
I think ( and as I won't be there) that first ball this morning they need to take out Jennings who put in a marathon innings yesterday and saw out every over bowled..

we will have to wait and see.

Well back to a full day in the office and I suppose I should be getting through the O & M manuals now,  so best get a proper start on them I think.

However I have a few phone calls to make and emails to answer regarding new offers that have been filtering through.

Who knows, I may not be seeing Yorkshire play again this season  but I may be venturing to pastures new.............................unless I jinx that too!!!

off to cast my vote

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